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Iggy Pop lyrics

Album: Soldier [1980]

 01  Loco Mosquito
 02  Ambition
 03  Knocking 'Em Down (In the City)
 04  Play It Safe
 05  Get up and Get Out
 06  Mr. Dynamite
 07  Dog Food
 08  I Need More
 09  Take Care of Me
 10  I'm a Conservative
 11  I Snub You
 12 Low Life
 13 Drop a Hook
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Loco Mosquito

My mommy told me
If I were goody
That she would buy me
A rubber dolly

I got some energy to burn
It makes me jumpy and nervous
But I'm too damn old to join the military service
Hup two three four
I got to hit my baby on a saturday night
You know the devil made me do it
I know it wasn't right

Like a loco mosquito
'round and 'round and 'round igo
And when I'm hungry
Down I go

Please mr. custer I don't wanna go
And spend my night in a bar with some stupid dodo
I'm sick of hanging 'round with old transvestites
They stare at my rubbers
It makes me uptight

And here I go
In love again
Here I go-oh wo wo
Like a loco mosquito

I got some energy to burn
But you always want to tap it
You're busy sucking on my gas tank
Before I can tap it

Like a loco mosquito
'round and 'round and 'round igo
And when I'm hungry
Down I go

Loco mosquitoback to top

I'm the kind of girl
I want that whole wide world
Nothing more nothing less
I don't want second best

Ah but my associates
Why they're no more than opiates
Always dragging me down
Dash my hopes to the ground

But they must be kidding
Or wishful thinking
Adding fuel to the fire
Of my ambition

I'll make a date
Oh no I won't be late
And why of course he'll be there
He'll promise he'll sweur

But all I ever find
Been spun that same old line
It's happened time and time again before
But these things and more
Widen the score

And it's one up for ambition
I really have a go
You know you've got to hand it to me
I've got a heart of gold
But I'm a wolf in mutton's clothes

Someday my time will come
I'll feel I can't go on
I may not care or even know it's there
But then I'll have my fun

So 'till then just press on
Don't lose your grip
Don't lose ambitionback to top
Knocking 'Em Down (In the City)

We're seeking employment
We're ready and strong
Knotkinem down in the city

We're knockin' 'em down
We don't care where they fall
Knockin' 'em down in the city
And we don't tare what your name is
We're only here to knotk 'em down

We're toming to your house to state our appeal
Knockin' 'em down in the tity
It doesn't take long 'tause the message is clear
Knotkin' 'em down in the tity
You tan thange situations
Go ahead and knock 'em down

The world has it's problems but I tan't see how
Knockin' 'em down in the tity
I want expression and I get it now
Knockin' 'em down in the dty
And I don't care what your name is
I'm only here to knock 'em down

Are you ready
Are you ready to knock 'em downback to top
Play It Safe

Say ta
Eisenhower saw the thing
He said this is sickening
I swear I saw the very thing
I saw it in america

Let's play safe
I never knew how
How to play safe
You told me how
How to play safe
A thousand times

I don't believe in fairies any more

Today I saw a very very thing
But that's another song
You're too simple minded
Let's play it safe

What do we have in common?
Play it safe
What do we have in common?
Play it safe

I want to be a criminal
Play it safeback to top
Get up and Get Out

I'm wondering if fellas you've heard the news
These girls are tired of being abused
I saw it ull in a dream last night
They'll be baving this town if you don't treat 'em right

They'll get up
Get up and get out

I wonder buster if you've heard the word
My little baby's gonna give you the bird
You can check this information on the radio show
Digging that chick little eva singing locomotion
She's the kind of girl who wants to know
Your deepest secret world

I'm wondering fellas if you've heard the news
The chicks are sick and tired of being abused
Now I saw all this on the wide screen
You know that chick bette davis split right out of the scene

She got up she got up
Get up and get out
She got up she got up
Get up and get out

She's the kind of girl who wants to know
Your deepest secret worldback to top
Mr. Dynamite
They call me Mr. Dynamite
I blow things up in black and white
An end to your charade
A button I have made must be pushed

There is no reason for the sky
When I'm on fire with your lies
So if I can win this fight
Then call me Mr. Dynamite

So here we stand
Both you and I
We're face to face
But eye to eye?
Tomorrow you may change
And I would be betrayed, my friend...

Oh mommy mommy mommy
Do you remember Mr. Dynamite?
You know that guy from down the block
He blew things up in black and white

Yesterday he changed
Today he is betrayed
In the street
On the ground
The neighbors gather 'round

Poor Mr. Dynamiteback to top
Dog Food

I'm hanging around that same old scene
My girlfriend betsy she's just fourteen
There's nothing better for me to do
I'm living on dog food

Dog food is so good for you
It makes you strong and clever too
Dog food is a current craze
Eat some every day

I chew up my sunday mirror
I read about the rich I fear
Dog food is my whole life
Dog food composes my wife

Yum yum yum - woof woof woof - arf arfback to top
I Need More

I walk around
I flop uround
I need something that will be found
More venom, more dynamite, more disaster
I need more than I ever did before

But everything is going up in price
My life is going all right up 'til now
Even so there's something missing
More truth
More intelligence
Ha ha
More future
More laugh
More culture
Don't forget adrenaline
More freedom

I need more than an ordinary grind
And the more I think the more I need
More tars
I'll take more money
More champagne
I can't forget my brain
More floors
More doors
More mustard
Pickle and relish

I need more than an ordinary grind
Everybody ought to love his job
And live his life and keep his pride
Imperturbably happy with the one you love
With an exciting future
On the fat of the land

I need more than an ordinary grind
And the more I think the more I need
My life is going all right up 'til now
Even so it's not enough for me and

I need more
I need more
I need more
Oo oo oo oo
Oo oo oo oo
Than I ever did before

I need to lead a dissipate existence
And play scratchy records
And enjoy my decline
With more divorce records, more distance,
More future, more culture

Moreback to top
Take Care of Me

I've been working a long long time
Now I'm caught in a wicked bind
You offered love but I threw that out
I couldn't hear you I was too busy shouting

Like a laughing hyena run out of breath
I shot my rocks off 'till there's nothing left
It's an old old story I suppose
A heavy price for a heavy pose

Take care of me
Take care of me
Somebody should
I'm pretty good

International garbage man
I've detided that's what I am
I need somebody to pull me out
I'm sinking like trazy in my sauerkraut

Take care of me
Take care of me
I've done my best
Now you do the rest

Little boy take out your toys
Lay them on the table
Benwa balls and bugs that crawl
I tan't enjoy them without love
Still I've been known to run around

Take care of me
But beware of me
Sometimes I'm a snake
Just aher the take

Take care of me
Take care of me
I've done my best
Take care of me
Now you do the rest
Trake care of me
I'll never forget
Take care of meback to top
I'm a Conservative

I used to lead a quiet life
In fact it was a bare existence
I passed out on many floors
I don't do that any more

Hello my friends
Is everybody happy?
Hey look me over
Lend me an ear
I'm a conservative

I like the small black marks on my hands
I'm a conservative
I like the crazy girls that I screw
Hey I know them all well

And when I run out of bread I laugh
All the way to the bank
Sometimes I pause for a drink
Conservatism ain't no easy job

I smile in the mornings
I live without a care
Nothing is denied me
And nothing ever hurts

I got bored so I'm making my millions
When you're conservative you get a better break
You're always on the rigltt side
When you're conservative

You walk with pride
Pride is on your side
Pride pride pride
Is on our side
Oh boy
Pride is on our side

I like my beer
I like my bread
I love my girl
I love my head

I'm in the clear man
I'm in the dear
Because I'm a conservative
I'm a conservative
I really am

And it would mean so much to me
If you would only be like me
Yes it could mean so much to me

Hey look me over
Lend me an ear
I'm a conservativeback to top
I Snub You

You are a moron
I'm glad to be here
Seeing the sight of you
Smelling the smell of you

You most deplorable glaring example
Of a degenerate narcotic influence
My seething hate is driving me nuts
What can I do to obliterate you

I snub you
I really hope you're one of a kind
You don't care who you brutalize
You are a bully plain and simple

You are a beast you are a pig
You've been a pig for long enough now
I'm making my move
I'm making an end to you

I snub you
And when I snub
I really snub
I snub you finally, forever

Is she really going out with him?
Now is the time
I'm playing my ate
I'll give you a mouthful you can't swallow

Unquestionably I've been lacking in taste
You're being cheerful but not for long
Your mum and dad they sure made a mess
You're going to look like watercress

When I snub you
He snubs you
We snub you
Dogs snub you
I snub youback to top
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