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Holy Terror lyrics

Album: Terror And Submission [1986]

 01  Black Plague
 02  Evil's Rising
 03  Blood of the Saints
 04  Distant Calling
 05  Terror & Submission
 06  Tomorrow's End
 07  Alpha-Omega-the Bringer of Balance
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Black Plague
Allegiance to none, yet nowhere to stand
Time has come to fight or die
enter the arena coliseum of the beast
the hunter the hunted carnage for the feast
chapel in peril prey of the possessed
harboring foes forgotten by all
returning babylon worship the whore
the finale in geneses sabotage by war
holy are the wicked into the white
cast into purgatory all must face the light
crucifix and serpentine
condemned before the law
domination of the anarch
crucifix will fall
persecuted subservient to tyrany
witness to thyne own elegy
execution of the deed
unlamented sympathies
assassins led by blasphemy
buried without thyn dignity
armies approach the final gate
gathered there to watch and wait
their time has almost come to rise
the darkness grows to deadly size
overwhelming evil force
too late to stop their bitter course
invaders conquer, without a fight
like plagues of blackness blocking lightback to top
Evil's Rising
Dawning sky a day so dreary
seeing faithful weak and weary
wanting so much more than is had
to give up anything in trade
temptation flirts about you
reach out the gold ring could be yours
leading to where no one can save you
the lust of excess brings you end
Uneartly voices, choirs of the dead
calling for mercy, darkness rears its head
evil is rising, mortality condemed
onward and onward to the living end
The choice is ours what will we do
no one will know just what to do
will the infernal fires of hell
entombed into the need to be
or will merciless light of truth shine through (or through you)
-CHORUS-back to top
Blood of the Saints
protectors of forbidden places keepers of the watch
seeing those enslavened faces withered souls forgotton lives
atop the perch a silent throne the vindicating eyes
saints of hell of desperate cries
Guardians of the netherworld captors of the damned
pinniacle of your disaster the watcher on the stand
exiled on a lifless steeple appointed from above
a veil was placed across our brow
annointed one and all to die
for lust of life
A war is raging on inside us guarded by the horde
with lesser gods of higher rank prodding them to war
no father son or holy spirit
nor defenses from the foe
all are battered torured shattered
allegiance without death is woe
A maelstrom of impending evil futile fight to win
tides of blackness pull you toward it
consuming within it's doors
Distant Calling
Almost the season a time of prophecy for those who know
almost the reason why the voices of the dead come known
a gnawing in torment divided by the polarizing line
Prey to the masses hunted in numbers tortured death divine
And when you see the light of lights
out of the corner of your eye
then and there you will be falling
unless you answer to your calling
Estranged to nocturnal light
In search for what is known but lost by the time
desperatly clawing deceived as a puppet for a price
servant of the master a watcher of the world until you die
revolving on a never ending journey
a glimpse into the gateways of eternity
led to the edge then pushed to falling
for you must answer to your callingback to top
Terror & Submission
The conflict rises swift before you
abominations of human life
as if you've seen it all before you
join the celebrated strife
from somewhere deep beneath the surface
the calls of millions just fade away
signalling their new traditions
timless honour the pround must pray
Submit to force
I will stand my ground to the bitter end
submit to force
none deny me my right to die
submit to force
now the terror is real
submit to force
closer to fear than before
The holy light of dawn is coming
prince of darkness now retires
the black cat eyed feline mistress
packs of human wolves are howling
the smell of blood is in the air
banshi screams her hellish aria
faithfull souls beware
-Chorus-back to top
Tomorrow's End
Projectives of death falling from the sky
destroying humanity
as the mist of darkness rots the lives
evil's presence is seen
tartarus is rising through the earth
as darkness fills the world
voices are howing through the air
but no one speaks a word
The deamons curse rules the night with terror and disease
Bleeding souls captured in the sights shoadows of the beast
Mephistephilian boundaries trap the souls
who walk the night alone
no tomorrow except for those
who follow what they know
plutonium children attack the world
with lucifer at thier helm
ascending from the infernal empire
the spirits of doom take hold
The final day the final battle
the final judgement call
bleeding souls of armageddon
bloodshed plagues us all
blessed enough to see the light
blind enough to walk the night
tempting flames shall fly
who's the one to save your life
and turn the night to dayback to top
Alpha-Omega-the Bringer of Balance
Hidden in the magic darkness befriended by the night
lies the war torn ravaged victim treason complete a new order arrives
pain the trouble drone infests ever-lasting night befalls revolt
Damned to hell compulsion of the thief
driven by greed tempered by force
sweet evil tendencies the easy way out
fallen soldiers bleeding thier sins
fearing death the cowards tremble, all so afraid to fight
laying down their earthly treasures, trading possessions for the light
fighting back without fighting the blood on them it flows from us
the slaugtering of the lamb insures the lion to be
Rising through the mist around me
shacled to my vice
the stench of my own sins surround me
deep inside I need to live
feed the fires for now but remember
deceived by the whore to evil the voices in my mind revolt
telling me trust in nothing questions begin the answer
believe in nothing the deceptions sure
revealing that which has always been
programmed but not forsaken listen not to the charlatan
question all without regard an empty ringing breaks the silence
a voice upon the astral wind tears upon the trusting face
turn away while you still can from the gaze of your temptation
rebillion is upon our hands sacred bredding desecration
the deception's completeback to top
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