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Incubus lyrics

Album: Beyond The Unknown [1990]

 01  Certain Accuracy
 02  Curse Of The Damned Cities
 03  Beyond The Unknown
 04  Mortify
 05  The Decieved Ones
 06  Freezing Torment
 07  Massacre Of The Unborn
 08  On The Burial Ground
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Certain Accuracy
Inventions that shine
Only hope and thoughts that reflects in our minds
Manmade machineries
Futuristic and advanced devices
Trying to get it right every time
Not accepting the pain of failure
When back to the starting point
Again they will try

A first
And a third time
To a certain accuracy that is absurd

Creations that can bring us to an end
In different ways


Religion and politics
Are all overrated
Like many things in life
A human
Will never be able to control
Those situations
Whatever mankind does and builds to serve
And protect us might also send us to our graves

Our ways to fatal errors
With no turning back


With or without confidence
And also preparing for whatever might go wrong
Discovering is a hard task to face
And finding the solution is what instinctively
Does our face until the world reaches to a higher ground
With anxiety
And pain


Creation for both uses
To whom it may seem
That it can be right or wrong
Human imperfections and method of corrections
A natural reaction
From the past until now days
An endless cycle that goes on

Repeat chorus

In all the existing things in this world
Men will never achieve the degree of perfection
That they search for

(lead)back to top
Curse Of The Damned Cities
Hades on the Earth
Condemned cities
From evil populations
Violence, fatal crimes
Chaos will lead us to destruction

The streets lost it's freedom to be crossed
Imprisionment at any time
When darkness takes it's proper place
Fear closing in
When the scenes terrorize honest citizens
Disgust multipiles
Serious acts commited every day

Fighting to survive in this labirinth
Of stone and steel
Always unware when and where
The assault can actually occur

Curse of the damned cities
Crucial habitats
Following the way of criminal instincts
Curse of the damned cities
Unrighteous dwelling
Decaying towards it's uncontrollable destiny

Dreams of a civilization
Of peace and harmony lies far away
Are you alone in this fight
To correct those corrupted societies

Justice is a word that is fading real fast
Guilty running free as the victims are suffering
From the fact that there is no escape
Feeling that their securityis not strong enough yet
Theifts, rapes, murders growing to a numerous rate
We never seem to learn that this is an endless war
Is the economy provokeing it
Or is it just the ignorant side of a human being
Evil suppress intermittenly every line
Haunting frequently
The streets are the battlefield
To those individual warriors
Where each other in a conventional war
Manddatory action of survival

(repeat chorus)

Brutality growing, it never stops
For centuries it seems to be getting worse
Harshly tumultuous mobs
Is home a safe place
If now the danger is spreading across the land
Like an epidemic without any cure
We will never learn from our mistakes

The more we stop, the more will emerge
The exeriences are the lesson to make us fear

(Repeat chorus)back to top
Beyond The Unknown
Perfect night
The moon shines bright
But covered with blood
Because this is an evil night
Calls for a sign
Is what the invokers are meditating
The souls from beyond
Are hearing them calling

Moving objects
Sinister sounds in the air
Nerves tense
Hands holding tight
You can feel it answering everywhere
The seekers are happy
Thinking that they are hearing
The voice from their loved one

Beyond the unknown
Powerful spectre
Closing in
Is it a dream
Or is it true
Beyond the unknown

Communication begun thru the incarnated body
Of the spiritual leader
Questions are asked, answer correct
But they don't know the real horrors
Behind the spirit of the dead

Ceremony is over now
Relatives left in satisfaction
Knowing that he's resting in eternal peace


Days have passed
Then there was a knocking at the door
Live in the flesh
The missing one that they tought was dead
Memories coming back
Realizing what they have heard
Was nothing but a malignant force
Telling them nothing but lies

(Repeat chorus)back to top
Alone in their destination
Wandering thru this violent life
A part of all misconseption from their past
And now thrown out to the street to rot
Painful screams never heard
Hung on the wings of death
Germs are what they seem
For the rich they have no need

Left in the cold in crucial places
Feeling the horrors of real life

Places to places, no where to go
Agonizing pain and no one seems to care
Trying to revive'em for a higher place
But no one seems to give any support
They hear their torment call
Disarmen from an endless war
Aimed by all kinds of poverty

Vagabonds you will find in all types of societies
Resting in thew underground of this materialistic inferno

In hostility of human injustice

They are living in a world of darkness
In which the light seems far away


No justice
Blamed for someone else's deeds
Because they are poor
Treated harshly


Is this what they call the advancement of mankind
Why men want to rule the space
While they can't even solve the problems of the earth
So much said, but so little done
Blinded and devoured by our greed

Facing all the worries of our minds
We can't feel what is happening in the world around us
Turbulence is the reasons which we all must face
Crossing the line of stupidity and discrimination
Is one of the reasons which makes us ignore
The actual state of the moribund

Breaking down their hope to pieces
Destitution increases infront of their own miserable lives

(Repeat chorus)

Days passed
Injured ones dying fast
Marsh temperatures
The whips of cold winds
Are frosting their bodies on the attack
Feeling the rigor mortis stage alive
Reaching to the ultimate muscular paralysis

(Lead)back to top
The Decieved Ones
Bowing down to an angel cast out by god
Worshipping a deceitful enemy
Who's laughing at their pride in following him

Considering everyone to be merely human pigs
Under his cunning and evil eyes

A multitude is in total chaos
Knowing not the deceived ones that they are

Asking for power, richness and desire
The price that they must pay
Is their souls thrown into a cauldron of fire

By being weak and blind
The fools disrespect the christian houses of god
They are the opposite of all that is holy
Locked in cages of sins
How can they reject the creator of all living things

The almighty god hears the prayers from holy priests
And christians alike, forgiveness for them is at hand
But curses shall fall upon those that refuse to repent

(Lead, Lead)

God's only begotten son was scourged, mocked and put
To death and resurrected on the third day
Proved his powers to demonstrate
How goodness always prevails

Followers of damnation march on in their darkest ways
Falling to see and admit the truth tha christ left for us today

(Repeat chorus)back to top
Freezing Torment
Peaceful mission thru the air
Suddenly caught unware
Panic rises, lives in despair
Fasten the seat belts, praying to survive
All the memories of their lives
Flashes thru their minds
As the emergency landing is occuring at the time
To the cold, white deserted ground

Shock occurs in the violent crash
It's a morbid nightmare
Bodies torn to an unnatural position
Mutilated until unrecognazable form


Survivors trapped, afflicted pain
Of body and mind, screaming for help
Undergoing tremendous feelings of death

It all adds to an unpleasant destiny

Extreme hunger
Nourishment supplies ran out
Organism weakens each moment
Cannibalistic action the only way


Crying to god for forgiveness
As the slices of flesh are being devoured
From the dead corpses
There's no choice
Either choose life or death
Lowring themselves to a point
They would never thought to get
A living inferno where rational thoughts became repulsive

A place where the living needed the dead
Shocked by the scars of terror
A memory that they will never forget
For the victims of the freezing tormentback to top
Massacre Of The Unborn
No survive
Unborn child
Cut to pieces
Left without a name
Unwanted because of the problems of humanity
Unspeakable crime
Silent war is the name of the game
Millions are dying in actions of death and pain
Misguited mothers make this happen
Sometimes for a financial situation
Or a sexual mistake

Massacre of the unborn
Massacre of the unborn
Massacre of the unborn child

Innocent blood cries in vain
Defenseless lives are slaughtered everyday
They should make a law against this insanity
Unborn corpses are growing inextreme quantity

Premature stage
Slowly destroyed by the human race


Tortured by tyrants
Unjustly demise
Infant children are left to die

Just innocent lives they slay
There is no chance to escape

Murdering is the matter of this case
A merciless torture to take
No one will live, because they won't survive
There's infant dying
Can't you see
That they will not have a chance
Of growing up in this life


Massacre of the unborn
Massacre of the unborn
Massacre of the unborn childback to top
On The Burial Ground
Die by violence in this world
Is nothing strange for us
With all those chemicals, wars and destructions
We do not know mother nature has in store for us
The race for economy makes people forget
The lives around this planet
As men become more egoist
Pretty soon
there will be nothing in this world
For men to spare

Stupidity, causing pain
And sickness
To our world

On the burial ground
Is what this planet is all about
It's where we are right now
We might not have any future to be found
On this burial ground
We have nowhere to hide
Death is laughing at our cries

And now we are feeling the effects
That the forces of nature has brought
The droughts, Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
It's gettin worse than even before
We can see the revenge of this planet upon us
As we keep hurting the sea
The soil and the air
Sometimes some catastrophic accidents happen
Causting death rate and we wounder from where
People are dying in civilization of different lands
Because of the drought
Occurences of flooding everywhere
Killing innocent people and leaving others in despair
Abomination because people fear that all these events
Happen without any warning killing unexpectedly
Men subjugate the forces of nature
But we don't know that it's destroying us slowly

The animals are becoming extinct
Seas and rivers polluted by toxic waste
Combustible smoke
Factories are creating acid rains
That is burning our skins
Damaging plantations
And soon it will bring us to death
Air pollution is disintegrating our atmosphere
Allowing the ultra-violet rays to burn the earth
And to provoke us fear

(Repeat chorus)
Soon some of the lives on this planet
Won't exist anymore
Because we won't be able to recreate
Some of the beauty thta we had before
Nobody seems to care
About the future of our children's civilizations
We better act now
So they won't have a life of torment and frustration

(Repeat pre-chorus, chorus)

Cursed by men this world has become
We are building our own tombs
By eliminating our source of life
When blindly we continue the destructions
There's no future
Day by day we are reaching the end of our livesback to top
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