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Inner Thought lyrics

Album: Worldly Separation [1994]

 01  Madness (Intro)
 02  Worldly Separation
 03  Drowning In Sorrow
 04  In Ourselves We Trust
 05  War
 06  Disease Infected Earth
 07  Forever Distant
 08  Disorder Of Battles
 09  Ethnic Cleansing
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Madness (Intro)
Cursed by the sins of others
Shedding blood to the ground
Fed on the pains of martyrs
the sorrows of the old remain

Distorted envisionments as seen before
Viewed through the eyes of the dead
Atrocity of relentless toil, Rivers of blood once bled
Face the land I've once known
Murder rules this place of till
Humanities existence overthrown
Fisted in blood I have killedback to top
Worldly Separation
Temperamental state we're in
Daily fight for our life begins
No weekly income means starvation
Taken prisoner by our nation

Across the seas the war is still strong
Too many people feel they don't belong
A wordly separation of the heart
By countless leaders these things start

They will never feel your sorrows
They never feel your pain
They will rob you til you bleed
Then they'll throw you away

They will never see your children
They will never hear them cry
They will never have to answer
When your children ask why.back to top
Drowning In Sorrow
This hell on Earth now invides her home
Innocent victims become tortured souls
Their minds are wieded in constant fear
All are part of his master plan

The bottle brings his anger on
treads on toes or feel his wrath
He is hurting you the pain is real
this is not life its only death

Female vocals:
My life has been drowned in sorrow
History repeats itself
Innocent views now lost forever
this will never happen again

Looks at you and sees only red
The colour of hate personified
feeling hopelessness knowing of his trap
the dread you feel may never leave your soul

Nightmares have destroyed the American dream
Trapped inside but your body can't leave
Set me free
Set me freeback to top
In Ourselves We Trust
God is all you need they say
No money, lust or greed
But how can I believe
In something I've never seen

Roman Catholic priests we trust
Thank god for little boys
But they are being raped
Just to cure their erotic joy

Evangelists across the states
Are makeing elders poors
Hungry sick and penniless
Just to get through heaven's door

We are being taught
Religion is the only way
That may be true to you
Believe in yourself
what can you do

On your kness and pray
For he is watching your sins confess

The Arabs and Muslims
are fighting in Lebanon
They are gods people
Soon there will be none

It's time for all you people
to start thinking for yourselves
The mind is a terrible thing to waste
Put that book back on the shelfback to top
More death
No regrets
More lies
No one forgets
Life has no meaning
In this game that they play
We have no voices
But there is so much to say
Struggle for power
Personal gains
Political talk
For no reasons at all

Female vocals:
Why can't all fighting and bloodshed stop
Innocent people are suffering
My husband and two children have been
killed in this war and
Now I am all alone

Blinded by heritage
Destined for nowhere
Blood for blood
For no reasons at all
Warback to top
Disease Infected Earth
A world full of hunger
Peace unknown
Is this what we want
Disease infected Earth

Hatred spawns violence
Sacrilegious traits
Bred among our children
Disease infected Earth

Mechanical resonance
Technical brilliance
Human discompassionance
Disease infected Earth

Mechanical resonance
Techinacal brilliance
Human discompassionance
Disease infected Earth

Twisted, Beyond, Human, Reality
A world full of hunger
Peace unknown
Is this what we want
Disease infected Earth

Man's own existence
Built upon destruction
Is this what we want
Disease infected Earth
Twisted, Beyond, Human, Realityback to top
Forever Distant
Devastation of homes, dreams and lives
Caught in a terrified state of mind
This has been presence
of an evil soul

Only ruins stand before me
As I look at the pale grey
Can this be happening to me
As I stand frigid with fear

Let loose by natures wrath

Winds Set free from unearthly desires

More with magnific force

These things will never end
These things we cannot avoid

Lost are all the things I worked for
All the time and precious sentiment
Most of all I miss my only one
Lost are all the things I worked for

Only ruins stand before me
As I look at the pale grey
Can this be happening to me
As I stand frigid with fearback to top
Disorder Of Battles
This age shall perish
Blackened have the skies turned

Hollow screams
Echo with pain
Lessons this world
Has never learned

this age shall perish
Praise to the world spoken in anger
Festive pagans chant forbidden
Reason why I can't try their senseless lies
Why I've summoned to hear their cries
Is there hope amid the ruins?

Is there hope for the ruins
where this conflict dwells
Will the shadows disappear
On the lands on this Earth

Deprived of human spirit
Torn by confusion
Losing my mind to war
Will the tears promise my visionback to top
Ethnic Cleansing
Murdered Children
Fallen Cities
Absolute destruction
Eviscerated bodies

Bullets flying
Through the air
To destroy
An entire race
Both sides killing
Killing each other
They are related
Common brothersback to top
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