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Hypocrisy lyrics

Album: Maximum Abduction [1995]

 01  Roswell 47
 02  Carved Up
 03  Request Denied
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Roswell 47
[Every one/The breeder/Their freedom] was taken away as they crashed
(to be a project of [sighting/search])
The experiment will make sure
It won't last
All expect starlight once
The ascent was shot [at/up] because national security
Was in jeopardy
They say a weather balloon crashed,
So we know it's bullshit
We have the right to know what really happened here,
Rosewell 47!

Shipping back pieces to hanger,
to slowly put it together
To find [a/new] weapon technology,
and maybe answer our dreams forever!
The fatal spread disease,
Chaos [in the future/and confusion]
The energy physics long will be worth,
That's why we have the right to really know what happened,
[Wasteland/Rosewell] 47!

[They picked him as the offers in play, might try to really happen]
[They came to visit us a secret, I told you really happened]

They lost control,
And crashed in Roswell 1947... 1947!back to top
Carved Up
My only crime was being born.
The only thing I really enjoy
Tie her down to bed,
Pillow on her face,
Pick up a knife and start to... CARVE!

she starts to wake up,
She can scream all she wants,
It just makes me stronger,

Suck your blood,
Withered body lying around.
Feel my cuts
I'm pulling life in alarm
becomes a reality.
Feel the pain as I peel your skin

She lying there spread wide open,
Taking her last breath on this earth.
Ripping out the infant
While I am fucking it up.
Smash its head with a hammer
Now I am fed.
No use crying cause you'll be next.back to top
Request Denied
[It cannot (can no) longer be denied/They can no longer deny]
The government's coverup frights your life (far to long?)
Keep your mouth shut, [of/for] what you have seen
[Or/All] [your/the] body parts [will/were] spread around
For trying to prove the missing time

For those who have seen the terror has begun
Not for the things you've been through
But the things you [know/done]

[It's on an/in an institution]
[Where you will stay for the rest of your life]
There's no therapy, justify the mind
Revealing all that of your soul
There's nothing you try to get treatment for.



The memories of [the encounters/these hours]
Will never go away
I'm [scared/scarred] for the rest of my lifeback to top
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