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Immolation lyrics

 1991 Dawn Of Possession
 1996 Here In After
 1999 Failures For Gods
 2000 Close to a World Below
 2002 Unholy Cult
 2005 Harnessing Ruin

· A Kingdom Divided
· After My Prayers
· Away From God
· Bring Them Down
· Burial Ground
· Burn With Jesus
· Christ's Cage
· Close to a World Below
· Dawn Of Possession
· Despondent Souls
· Failures For Gods
· Fall from a High Place
· Fall In Disease
· Father, You're Not a Father
· Furthest from the Truth
· God Made Filth
· Here In After
· Higher Coward
· I Feel Nothing
· Immolation
· Internal Decadence
· Into Everlasting Fire
· Lost Passion
· Nailed To Gold
· No Forgiveness (Without Bloodshed)
· No Jesus, No Beast
· Of Martyrs, And Men
· Once Ordained
· Put My Hand in the Fire
· Reluctant Messiah
· Rival the Eminent
· Sinful Nature
· Stench of High Heaven
· The Devil I Know
· Those Left Behind
· Towards Earth
· Under the Supreme
· Unholy Cult
· Unpardonable Sin
· Unsaved
· Wolf Among the Flock
· Your Angel Died

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