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Human Remains lyrics

Album: Admirations Most Deep And Foul [1992]

 01  Mechanical
 02  Fragrance Of Souls
 03  Symptoms Of The New Society
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An Orbicular Apparition
Transforms Into Meat
Mechanical Appendages
Transfers Its Domain
Reaching Out To Souls

For Devourment
To Inherit Their Virility
For His Authority

Ransacks The Terra For His Subsistence
Searching For Souls For Their Engrossment
The Fair Sex Is What He Requires
To Generate His Denomination
The Psyche Is Happened On
He Prevails Upon His Communion
Requires To Inundate Its Mold
To Strengthen His Dominance

Takes The Soul As Nourishment Conducts It Into Compulsion,
Consumes The Physical Form Strengthens His Supremacy
Contemplates His Destination Progress For His Conclusion,
Eager To Return To His Inferno The Adjournment Anticipates
The Carcass Is Torn Open Drooling From A Hundred Wounds,
Your Being Is Engulfed Enumerates In His Potency
Moves To The Next Vicinity Till The Cycle Is Complete,
Migrates Toward His Conclusion For His Final Feast

Consumes Animation With Progression
Blood An Innards Lay About
A Sight Of Horrific Mutilation
It's Lust Pushing Him On

An Apparition Of Degradation
Thumping Like Death's Heartbeat
An Engine That Needs Only Malice
To Keep Its Machinery Turningback to top
Fragrance Of Souls
Unearthed Form Archaic Catacombs
Raptured In Curiosity
A Vessel Of Its Iniquity
Releasing Its Animosity
500 Score Monstrosities
Let Loose From A Broken Shell
Relentless Unperceived Nightmares
An Amancipated Hell

Stoop Not Down Therefore
Unto The Darkly Splendid World
Where In Continually Lieth A Faithless Depth
And Hades Then Wrapped Within The Clouds
Delighting In Unintelligible Images
A Light Ever Rolling Abysmal
Continual Spray Of Constant Light
Of Horrid Afterlives
Of Those Who Have Passed Before Him

Formless As It Enters His Soul
Chest Lacerated Enroping With His Viscera
What Crime Have I Committed
What Unknown God Have I Transgressed
Realization Of The Disfigured - Distarted
Body Now Mutilated - Taking On New Form
Inscrutability To What Was Unleashed
Derogating The Name Of God
I Am Clothed In Terror
I Have Found Fear
The Pain Of Augmented Limbs
My Rationalism Is Seared
The Black Earth Is Now My Home
Wanderers From The Abyss Share My Mind
Horror Exist Only For The Mortal
Feelings Decay With Time

A Wind Has Risen
The Dark Water Stir
The Loam Turns Cold
Fragrance Of Souls

Judgement Growing Weak
I've Passed The Seven Gates
Deriding Of My Homeland
Now A Servant To A Mad God

The Priest - Brothers, The Watchers - Enemy,
The Cosmos - Mother, The Elder - The Gods

The Tempter Is My Father, My Body Has Liquified
Formless Angel Forever, The Faceless Gods Are Smiling

I Am Clothed In Comfort, I Have Found Love
The Pain Regeneration, My Thoughts Are Seared
The Black Earth Is Now My Home, Wanderers From The Abyss Taste My Love
Fear Exist Only For The Mortal, Because Now I Exist As Fearback to top
Symptoms Of The New Society
From The Total Way Of Life
Became The Obliterationof It
A Bomb Created Just To Steal
The Precious Lives Who Lived It

The First Step Was The Third War
And The Invention Of The New Genocide
A Genocide Thought By Most
As Just A Safety Precaution
But The Inventor Thought Of Its Purpose Well
It Was To Bring A Total Mass Hysteria
But Broke Havoc Into The Calmest Of Men
And So Began The Symptoms Of The New Society

You Will See Your Death Coming Neither Painless Or Harmless
- Symptoms Are Showing -
You Not Far From The Real, True Pains Of Death
- Symptoms Are Showing -
Lymph Nodes Expanding From The Sides Of Your Neck
- Symptoms Are Showing -
Induced Sickness But From Vomit Your Blood
- Symptoms Are Showing -
Skin Starts Peeling, Cracking To Show Your Veins
- Symptoms Are Showing -
Choking On The Organs You Tried To Vomit Up
- Symptoms Are Gone -

After Death There Is No Rest
The Corpses Rise To Start Their Feast
Pulling Tendons From The Victim's Neck
From Those They Wish To Eat

After Two Days The Infected Arise
Mutilating Children Feeding On Their Cries
Fear Creates Hunger Hunger Brings Death
Once Infected Like The Others No Rest

Rivers Of Blood Flow In The Streets
Mutilated Bodies, Hands And Feet
Intestines And Guts Decorate The Walls
Scrotums Ripped Open Revealing Your Balls

Chewing Out Teeth Ripping Out Lungs
Deveining Of Arms Dismemberment Of Tongues
Impaling Your Corpse On The Gates Of A Church
Your Second Life An Immortal Search
Symptoms - Of - The - New Societyback to top
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