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Hypocrisy lyrics

Album: The Fourth Dimension [1994]

 01  Apocalypse
 02  Mind Corruption
 03  Reincarnation
 04  Reborn
 05  Black Forest
 06  Never To Return
 07  Path To Babylon
 08  Slaughtered
 09  Orgy In Blood
 10  The North Wind
 11  T.E.M.P.T.
 12  The Fourth Dimension
 13  The Arrival Of The Demons
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...since I was a child, I saw my own way.
and god was not a part of it.

I am so sick of hearing your preach about heaven
all this bullshit about paradise.


[You/The] christians must be stopped from spreading all the lies,
[The only way to gather them, with a
[with the sound] [a bang.]
Have mercy
It's the ending...of your life.

As my mind slips away,
I see no end of this misery
The only truth is myself,
I can't go on this way

I use for killing, to the end of the rainbow.
All alone I'll be there.
When their time has arrived.
Have mercy.
It's the end, of your life.
When their time has arrived.
Have mercy.
It's the ending, of your life.back to top
Mind Corruption
First they come to your rescue,
to drag you of the streets.
They'll give you food and shelter,
to leave you to bleed.
They'll take all your money.
Destroy all your clothes.
They'll kill you for religion,
then go looking for more.
Wretched scum of the Earth,
they are waiting for rebirth.
A release from the demon,
whom they need to slave them to the one.
Blow away that asshole,
they will use until you die.
That great one that convents you,
they will let up in Paradise!
(end of chorus)

That thing is old.
They seal off your mind, too.
Don't know!!!
You can see you're none of the true.
Another way burns of the youth,
to burn all the life.
They fill you up with a
No one will you
(repeat chorus 1 time)

(repeat chorus 1 time)
LIAR!!!back to top
You feel the warning from behind
The truth is buried in a wall of time
Threw the sorrows of your life
You ain't getting ahead from this Christ
I fill evil approaching me
The voices calling me on

The only sound is the knife [through the air]
Is were I'll be when I'm threw with you.

I'll give more bodies to get ahead.
Dark crimson they're closing in. (close again?)
[Dark] wide open [to] cutting wounds
You feel the power of dark

I fill evil approaching me
The voices calling me on

The only sound is the life through the air
is where I'll be when I'm through with you

The only sound is the knife threw the end (air?)
Is were I'll be when I'm threw with you.back to top
I reaching for the seed of death
what [I searched for] now
for the power

what's getting my name
is the of death
[I'll/All time] not be forgetting?
I'll be reborn

To take within
The God will await me,
To take command
Why? Christianity

I will conquer the [fault], to rule the world
on the seven glorious


To take within
The God will await me,
To take command
Why? Christianity

back to top
Black Forest
God of evil, of the clustering Hell.
If I fade, as I grave.
I talked to myself, for the ultimate pain.
God fall in your command.
For , the lord will ever believe me.
Several oppression.
Make me prickles.
I command the forces of darkness.
Bring the eternal power on me.
For , the lord will ever believe me.
Several oppression.
Path to Hell, regressed now.

I walk in the darker forest.
We live and regret an pounding the doom.
Abounding itself from the goal.
And all the blind are alone.back to top
Never To Return

To take me away
A victim and a
People of the end
And what way they

I am the again?

Take me away from this hell

I will put you there

Take my body and make reborn...

I feel the evil inside,
[that way will I rise]
I [am lying by the]
I will me eternal lie,
My soul is waiting to
To never return in my body...

I am the again?

Take me away from this hell

I will put you there

Take my body and make reborn...

I feel the evil inside,
[that way will I rise]

I am the again?

The truth, Masters in hell

I will put you there

Will take my soul and reborn...


I will redying ternal lie
make you suffer?back to top
Path To Babylon
Rise from the depths of hell
Destroying all that's good
Crush Christianity and let Satan loose

Fake your ways
And give us a sound
And let us know the time in here
In dark religion,
Those who never sacrifice are killed

The true believer
When no one is alive
The real freedom
To let one die

The path will lead me there
The way from the darkness
And there I will stay
To fulfill my own dark life

[Who completes the long lost journey
will rule through history
The one prophet
depends on the walk
With souls of death
is near]

The earth will be like a dungeon
Hell will rise through the sand

My life with always protection
As long as they hate you

(repeat "the true believer..")

The path will lead me there
[The path] to babylon.
And there I will stay,
To fulfill my own dark life.

back to top
I am alive to make you die
I am alive to take your life

For 30 years I have waited
Finally the time is here

Hunting you down and to destroy you
For betraying me
lying about your reigion
Here by I sentence to death
Don't you ever be about the things you don't understand

Reach for the eternal fire
Reach [from] the death
Eternal liar, I capture your soul

I'll cut your arms and legs so can't get away
Your blood that will push though your veins, will soon make me cum
Your screams will give me pleasure
To see you suffer
You might not move in pleasure
The betrayer paid his price.back to top
Orgy In Blood
You [for me]
I [need you]
[Go for blood]
for me
make me [cum]
[reach for me]
go for

go for
go for

my are waiting
it would be my final hour
go for

now I will kill forever


go for
go for

(Scream)back to top
The North Wind
Beware of the North Wind
It will take you away
[Murdered the same]
Tear apart what's left of your body
You will be left to rot on your knees

You will stop breathing
As you pass away
Your skin turns blue

The eyeballs roll in the back of your head
The North Wind will [pick] you up and take you
A journey to hell

The winds of evil swept over the Earth.
Killing all those worthless souls.
War across, the globe gather around for the storms.
Lords of death, watching us through the words of evil.

The Earth will be, dark as dirt.
No existence of life, just cold and emptiness.
You will stop breathing, as you pass away.
Your skin turns blue.back to top
[Raw time will come]
to make you [proof]
of you will make you
For god

Wondering, why fool you may
took the , took to lie?

as your gloom on me

(Whispering) You...

Where will you got to?

You done what you suffer
Right stay the

Make you suffer?
Now [we] will
What do you do with your life?!back to top
The Fourth Dimension
As my soul leaves the body
[A dream/I'm free] taken to hell
To explore the unknown
[For a vision of you] all my life

The pressure [raises/reach for] my soul,
As I see my destiny
All panic goes through my mind,
As I see myself slowly die


Wake me up from this nightmare
I cry out, "Make it stop!"
Get me back in my body
I'll never never leave it again
Never trust your instincts on a journey to hell

I can see my body lying, empty.
And so I reach out, and grab it and awake myself up.
I feel [no/a] pity for all that died
'Cause I'm stuck here, in hell

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

A dream taken to hellback to top
The Arrival Of The Demons
As the full moon rise in the sky, it awakes
Master, bring out the dark forces upon me

I live for dying and to kill
Watcher, open the gates of death

Reach for the silence
Reach for an end

13. THE ABYSS (digipack only)
translated by Steve Langerholc and Andrew Kugaevskiy

Butchered infant
For my belief
That will take me to hell
One step closer to death
I release my [anger/ego] to be free

Monk-style chanting: [Feel alone again]

I feel no guilt for the lost ones
I'll stab and suffocate
[more chanting]
I look around and see all the pain gone

[Feel alone again]back to top
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