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Infected lyrics

Album: Infected Generation [1995]

 01  Infected Generation
 02  Dreams
 03  Eternal Questiuns Of Existence
 04  Alcoholic Storm
 05  Female Defecation
 06  V.I.P.
 07  Pimple Life
 08  Brown Tormentor
 09  Sova
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Infected Generation
Had I had a fucking gun
I would shoot your ass and run
I'm already off n'gone
I'm in immigration

Find a reason to relax
Don't you know about sex
'Dout pretty female legs
'Dout satisfaction

You can see her body
Near is nobody
Now we're getting clother
Guess she'll never know you
Tear her dress and get inside
Nevermind the female pride

Closed inside her flash I'm lonely
Mad about foot I'm hungry
There's a lot of meat - my mommy
I so want to eat,god damn it

Please my mouth,please my stomach-
I'm so hungry
Don't be cruel,don't be fool-
Cause I'm so angry
Deep inside i belive in quick salvation
And I solve by myself this situation

During emptiness inside her wombs
And I wish I had some fucking bombs
I'd explose her flash and get outside
If I had some dinamite and might

But I have only jaws and no more patiense
Very soon I'll end up with prep arations
I will bite till the end of all the seasons
And I'll get outside from this dark prison

Now I feel taste of her body
It's delisious,it's O.K.
Now I'm drinking blood,I'm thirsty
It is liquid anyway
My way

Look around mother-nature
Grass and trees n'fuckin' sun
Mommy,mommy,where is duddy?
I'm so lonely,I'm just one
Just one

It's so beautiful around me
And I don't know what I've to do
With her boddy,which lays under my feet
In blood n'roses
They all are great guys
They playing with me,they singing 'bout me
And nothing ever'll tear us apart
And if somebody'd ask me
"What is the best ?"
I would answer:"INFECTED"BASTARDS"

solo: Maloy

I can go to the toilet
I can look at people piss
I can eat this rotten body
I can fuck your stupid bees
And with

You and others fucking people
Rape somebody on the street
I'm just only poor baby
Take me home from this concreteback to top
In my dreams I can fly far away
From the fucking reality of life
It's the fool of my own faith
I belive in gun and knife
I walk around the semetary
Looking for a wiktim of my obsession
And cold lustre in my brutal eyes
At once betrays my maniacal passion


Your fire
Burns my but I'm not even dying
I justify
Your screams and now I feel like flyng

Now,at last,I see young lonely girl
She looks realy great,I think
Loninning legs,big eyes are very green
And she has too sexy tits
Bitcy ass and all her body quick
Bone their job and now I'm axcited
I an looking to feel her tender skin
My old friend Dick is erected


Your impotance to pleasent to my
You feel inside my obstinate dick
Now we're laying in dirty tomb
And I defile your virginal womb

Your cunt becomes so big hole
And I see - you'ra real whore
I don't know what I hear
Your screams of enjoyment or
Shouts of fear

You lying under my
So temping and sinful
You want much more pleasures
But you can't be satisfied
Cause you dirty whore
And you tell me
That you tell my
That you veneral infected
And laughing

OH GOD !!!

Week later dick swelled up,my jesus
And now I three venereal diseases
I awake at the morning in sweat
That's all - just nightmare,but I'm wetback to top
Eternal Questiuns Of Existence
Run away from hell
Please,excuse my smell
Listen,now I'm dead
Fuck my if I sad


You have to give
You've to forgive
You have to live

I can fly around
Pleaced of the ground
I can see my friends
Frig their balls with hands


It's my funeral
Ican see it all

Look - it's me in this coffin,I'm deaad
All this bastards pretend as thay sad
Fuck my aunt,It's so terrible sound
Oh,It's me,I'm at least under ground

You know what I mean
It feel like in dream
You free and don't care
What stuff you've to wear
Come on join me my friend
You'll find promised land
This bastards will suck
We'll newer could give a fuck...back to top
Alcoholic Storm
I'm on ship in the sea of alcoholic drinks
Enjoy the sunshine in my pleasent trip
White sea-gulls flies above the waves
Diving in abyss big ice-blue wales

And the sudden it all changed at once
Weather is beckoming like in cold winter month
Sky now is grey
Clouds everywhere
Wind has been soft
Is already so strong
Darknes is near
Real life not plays
Screaming at fear
Now I will pay

Waves are so high
It's storm attack
Alcohol splashed
Are flling the hold

My ship is drowned but I'm enjoed
Flotsam and jesam It's my ugly joy
And I scream,and choke,and frig
I will be always drinking as a pig

Female Defecation
Every women has
This hole with shit inside
And sometimes she wants
To get it outside
You can read between
The lines and understand
What the paper now
She's reaching with her hand

Brown underwear,body's always sweat
Smells like bastard everywhere
Dirty punky nails,junkies chip and dale
And protecting fucking whales

Now she's pissing out
This thing she kept inside
But she'll never do it
Couse it out of here might
She can't push her shit
Out of her fucking ass
So,my darling,try it
With another breath

Make up's smashing on her face
Sweat-drops falling onto base
Tied-up pulsing forehead skin
Cover-girl from magazine

Go to darkest hell take a puking smell
Close yourself inside this cell
Maybe you can stop,shit will never drop
Or I'll go for toilet cop

Solo: Maloy

Whore - seat here for forever
More - listen to me
Fuck - wish you goddamn pissed out
Luck - so you can suck

Now this piece of shit
Fell out her fucking ass
And she seling
It's going in access
She is lucky
Banging dropped out eyesback to top
Sign of death
In your thoughts and dirty eyes
Losing mind
Bloody arms
Your fucking tired veins are incised
Deadly pain
Soon you will suffocate
Cracked brain
Feel like dead
Your reason in mutilation

Alien I ives inside your fuckin' mind
Controlling your life and all what you do
This commander hates all mankino
And now this bastard ordering to you

Tear your flash
Take in hand
Your beating heart from your chest
Drink all the blood
From the veins
And you will feel loathsome taste
Take a knife
Let loose hate
And rip out your burning eyes
Fucking damnation
You commit this suicide sacrifice

There's the beast inside your morbid brain
Commanding to destroy yourself
You feel this fuckin' terrible pain
But you can't break invisible cell

Hey! You fuckin' fool!
Look at your stupid face
Now you passed this rules
You're jackass in that case

Searching problems for this stupid head
This dumdum wants a lot to be dead
He does not have all this buttoms
I don't give a damn for these bastards

I don't give a damn for suckers
With their problems and their life
God damn these fuckin' motherfuckers
They may cut their neck with knifeback to top
Pimple Life
Now I just want to sing 'bout life
With our dreams and feelings,truth and lies
With our friends and pretty girls
And you all just can hear how I growl


Now our hero it is young guy on the party
He like cool drinks and like very much
Some good farting
Drink,my young friend
Vine,vodka,whiskey and beer
And tommorow your face
Will be not very clean


Rash on face it's so cool
Just because you has been fool
Pimply life your fate
And you looking at pimple with hate

Wake up dead-neck
And open your fucking eyes
Look at this mirror
And you will see big surprise
Great plans about
Your pretty girl-friend will smashed
Your nose and all
Your stuped face in frequest rash

Pimple on cheek
So red
You can frig
But they tread

Fuck yourself
Stupid bastard you suck
Pimple life
And this rash are young drugs
Face of pus
And you can't stop disease
Scratching skin
Working like swarm of bees


Now our hero
Is standing near girl-friend
And our sory
Reaches it's happy-end
Young girl's appearince is
Blinding him like lightning flash
Red nose and all
Her stupid face in frequest rashback to top
Brown Tormentor
Eat it my friend,you'll enjoy future feelings
Cork up your asshole and gaze at the celing

Private affair
That's all you can see

Solo: Maloy

Liquid shit
Never eat
All this food
In my mood

Eat just fried potatoes with meat
And you'll newer have liquid shit
Understand it don't be so fool
Diarrhoea isn't so cool


Brown death
Inside her ass
Spoiled day
Who will pay?

Don't oyu think somebody is in
Toilet's busy that's what I mean
And this words on that door "don't push!"
So come on defecate in that bush


Crouds of people arae walking the street
There is no place where you can put your shit
Brown tormentor is pressing your ass
Shit hits your pants - it is your brown death

UNHAPPY ENDback to top
Полночь пришла незаметно
Из-з туч появилась луна
И в далеке над равниной
Крикнула громко сова


Внезапно кресты осветились
В отблеск ах полной луны
Белые саваны скрылись
В простор ах ночной тишины

CHORUSback to top
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