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Hopesfall lyrics

Album: No Wings to Speak Of [2002]

 01 Open Hand to the Wind
 02  April Left With Silence
 03  The End of an Era
 04  The Far Pavilions
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April Left With Silence
silence was the last word we spoke
it filled the air heavy with forevers
and the failing smells of yesterday
"this wasn't my intention..." is now a haunting...
the ghost of whispering thoughts
i've bled these nights dry with tears
so, here's to sleepless cold and dreams of insecurity
and like before, i'm left with silence and the sound of a heart breaking
it's pieces crumble to the floor
promise falls quiet between stillness and silence
i hear your voice say, "my child, i will pick up the pieces."
promise falls quiet between stillness and silenceback to top
The End of an Era
my searching eyes have never been so intrigued to see you
i guess you found a way to make ten minutes last forever
with each passing moment we drift further away...
closer to our chosen paths
but i can't help remembering what was...
what might have been
but i have been warned by those who have passed this way before
and to them i am grateful
and as for you i am also grateful...
and i pray you find the peace you have been longing forback to top
The Far Pavilions
"how could i endure one more sunrise in this cold and unfamiliar place
where friends pass by like autumn leaves, only to stay for a season
my heart dead to the smallest act of compassion
it gave them no reason to break the cycle of the passers-by
their actions made trust a failed practice
so here i stand on this hill alone, never turning back
in hopes that the past will fade"back to top
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