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Hypocrisy lyrics

Album: Osculum Obscenum [1993]

 01  Pleasure of Molestation
 02  Osculum Obscenum
 03  Black Metal
 04  Inferior Devoties
 05  Attachment to the ancestor
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Pleasure of Molestation
Conquest is my art!
Some say, in God's ear.
I'm yours 'til you find my noose.
Your name, brought us here.
To molest, this evil boy.

God's own destiny.
Their gathering.
Brought you to me!
At the altar they recently found you.
Running loose with hellish volition.
In here your soul will be dead.
All livings beings will rot in Hell!
(end of chorus)->
Call my name, I will be.
An admission that ceased to exist.
I curse, thee whom I save.
Darkening, will son be here.

Wait, sacrifice my live.
With this evil unholy knife.
With the opening hand to a god.
Fuck Jesus Christ!

Slaves of the Lie, they needed eyes.
Users, beggars, believe yours.
I won't deny!

Dying, for God, I'm not with him.
Crime, is in our... hearts.
You not reveal!

(repeat chorus 1 time)
Sacrifice a virgin on your knife.
Would you be a servant, for Satan or mankind?
Sacrificing pieces of your life.
I carry no grief, for Jesus Christ!back to top
Osculum Obscenum
Osculum Obscenum!
Slowly... I taking few the ? to hear
I will... i will...
Waking up your fire... with hate.

That holy day
... figure
Black Soul
water into wine...

Osculum... Obscenum!
Satan... hear me!

Taking up her suffering
to give him
Take her spirit threw skin
? take you higher
I see her soul
? levitation

Rape her... in blood
Hail... Satanas!

Osculum... Obscenum (2x)back to top
Black Metal
Song by Venomback to top
Inferior Devoties
Christianity, i feel ?... me
Take your ?... Jesus ?...
just before you burn
get what you deserve
The unleashed ?... fucking ?
before me

Fucking Christ,
can't you anything ?
Would you say that's right?...
Crawl back your ?

Something dies,


-Repeat first verse-

Tore up ? and tail up this ?
???back to top
Attachment to the ancestor
Crippeling ways
of religious innocence
of ??
and now get me nacked
destroy the un? christ
? and slow death
become... to touch ?

to come here
seeing this arrival
with sorrow torturing ?
my power
for the ?
time has come
??? knife
or the eternal ?

??? voice will call you back:
no will, it's time to die
read in the book of life
the darkness is my salvation

wanna see eternal life
? will take with you... your might
??? will see your soul
you will be a ? to ? meback to top
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