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Hopesfall lyrics

Album: A Types [2004]

 01  It Happens
 02 Start & Pause
 03  Icarus
 04  Breathe from Coma
 05 Champion Beyond Blessings
 06  The Ones
 07  Manipulate the Eclipse
 08  Matchmaker's Haven
 09  Owl
 10  Per Sempre Marciamo
 11 A Threnody for Modern Romance
 12 White and Gold
 13 Overcome
 14 Tough Guy
 15 I Let Go
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It Happens
The bodies collide to the beat
The spilt wine takes us to new heights
She said I was her captain out of town swinger
For a night we parade the conquest for the careless
I am motionless and coma
Ready for this
Watch the blood she makes
Shine flows to the head
I remember the first time a tall tale told heroically
She's got the best of what I'm waiting for
We feel the distance
The sleep await to be the call to action
Or the intervention of something out of this world
We don't live to last forever
We feel no second chance
There's just a primal need to release and never let in anything but the skin
From here to the moon she tries to take me to the starbeams in her eyes
And from here to the moon she tells me I'm good for patient eyesback to top
I'll put you back in your place
We'll ride a thousand miles to find out we are empty
And if I wrote out our sins
It would read a thousand lies and show us we are empty
Youth spent and still so young
If you could have her, where would you be tonight?...Tonight
Standing at attention
Dreams cascading around you like rushing water
Every pore is filled with hope
Oh, icarus tempting fate again
Altitude sickness setting in
Tradewinds bury fire from broken wings into arms below
The ocean losing atmosphere
Eyes full of stars
It chills you to bone
Paranoia translates the new toneback to top
Breathe from Coma
take and give a look like the sum of
loving grace and survival beyond the
absolute resolve of portrait perfect
mortal souls daughters starve their
waist lines building a reputation
beyond disguise and painting black
lucid dreams with open legs notice me
i see you breaking stride you dance
diversions and prototypes
you pull so close to mercy excessive
touch and steady looks to charm be
chased until you mastermind your own
demise the universe is shaping ample
space depleting caught low in distress
on impulse to control.

tear away the sheets you breathe from
coma open to the curse we live to
sever and portray a life to close the
portals to the ones bent on betrayalback to top
The Ones
all to be the ones, the original, the
conscience laden conquerer.
forecast new wave edition. the
prenumb stable grounded individuals
pass us by.

the ones we’re trying to hold on
the ones we’re trying to come through

the ones we’re trying to hold on
the ones we’re trying to move through
temporary disorder

factory born and level minded pardon
them for the inability ...pass us by
prevent the downfall ...the prenumb
stable grounded individuals pass us byback to top
Manipulate the Eclipse
so casually defiant and barely
recognizable oh the beauty undeniable
red moon rises on the eve to the
eclipsing of our opposing sun
we’ll be the opposite of everything
victor keep your head up, we don’t
want to to see ourselves with tragedy
comes shifting of perspectives.

a boy breaks down before him he’s
dazed and hypnotized by it "how did i
become a victim too?"

replace my heart i’m no longer cold to
a fallen beast inside of me

what are the measures of our
existence the politics of politeness
that stake the claims that we make. a
new day to float on the expectations of
lovers and the heroes we want to
become ...the onesback to top
Matchmaker's Haven
in the wake of our denial the world
turns over. and we’re dressed up to
lay to rest a feeling from the
inside help us get back to bashful eyes
so beautiful when we’re gravestones
away from feeling beneath the ground
is there comfort, a meaning oh we’re so
dangerously close to falling feel the
fall of forlorn lovers and just think if
we were made to settle for each other
that’s how we designed it and hide
behind it. and stay close to those like
they are to us anomolies of our own
thinkingback to top
when the owl breaks the light beam in
a nights dream ride. am i seeing in slow,
am i driving too fast for the sound to
finally break past time spent following
straight lines to death.
behind my eyes in a parallel sky the
belongs in the shapes in the clouds try
to take me to the grounded ones
skyward there’s a fog that casts a
planetary haze to hide the white lined
aggression in our eyes.

in a season of collapsed lungs, there’s
a dark holiday and we are following
straight lines to deathback to top
Per Sempre Marciamo
i want to sing into your eyes, your
dilated eyes die criminal die
are you the kind of man that would
hold your breath to part with your
are you the kind of man that would
cry fake tears to save your eyes from
the sight of your own blood
because now’s the time with torso high
you gave a brave look but you’re not
so high anymore now i pulled the
trigger once so i could see you dance i
guess there was just enough gunsalt to
ricochet up and and put a hole in your
head ...because now’s your time.
canto funebre forever we march
you’ve made a sea of calloused hearts
to loatheback to top
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