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In Flames lyrics

Album: Soundtrack to Your Escape [2004]

 01  F(r)iend
 02  The Quiet Place
 03  Dead Alone
 04  Touch of Red
 05  Like You Better Dead
 06  My Sweet Shadow
 07  Evil in a Closet
 08 In Search for 1
 09  Borders and Shading
 10  Superhero of the Computer Rage
 11  Dial 595-Escape
 12  Bottled
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in flames
soundtrack to your escape

As they all felt the fire
They turned me into an outsider
I never heard from them again
So ironic when you called for a favor today

It's always easy to judge
But takes a lot to be specific
'cause as you preach you're opening the door
To your egos past

There was a day when I could forget
I could forgive but those days are gone
I see them fade

Filth runs in every new day

I learned to mute the anger
I never thought I would be there again
A moment, a dead end
I lost myself in here
I ran as I saw the end
Should I've joined the fight instead?
Hope you're listening
'cause now times have changed

I take a look around
Say this moment's mine
Flee all the weak minds
Feel my missed hidden rageback to top
The Quiet Place
Spinning further, deeper, i know youre out to try me
im not in this to be a slave
push the dirt, make me feel
locate what swallows life, night bird you build my world

and i close my eyes
and then i close my eyes
judge me now
used to be afraid to let it show, bow down
a king, in my own mind
everythings in place
so much brighter from today
a king in my own mind

drown the monster,
make all bad dreams go away
whatever it takes to keep our hands free
open scars
the quiet place
all the bridges fal lto the ground
and you say you sacrificedback to top
Dead Alone
in flames
dead alone

I'll always belong to the shadow
Don't show me new results
I'll never enter your heaven
Make the most out of my dirty cell
Creeps infected by control
That's what put me in here
Dig deep don't think you ever get
To the place where they buried me
The last glimpse that I have
Fragments, pieces of some things valuable even though it doesn't make sense anymore
I release my last tear

My frustration
My conversation
Why are we even here? the abuse
That we use
I do not longer care

The cold worms and me
We are all right
We are free
The dead light inside
Fuel to new seed
New world I hide

When there are only my bones
Please put them in use
Want to be part of a new dawn
The day darkness disappears
Don't release these chains
Never been closer to myself
All your mistakes run through
As I realize what we become
The end is here to bid farewell
I'll turn to ash and hear them sing
Songs about my emotions dead and alone
Don't make an effort
You don't know me anywayback to top
Touch of Red
in flames
touch of red

Reaching depths of clarity
I'm not supposed to be like this
I should be on the top of the world
Is anybode out there like me?

I followed - something's missing
Self control - forcing me down
Whispers consume the air
Above her I'm endless

When the rain comes falling
I'll freeze, I'm so afraid
When things start to flood me
I'll drown in seconds

Fear - there's a way out
Touch of red
Break away
Nothing has it all
Bury the place I've been
I fear there's a way out

As if I ever had a choice
All in the hands of the energy
Once again I feel the quicksand
Swallow me, tonight I won't struggle

The weak in me should know
I'm as sober as I could beback to top
Like You Better Dead
in flames
like you better dead

I can be as angry as I want to be
Just watch me burn (need to be motivated)
I think you're way too cold
Just watch and learn

I'll never sleep here anymore
My house is not my home
I like you better dead
I'm better off alone

Destiny, will you cure me?
Trust, will you age with me?
Hear me scream as I face tomorrow

Your vision may be in colour, but you look all pale
In these times we should be learning but with you I'll always fail

I need to save myself before I drown
It took so long to see
The world your mind creates
It pushes me underback to top
My Sweet Shadow
I'm selling heavenly sketches
A world out of my mind
Ready to explode in purity
To fill the wholes inside

An ever moving stream
With glowing rays of light
Emotions tied to past lies
And I know I should let go

I found a flame in the burnt out ashes... burn out, burn out
Tamed with confidence of a brighter future

Fueled these new shores burn
Dark past lies cold
Shadow, my sweet shadow
To you I look no more

Another dawn collapses
Do I need to be reminded?
A glimpse of my safe home
A path to hide all anger

In circles I catch
A torch carried by the immortal
From depths that I created
In vain ecoes fadeback to top
Evil in a Closet
in flames
evil in a closet

We were one in words
You finished my sentences
The answer to my puzzle
I can never attract tomorrow
It pushes me aside
I sink in waters deep
Your presence kept me floating
Far from depths where secrets lie
Maybe in another lifetime
I could be the first you meet

I once read a poem
Held my breath
But that moment's gone
First time I felt life somewhat hurts
Need an option and some hope

Yell at me, i want to be your light that shines
But my ground's shaking and I might fall
I wish that I could say... I wish I could be your evil in a closetback to top
Borders and Shading
in flames
borders and shadings

Take a knife and carve it in
Want to see your faults
As a part of your pretty skin
Everyone has a tragedy
I want you to wear yours in pain

Oblivion can no longer shade you
Tattered tissue as a reminder

Bleak silence
Errors stigmatized in you
A weak worn out friend
There's nothing left for me
Again and again
Your face reminds me of a bleak future
Despite the absence of hope
I give you this sacrifice

You're so far behind
Be my hero
Drift away
Save yourself
Don't end up zero
Your world inside slowly redesigned

I deny any reminisce of us
I'm on a new mission
I find myself in the future
A trace of the past cannot be foundback to top
Superhero of the Computer Rage
in flames
superhero of the computer rage

I am the past
I've been chosen
You think it's over
But I'm ready to go
I am what you fear
I've been chosen
The world as you know it just died
It's the end of all time

I am a surprise
Even to myself I'm a genious
Superhero of the computer rage
In plastic I'll bury
I am what you fear
I've been chosen
The world as you know it just died
It's the end of all time

Everything you say is denied
I'll be the devil on this ride

Dark clouds in your heaven
Your end has only begun
You can scream but the re's no rescue
I promise I'll make you sure you die in time

I am the maggot
In your infected life
No matter how hard you try
I'll leave without a scar
I am a legend
In your infotainment life
It's when I say "it's over"
It's you who's been chosenback to top
Dial 595-Escape
in flames
dial 595-escape

Could it be a new day?
Fear in me so deep
You push me out, I feel far
The absence, close to me
The otherside I crawl
You push me out, I fall

Heal my wounds with everything
Away you complicate me
Sick of cycles, drop to zero
A while just like last times
My least favourite re-run
Sick of cycles, I bounce in grey

Escape familiar home
Memories remains alone
Reality trapped inside
The wicked descend - I hide

Testing higher mentality
I conquer myself through this
A furious path to walk
New space does exist beyond
In silence I dwell
Remain with the seed of unfulfilment

"Try to remove obstacles as they appear" my master said
"Don't look too far, you'll stumble before you're even there"back to top
in flames

I really don't have anything to say
Just pass me by
Don't ask me the same questions
Just deny I'm there

Like the time around me
This room is filled with nothing
Fell awkward in a place with many
Leave this space to me

I channel the pain through this
The paper, the pen, your eyes
To stare into what's next
It frightens me
No control, no reward
I'm in circles again

Still and breathless
I don't care what's behind
To you I look for energy
To catch my breath again

The world looks old to me
Tonight I drink myself sober
Soon this could be over
Tale a picture of the pale

New morning knocking
Feels just like always
Pen down my regrets
I reach to you againback to top
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