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Hot Water Music lyrics

Album: Never Ender [2004]

 01  Alachua
 02  Never Ender
 03 Tradition
 04  The Bitter End
 05  You Can Take the Boy Out of Bradenton
 06  Hate Mail Comes in August
 07  Elektra
 08 Things on a Dashboard
 09  Powder
 10  Us & Chuck
 11  Loft
 12  Sound for Language
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words of war don't mean shit if the war's for nothing i'll wait for now so show me how this all works cause all these things just seem empty and that's what hurts so i can't help but to question what was real or what was concealed did you need to abandon and change face if you started today - would you miss it cause we've been blind i don't want to believe that the truth is lost so easily was it a mistake taken the wrong way through our worst days or did loyalty not mean a goddamn thing in the ending if you started today - would you miss it cause we've been blind and i don't want to believe that the truth is lost so easily so i can't help but to question what was real or what was concealed though trial and error did take place did you need to change face and abandon what was is real or what we felt pulled heavy weight what grounded us what astounded me was it all for nothingback to top
Never Ender
we choose directions we draw the lines from which we choose the sides that keeps us honest that keeps us tight and aware of our actions so how can change without seeing commitment withouthaving faith in what we could radiate to make a difference it's not just you and i -our example sets a fire to break down the empowerment of men with unclear minds who never drew the line between what we know is wrong and right so say whencause i won't stop from pouring on what we do today will set in stone cause we're building things we've always known things we've never seen but that will change if we learn today and teach tomorrow we all have to decide what we use to make the lines i'll let the truth encircle me it's a never ending fight but what's true will never die and we can take the power like we gave it so teach me something i'm wide open i'll teach you something if you listenback to top
The Bitter End
when the day stops do you still believe you were right on and rising when you let your hate endure more prominent than your love or your trust you let it push us away but you can't make me come down anchored something fierce locked in set straight i won't change where i stand now on leaving hate and keeping warmth and i won't take to your cold because i believe that there is more to life than just living and i don't see how you can stay so covered with cold i wish you would open up and shine the light that i knewback to top
You Can Take the Boy Out of Bradenton
i just might carve it in my skin so there is no mistaking it might tear the walls down with my hands if there is time i might spend every night just drinking it might be my mistaking it i might never stop the flame from burning so i ask myself again why do i let this roll my way as if i have a chance to change it fears: can not read them from escaping: might be all i have progress: do i need this from expanding i can never stop i can't stop to let myself wither but i can dream of an answer i won't stop to let myself wither so i fight this plagueback to top
Hate Mail Comes in August
troubled thinking running into walls again duck in shadows run between the bullets shot by others stares made a thousand mistakes to take us down firing us back to square one drawn and quartered red handed sew me back together again knew it was wrong but i had to be there trying so fucking hard not to run away thousand memories thousand regrets where's the end causes so much pain forger the shadows i hit the closure tearing out the stitches leaving the holes behind i don't see shit in yesterday i just say fuck it to yesterdayback to top
As we stand united
There's forces to fight us
More taking than giving, an idea for living, but not the right one
Why fall without a fight
Hold your ground and stand
I'll sing until I die, so I'll live again
I don't want to stand divided
Hold my breath for decision
I will breathe
Until I'm lifted
Fail to recognize is nothing, letting it slide, that is something.
Block them from your makings and show lightback to top
i never thought i'd know what's in me and what grows what's willing and obscene what grows inside of:i never realized the glow the glow that we all know the glow inside of me i know what's on my mind breath see feel what we find and it's all good take me now in vein cause i'm not the same i'm on my last leg i'm trueback to top
Us & Chuck
i should've walked i should've turned my head around what is real and what is plastic are not meant to be i would talked unended i would speak my mind i would walk endless till i find my way home when i'm backed against the wall i won't stop until i fall if i fall true to want to kind of feeling in the moment i'll be gone before my time i won't lecture if you won't pretend if you'll be the paper then i'll be the pen show me all your insides if you're ready to begin cause this is why we're called outback to top
and the beauty wreaks my soul (and i'll see the light all night) and the power kills my will and this feeling leaves me cold and this power kills my will where could we run why could we try and the structure wrecks my soul and the power kills my will and this meaning leaves me cold and this power kills my will what would it take to find a place without a name (i won't lie down my hands for this) it wrecks my it shows me it sees me where i needback to top
Sound for Language
all around my home there is living sound in my head it's in my head i know it's in me and i hear it rythem in the air in my home you can breathe in the air in my head it's in me live from it you watch it close your eyes and listen close your eyes you can see around the world all around my home potential sound in my head got to let it happen it's in me take it all in my home it will never end in my head if we let it live it's in meback to top
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