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In Flames lyrics

Album: Colony [1999]

 01  Embody The Invisible
 02  Ordinary Story
 03  Scorn
 04  Colony
 05  Zombie Inc.
 06  Pallar Anders Visa
 07  Coerced Coexistence
 08  Resin
 09  Behind Space '99
 10  Insipid 2000
 11  The New World
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Embody The Invisible
I demand nothing, but I want it all
what privilege do we have under the sun,
that gives us the right to the throne ?

species come and go, bu the earth stands forever fast
all river runs towards the sea, but the sea is never full

to discover the lonliness and be to proud to show the wounds
will forever wander alone through the years

but I won't let you near
begging for you to understand
the fear that lives in my soul
which is an untouch spring

read, what is writtenon the silent mouth
what is written in the soul
for which is written in the shining silence
we all have to read

my body will be bent from the burdens
when the shaking floor of life-force
reveal it's chasm underneath
if only one could be two steps aheadback to top
Ordinary Story
egoism dictates human relation
a world where fashion outshines morality
Here success is written in blood-red colours
designed by the thirst for power

gather the faithful and propose a toast
to the epoch of indifferance

an all to ordinary story
with aftertaste so bitter
forced to be someone I don't want to be
I'm losing myself, sinking deeper down
I'm caught in the world wound web

a timerepresented by the void
an excuse without content
stuck in the abyss of existance
with a content void of excuse

an all to ordinary story
this is my story
with an aftertaste so bitter

sinking deeper down
I'm caught - I'm cage
I'm goneback to top
I parish and nobody will know
as my mouth remains still
my heart awaits me, filled with gravel
as the pain grows with each touch

since I marked her out from my tower
reality focused through forbidden lenses
she owns enough of preciousness
a penalty given by the source

but I still have no choise through
the hinderens freighten
a labarynth closing at the edge of space

but they never allow
she's shut....for all beings but one
I give, I scorn, I treathback to top
in my world, the day is no threat
in my world, there is an absence of light
"genetic superiour cell" controled
by fathomless and undearable

a radical new form of plastic and rage
biologically optomized
but with a strangling pulse

iin your world, you find me worthy
in my world, I "parashoot" my life
a virtual drogstore populated
by the fathomless and unbearable

machine, meat and blood
in an intimate relationship
the new - superior -
more effective than all the preceeding

where we can no longer
cry and reality is torn
then it's easy to forget
that the responsibillity lies on us all

in your world, the night is no threat
in my world, the darkness
transforms to a vision of hell
populated by fathomless and unbearableback to top
Zombie Inc.
thruth serves them embrace
and defend her case
part flattery, part threats
"for those who cling to this
dominion will partake in it's fall"

with his silence, he passes the
judgement over them
"with your feverish signs of force
you'll make them and yourself to
believe that he still retains his full power"

as a platform for divine fondations,
you want to make them suck

shallowness and beauty
was all that concerned her body
but the soul, her divine guest
were thrust to the bottom

surrendered to the sect
that has risen from it's womb
"for those who cling to this
dominion will partake in it's fall"back to top
Pallar Anders Visa
Instrumentalback to top
Coerced Coexistence
I'll take you on a ride
as a part-owner to my pain
our ideals they collide
coerced coexistence

I faught the world today - postpone my birth again
we stumble on and one - but bound to die alone

pine- I'm selling my soul today
pine- I need some sympathy

this infiltrates my brain
"in the sunshine the sun is mine"
pitiless wanderer
close your eyes and bow your head
grotesque thoughts in a line
threw my wings into the lazing sun
smile stretced on old trees
eternal grining jester masque

don't hurt a fly they all sing
we're just ants in a great big play
visualize-inhale-pretend-betrayback to top
a sad song it was,
through renewal it brought
and a month seems sometimes shorter
than a half nights longing
hidden and hard are the reasons for war
polar twist, invert and flea

I can't disolve this feeling of mine
but patience will unlock the door
and the maps of reasons re-written for me
when the wait is over and the punishment is due
each day I crawl to the hall of the giants

and beg for mercy -
and I beg for mercy in vein
one night is a mare - two is worse
How can I manage three ?back to top
Behind Space '99
call me by my astral name
breeding fear through worldless toungh
heavenly thirst - unspeakable pain
emptied from all human motions
confront the faceless wrath

beckoning silent from a sphere behind space
trough twisted ruins of uncompleted dreams
signs of towers reaching for the moon
they're clawing at the skies they gonna pull it down

intensity I feel the lava rushing through my veins
stars are reforming to enter the fourth dimension

behind al galaxies through timeless aenos of frost
unearthly hunger- angels decentback to top
Insipid 2000
should I defend you for who you are?
the laws are changed and useless!

on their way to a deserted town
where empty windows wave goodbye
a helpless excuse, a falling reality
I'm changed by the shock
and the weight of the punch
a helpless excuse, a falling reality

fragments of a futile being
a puzzle to the noble ones
ignorant and pittiless they stride

the world around me -
spartanic, minimalistic
a helpless excuse, a falling reality
the large scale plan that once where
you've now drained from life
a helpless excuse, a falling reality

who know the proper reasons
why it all begins and ends?
ignorant and pittiless they stride

"you are but a form",
the clean, harsh silence passes
"genuine" visions by the noble
ones for the noble onesback to top
The New World
the great world of blessendness
and a feeling of ease
a cup of the well of freedom
and a life we joyfully drink
inside, all was new, but outwards
nothing had changed

an escapade,
then to the altar to
evaluate all parts
of the great mystery
but all remains
on the same spot,
no signs of a new season

in my hand is a new world,
but the world is still
without body

a hidden life-stream that
swells in the deep
will soon give the world
a second faceback to top
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