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Ill-Disposed lyrics

Album: Return From Tomorrow [1994]

 01  Depersonalisation
 02  Return From Tomorrow
 03  On Death And Dying
 04  Darkness Weaves With Many Shades
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There's no door in these cold walls
surrounded by the infinite

My card is reading cardiac
my thoughts won't seem to comprehend

Why? The lost sentence, in varieties of religious experience

The truth: a direful legacy, has driven me to my knees
I'm hurt
Pschiatric disbelieve, "good luck when you're panoplied"
A force divided by slavery, a senseless futility

A must to see the unholy state, in which I was held for a while
A study in grief taking over my mind, as I declared my soul to behind
Just longing for the first day, to say, I'm back this time I'm here to stay

Can't you see the one aspect, that makes my gift to innocence
The metaphysics were caressed, by every bit of air I breathed
In lustfulness

I've lost, a loser without a name, must be my contribute
Your trust, the effort of ficticiousness, my grief is compelling me
The sign, the sign is for all to see, I know what to do with thee

Waverer, to bewail, led defeats
Engrossing my fate, my heart's decadence, capitulation
Time to intrude, to declare the fate, an angel will fall
My aspiration, you beg, the iteration, imbibes, as only you can
I've tried, to leave this fucking hellback to top
Return From Tomorrow
Nowadays I go blind
when they say there's more to our lives
then all the death and misery
in which I dwell and has my needs

Should say I believe in me
should make some sense in my life
But with a dark wind in my face
I admit I'd rather be dead

But in the darkness they search
for souls to help assisting the minds of the evil erupt
Hidden for mortals revealed
as you're dying in chambers of sonic disgust
Places devoted to serve the almighty
of whom I can say nothing good
In silence I learned to adjust to his temper
I followed my own path again

I'm filled with perfection
my inner stream must by caressed
I know what to do with my mortal possessions
but restless
just wanna go back

Mellow entrapments
captures the life of only the weak
not from me
they see the hate in my eyes

She undresses I'm cold
in my eyes she can see where I've been
All of my dreams
reincarnated thoughts from behind
She whispers I'm still the only one
In my eyes she can see where I've been

I feel so heavenly
when the mist clears all of my mind
and I look back to the day
where I was guided into the light

as infamous you must obtain my light in your crystal
return it to whome it belongs
Keep out the questions involving my gestures
towards your domain the unknown
Handle my case as if I were your true son
neglecting my chance in this world
Help me provend any wrong turns when crossing
and soon you'll see me againback to top
On Death And Dying
Love ain't nothing but sex misspelled
every one must go around the tree of purity and sadness
raised by seed from higher ground
the germs decay and as she left
the promise of the rot as one who bore the pollen highest
wind will will dance as I meet my god

Memories dreams and reflections, passionless feelings of mine
peeling my sobriety, leaving me to die

can death be sleep?
when life is but a dream

Deathbed visions, glimpses of the beyond

The feeling of love caressed with fright
when the sonic vacuum leads you to
the circle of light

An endless wandering has stopped, I kiss the face of change

They say the ray of prophecy is send by someone high above
but when I found a trace of heaven, it send me back without a clue

You pray and pray, obedience to endlessness in confidence
sadly I'm the one who says the only ruler is the nightback to top
Darkness Weaves With Many Shades
Hidden in shadows of light, when the curtain's pulled
looked at with eyes sayings all, about direfulness
Should have preferred the comfort of nondisclosure
Slayed by pre-existence

Sweetheart, come here, touch me, I'm still me
the making of lies is not all to decline
I've been there
I've touched it
don't neglate my mind, do trust it
what's sacred to you has been put through my spine

Waiting for the verdict inwrought with secrecy
generative thoughts, from another dying bred:
All we see and all seem is but a dream
and darkness weaves with many shades
Sector senseless, your stagnant

a shapeless ghost convoking me

Inside the church of nonbelievers I find myself
peacedecievers, my private hell
All the answers layed down to me
by higher power showing ways to victory

Deficient as a heathen, in terms of fortitude
singing out the dirge relieving me for you
All we know just goes to show our inner glow
and darkness weaves with many shades
sector senseless, your stagnant

Her gracious smile at mine

Sweetheart, come here, touch me, I'm still me
the making of lies is not all to decline
I've been there
I've touched it
don't neglate my mind, do trust it
what's sacred to you has been put through my spineback to top
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