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In The Woods... lyrics

Album: Heart of the Ages [1995]

 01  Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension
 02  Heart Of The Ages
 03  In The Woods
 04  Mourning The Death Of Aase
 05  Wotans Return
 06  Pigeon
 07  The Divinity If Wisdom
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Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension
Among hills I have wandered
Through forests so cold
Over mountains a raging thunder
followed the ways foretold
A request a "leave me be"...
Through the shape that I longed for...
Withering visions...
Bleeding to search for the more...

Behold the memories within,
A questful battle to win.
Towards which he is carrying,
The burden named destiny.
It is poundering proud on his shoulders.
Creating and Dreaming,
Is it all the same?
As I touch this flame...

...Of mine.

I await your call,
Trough body, spirit and mind,
I shine, I shine.
The forces of Prima Mater.
Unite us this heathen night,
Yearning your unknown mysterious beauty.
(Pride and might!)

Among hills, we do wander.
Through the forests so cold.
Crossing mountains of raging thunder,
followed our way untold.back to top
Heart Of The Ages
The surrounding walls for yet unknown qualities.
Have you ever been gifted to watch upon them?
Or the elements, so oppressive, but still not known.
Was there ever this moment they cared to let you inside?

Mother Natures son or just a savage diving into
the wilderness, we do adore so much?
There were times of hesitation and of union...
They did enjoy the combination when one hand was
given ingratitude or even?

Will the era come...? That of, whn man shall
become aware of Her ways and his instants.
Literature may hold the final words for a glorious
reunion, but do gather forces and...
strive for knowledge wide.
Await my gentle coming "journey", for...

...Once, when all those in the circle as four
greets a welcome through the Entrance, I
will be this one who gathers up with them,
and then to become their fifth and last
comrade of spirituality.

Forever, and into the oblivion of infinity.back to top
In The Woods

Pagan myths from the deep, eternal forests.
A true malancholic atmosphere,
Haunts this hidden world.
Where men, for hundreds of years,
Have immortalized their cult.

Moments of...

Down in the forest.
Or, wherever we may care to trend,
We are Gods.
Do not follow us as always, present icons.
Of your very own consciousness.

...Monarchs ...Queens ...

This we do know where our lands are laid down.
With strenght of faith, (for honour),
We shall reign forever in lojalty,
For we are Gods, do not obey us...


One with this world,
This is where I long to be.back to top
Mourning The Death Of Aase
(Instrumental)back to top
Wotans Return
Sing for me
To lift above in all these fallen walls,
And bleed for me,
In the deepest release.

Travelling through honour.
Travelling through strenght.
Voyage, floating centuries keeps the key for wisdom.
Feelings for the lost` winds.
Winds which howl reverse.
Remote, the fields of oddities adours.

But we will still appear in of mail,
And still obhterate these old origins.
While dreaming a thousand choirs yell their hails,
Towards faithfulness.
Become one with the weapons.
Sword and soul.
Wotans Return!

Travelling through honour,
Travelling through strenght.
Feelins for the lost` winds.
Winds which howl reverse.back to top
(Instrumental)back to top
The Divinity If Wisdom
Seek within your own kind of depths,
and tell me the tales of what thousand lies.
Yet, I have withered, but Ive grown again,
and designes my own blackness to judge.
For as we all are aware of this suffering pain,
it drowns in this planets mortality.

Grand changing cosmos offers to man in itself,
myths greater than those unexplored.
If the light will seem as dark as the day,
even though my dreams were laid down for ashes,
and the fates never were stated, nor told.
Even then I will allow myself the treasures
of excistence...

Related with my own balance of knowledge.
I am divined from the pain and the pleasure,
which has been gained from...
all thoughts and memories (from thoughts and memories
As I feel the Divinity of wisdom,
float inside the veins.
I am me. Master, but not divine.back to top
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