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Hot Hot Heat lyrics

Album: Scenes One Through Thirteen [2002]

 01  Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth
 02  Word to Water
 03  Haircut Economics
 04  The Case That They Gave Me
 05  Paco Pena
 06  Circus Maximus
 07  I Blew a Fuse in My Personality
 08  Tokyo Vogue
 09  Fashion Fight Pause
 10  Spelling Live Backwards
 11  Matador at the Door
 12  Tourist in Your Own Town
 13  You're Ruining It for Everyone
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Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth
We met doing a dance.
Cha cha cha, cha cha.
It was an encounter I'm not likely to remember.
I said keep my name out of your mouth.
There was sabotage in the fuselage of that 747 heart of yours.
I set the bomb but it went off wrong and my parachute saved the day.
You could have seen your eyes go red like this guy.
I can't swim but I'd watch you die trying.back to top
Word to Water
French kiss the asses of the masses
when they ask which ways the fastest to Hong Kong.
I don't know I've never been, but soon I'll be.
Tell the operator "sell you later", at this point in starving.
Give me a minute and I'll tell you when I'm ready to go underwater.
All of my bastard children knew right from the very beginning.
They knew exactly what I was thinking.
They knew I was sinning and sinking.
Walk a million miles to tell a thousand lies to a smile on the face.
The substitute for what's lacking was far more complete the second time through.back to top
Haircut Economics
Tank top bottoms up, you forgot to show up.
Hey man, what's the problem,
what's the scene, why are you so mean to me.
All the time, all of the time.
You need roots, just like mine.
Hard to explain, hard to define.
Situations are satisfaction.
Gimme gimme the name and number of the barber that gave you that haircut.
Let me get all talkative, set it straight up, you know I won't shut up.
Long, longer, longest.
It's just haircut economics.
Don't sell out to those haircut demigods.back to top
The Case That They Gave Me
Gourmet chopping knives to skin away all the hives between you and me.
It's because of me and you.
Still things are hectic and days drag away.
This necktie is gonna get the best of us.
If I'm going out I'm going out like the rest of them.
Here's my name and brain to process.
If I dont come back you can thank the bosses.back to top
Paco Pena
The empire's plan, is in the windy city.
Feeling like he does, he feels pretty shitty.
His new hat just blew away.
Can't hang it up to another day.
You know what?
He's down and out again.
Paco Pena, no deniro, he went loco.
He's down and out.
He lost his hat.
The middle east's beast, when you're in the wild.
Like a red hot chillie, you can't stand mild.
My new hat just got shot off.
What am I gonna do?
Not a whole lot.back to top
Circus Maximus
Better save the hot hot seat for the emperor.
He's the arsonist, yeah I got the evidence.
Better eat that lion, before that lion eats you.
Rome's getting on like a house on fire.
Where's my kerosene or my gasoline.
I'm here at the gates all alone.
Minimalist impression made of the circus maximus.
Let's start a fire.
A flamming riot.
Between the continents at constinople.back to top
I Blew a Fuse in My Personality
Cats got my tongue.
Giving me a nose bleed.
I'm in too much trouble.
Even though I know you, I don't have to like you.
That bullet didn't break my skull.
That dumpster didn't break my fall.
I took yours, now take mine.
Broken nose and a black eye.back to top
Tokyo Vogue
Got hold.
It's powdered gold.
Who's who in japanese prints these days.
These pills still kill.
Making all them kids ill.
If it don't kill them, I know what will.
But they're building backs for all the beat up kids.
It goes up your nose.back to top
Fashion Fight Pause
Feel this fist, the first time it feels fine.
Can you second guess my second rhyme?
Fashion Fight Pause.
First run really fast, then do a flip;
pistol whip can't beat my kung fu grip.back to top
Spelling Live Backwards
Left to go right on a Las Vegas night.
Televise the crisis and crutial accident.
Baby burns bright blue for description.
Babies born with a broken spine.
Take him all apart and put him back together.
Connected by fine wires to a dynamite bouquet.
A is for artist and A is for architect.
Lis for lime and E is for live.back to top
Matador at the Door
Knock Knockin, who's there?
Matado at the door; knocking till midnight.
Sell his soul to hell, he lost the bull fight.
Nothing's okay; everything's no-kay?
Between the matador and his wife.
He's still knocking until the early morning.back to top
Tourist in Your Own Town
Kick, Punch, Fight, Bite.
Who got the news to you?
I got a shiner to show you.
The beat down in my town goes all around.back to top
You're Ruining It for Everyone
You're ruining it for everyone.
Everyone just wants to have some fun.back to top
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