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Insane Clown Posse lyrics

Album: The Riddle Box [1995]

 01  Intro
 02  Riddle Box
 03  The Show Must Go On
 04  Chicken Huntin' (Slaughter House Mix)
 05  Toy Box
 06  Interview
 07  Cemetery Girl
 08  3 Rings
 09  Headless Boogie
 10  The Joker's Wild
 11  Dead Body Man
 12 Lil' Somthin' Somthin'
 13  Ol' Evil Eye
 14  12
 15  The Killing Fields
 16  I'm Coming Home
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Welcome to the dark carnival.
The tunnel of love.
Allow your emotions to run wild.
Allow your passion to soar freely.
Welcome to the tunnel of love.

(play backwards and more messages can be heard)back to top
Riddle Box
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your death! now let's see where you're
Headed, turn the crank!
And experience what's in store for you, deep within the mighty riddle box!(w/echo)

He hehe he he he he he hehe heh-heh-heh! da joke's on you! (hehe riddle box!)
He hehe he he he he he hehe heh-heh-heh! da joke's on you! (hehe riddle box!)

Wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked clownz... hey,
I'm violent j. and I'm here, well I'm here to kick yo' ass.
We, the wicked juggalos, we juggle those who live like hoes and chose...
The express route, one way. straight down the spiral twist to the riddle box.


Hey, what's up motherfucker!
This is shaggs 2 dope congratulatin' you...
For openin' the box. the riddle box.
It looks like you received your prize. the cost?
Well the cost was your life! bitch-boy!
Ah ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha-ha ha ha ha


Tell me sir, what can you do? it looks like the joke's on you. (repeat 4x mixed w/:)

C'mon on down and turn the crank.
Let's see where your soul will spend the rest of eternity.
What's it gonna be, mister? heaven or hell?
The bonus or the bones!
Turn the crank and let's find out.
C'mon on down, mister, you don't have anything to be scared of do you, sir?
So what's gonna pop out of the mighty riddle box?
Spin the crank and let's find out. whadda ya say?
Step right up. who's first? who's brave enough
To step into their new eternal destiny?
Surely someone must be confident,
That their life wasn't totally evil.
Step right up and seal your fate.back to top
The Show Must Go On
Awwwwwwwwww, shit! yo, check it out, man, icp back in the haugh man!
Violent-j, man, 2 dope, man, wicked clownz, man. ha ha ha!

Hey, quick, hurry up, bang.
Open your mouth cause here comes my wang.
I'm violent-j, the southwest skitzo.
Born in a big top magical-majisto
Dead-body disco. rappin' to the hoochies.
Dirty old fat hoe's come up with a smoochie.
Hoochie-coochie, la la la la la.
I might pull your tongue out your mouth and try to hang ya.
It's a full moon and the riddles are calling.
Three more cards and the skies will be falling.
But don't take it from me, I'm just a clown.
Wicked clown, wicked town,
Juggalugagaluga lick it down, man up till my nuts start singing, dancing, hopping,
I'm a keep bringing riddles and tricks and dead body chicks
With the swing of my magical wand,
The show must go on.

Well, it all began when I was very young. my feelings were so excited about the carnival rides. everyone was jolly and jittery. I waited for their wackets until well after dusk. that night
Le I was sleeping, I was awoken by a glow appearing. and, looking out, I saw strange men, cursing and filthy, and there were clowns, setting up their dreary tent.

I'm 2 dope and I sport tight wranglers.
Don't say a word or I'll kick ya in the neck bitch.
Everybody 'round, make way for the clown,
In new york, in la, in southwest town.
Walked into el rays, almost got my ass kicked.
Rather just chill in the yard in my casket.
Call up the hoe's have 'em swing by the tomb,
And get a little stinky stank up in this bitch.
Killer clowns kicked out the circus.
Used to get live let the midget ladies work this.
I was a freak show, they called me the pogo.
I can make my ballsack bob like a yoyo.
Give it up! give it up!
Southwest looney tune, killed another red neck fun,
His head a looney dune, gooney boon, gooney goon,
I can hear the loons in my head as I sing my wicked song.
The show must go on.

I've never been afraid of clowns but these clowns were different. there was nothing funny about these clowns at all. the smiled, they juggled, they laughed,
But yet something was terribly, terribly, wrong. I didn't like these clowns for I could see through them, I knew what they were really like. I knew that this carnival that had come
To my village was an evil, evil thing.

Come see the show, big top show,
Walk hand in hand with the dead carnival.
Dead carney, carnies, dead juggalos.
Walk hand in hand with the dead carnival.
(end chorus)

You ask do we gang, do we bang in a gang, mang?
Do we bang-bang? I'm a gang banger, man!
I bang in a gang, mang.
You can suck my wang, mang.
Richie-boy, bitchie-boy, it's a southwest thing.
Serial murderer, southwest maniac,
Slaughterer, lunatic, highschool brainiac,
Straight a school boy, school kid
Till I went to school and tried to murder everyone, the show must go on.

Aged friends are fools, all of them. totally unaware of the evilness within the carnival. their eyes reflected stairways into hell, their faces covered in blood. I ran from the carnival gr
And yet every road and every path lead me right back to
The big tent. I had to escape from the strongman, the freak shows, and the ringmaster...

Heh heh heh heh!
Hah hah hah hah hah!

Speak ta... chicken neck?
Chicken neck.
Nobody by that name here.
What about chicken balls?
What about chicken fuckin' gizzard throat, is he there?
Look boy, you got the wrong number.

What the...? hello? !
Speak ta rednuts?
Redballs, willie redneck balls, is he there?

Lemme git dis! who in da hell is dis? !
Speak ta fatboy?
Who in da hell is dis? !
I wanna speak ta fat redneck fuckin' chickenboy! is he there?
Goddamnit! ~click~ fuckin' no good bastards!
~knock knock knock knock~
Git da damn door!
Yeah, I have a delivery for a mr. redneck fatballs.
Whut! you goddamn little!
~machinegun shots and breaking glass~
It's from the wicked clowns...back to top
Chicken Huntin' (Slaughter House Mix)
Well I'm headed down the southern trail, I'm goin' Chicken huntin'.
Choppin' red neck chicken necks I ain't sayin' nothin'
To the hillbilly, stick my barrel in his eye, boom-shaka, boom-shaka,
Hair chunks in the sky.
Why? I, never liked chicken pot pie or the chopped chicken on rye.
Tell Mr. Billy Bob I'm a cut his neck up
Slice, poke, chop-chop, stab, cut.
"What can you do with a drunken hillbilly?"
Cut his fuckin' eyes out, and feed 'em to his Aunt Nilly.
Willie, Willie Chicken neck. Chicken huntin' gotta love it.
Hit him with the 12 gauge bucket, Chicken nuggets.
Layed out all over the grass. Bet his little hound dog'll eat 'em up

Last as long as you can, my man,
Cuz when that chicken head hits the fan you got:
Blood, Guts, Fingers and Toes. (w/ echoes)
Blood, Guts, Fingers and Toes. (w/ echoes)
Blood, Guts, Fingers and Toes. (w/ echoes)
Sittin' front row at the chicken show, so...
(End prechorus)

"Who's goin' chicken huntin?"
"We's goin' chicken huntin'."
"Who's goin' chicken huntin?"
"We's goin' chicken huntin'."
"Who's goin' chicken huntin?"
"We's goin' chicken huntin'."
"Cut a motherfuckin' chicken up, "

Lemme get a chicken sandwich, with manwich, ah,
Feel the red on a Chicken neck.
Choppin up hella yeah, Billy bob Billy
Cuz I chop motherfuckin' red necks silly.
Peeped in your yard tell me what did I see?
I seen a chicken boy, fuckin' this sheep. I said,
"Mister, mister, What the fuck you tryin' to do?"
Barrels in your mouth, bullets to your head,
The back of your neck's all over the shed.
Boom-shaka-boom, chop, chop, bang,
I'm 2 Dope, and it ain't no thing
To cut a chicken, triggers clickin'
Blow off his head but his feet still kickin'


Went to Kentucky, I got lucky,
Met this hogcallin' bitch named Blocky.
Ridin' on a chicken, milkin' a sow.
Hittin' switches in a drop-top, low-ride tractor. Wow.
Red neck fella, moon-shine sella,
Hangin' by his neck bone. Chicken bone's locked in the cella',
Yella' bellied chicken plucka'. You red neck fucka!


Rich bitch!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
UH! (echo)


"Hello! How ya doin? I'm here with the Insane Clown Posse, ICP. How you
guys doin?"
"Well, uh, ok... I understand that you guys are from Detroit."
"Uh, yeah, ok. Why don't ah- Why don't you tell us something about the
"Awright, Awright... Any long term goals?"
"Sure, yeah, yeah... How 'bout ah, solo projects? Any solo stuff to look
forward to?"
"HA! ha ha-ha!"
"Well... well, ok, ok. Well, ah, thanks for coming by and, ah, we look
forward to seeing you again, uhu.
Thanks a lot! Bye-bye!"back to top
Toy Box
~winding sound~
Oohh, I like... this... toy! hmm, watch it go...
Ay! ah! ay! uh!

~rrrrrinnnng... rrrrrinnnng~
~beep beep beep!~
We're sorry, the person you are calling is dead.

I was like 6, I used to get dissed by the chicks.
And everyone would chase me and hit me with bricks,
And rocks and sticks and callin' me names.
And fill my lunchbox with frog brains. ugh!
When I left school it was much iller.
My daddy was a serial killer, and how about that,
He always made me sit in the back,
With all his dead bodies in my lap. move!
When I got home, enough of the static,
Hammer and tools and up to the attic.
Never knew any other girls or boys.
Only my toys, toys, toys.
Bang, clang, hammer and twist,
Nobody knows I exist, and I'm pissed.
But I won't be mentally scarred,
Instead I make toys, toys of the graveyard.
Monday, ring of the bell.
It's all about show and tell. might as well
Show all of these bastards just what I got.
Yo, check out my toy box.

Nothin' feels better than a good hardy-har-har. right boys and girls?

We got dead bodies everywhere you look.
All the nerds sittin' up front got cooked.
Others start screamin' and makin' a dash.
So I start handin' out toys fast at last.
You like slinkies? we got slinkies.
Only mine like to wrap around your face then stretch, twist, kazoom,
And whip your body all over the fuckin' room.
So come, one at a time. open your gift, and what you will find
Is a toy my friend, that you'll never forget.
It's not everyday that you get your skull split.
You like soldiers? we got soldiers, made with rubber and steel.
They're not real. but I wouldn't just toss 'em under yo' bed.
That's how you get a axe to the fo' head.
Oh, and don't let 'em sit around all day.
Come home and find your mom... dead in the hallway.
Cuz they can be nifty, all the toys are shifty (he-he)
In my toy box. (huh? )

Woooowie, that sure sounds like fun!

That's not a toy, hey wait a minute.
Don't fuck around, homie, you could lose an eye with it.
That's my double blade razor whip chop jimmy.
And it's mine motherfucker, so gimme gimme.
You like toys? you come to the right place.
Try my little toy mutilatin' mental case.
Wind 'em up and let him go among alla ya.
Then bang! serial slaughterer!
Your turn, reach in and get lucky.
Oh look, he pulled out a rubber ducky. (squeaka squeaka)
And it make a funny sound, then,
Then bang! blew the fingers off his fuckin' hand.
Don't stop, class ain't done yet.
I remember you callin' me pointdex', bookworm brainy,
My aggrivation went into these little creations.
Reach in. you might find somethin' wicked.
Wicked scary, chopping pickaderry.
Off with your head, a robot with a sword.
You're always lookin' at me, but what for?

Wa-wait a minute, I made you, get them not me. wait a minute,

O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh I love this record!...(repeat 5x mixed w/:)
Hahahaha, hoohoohoo! yahoo! turn it off!

Hahahaha, hoohoohoo! yahoo! turn it off! (2x)

O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh I love this record!...
O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh I love this... turn it off!

Tell me why? why do you feel that you should still be together with
Sure. cccc'mon man, our relationship ain't all weak and shit. ya know i
Mean-i mean just because she's
Dead we should just break up or somethin'? fuck that!
Tommy, tommy, tommy, listen to me, she's dead man. you gotta move on.
So what! so she's dead. does that make you fresher than her?
I didn't say that.
I don't think so! so she don't talk as much... and she really don't move
Around a lot. she's still fresh! she's
Still fun to be around! heheh-heheh. you're just predjudice!
You're predjudiced against dead people.
Aw man, you really are one sick bastard, tommy.
Yeah? fukoof!
What the fuck is that? what does that mean?
It means fukoof!
Man, you fuckin' lost it.
Yeah? fukoof!back to top
[Music playing in car]
[Guys Talking]
[Car Crashes]
Voice: Welcome Sir!
Guy: Where the fuck am I? Wh Where am I?
Voice: It's not Where you're at! It's where you're going and you won't know until you
Turn The Crank.
Voices: Turn the crank. Turn the Crank.
[Music sounds as crank is turned]
Guy: umm....
[Trap door opens]
Voice: Ha ha haha aha haha haha ha haha hahaha hoohoo hoo hoohoo ha ha ha hahaha ha ha ha-Alright
who's next?back to top
Cemetery Girl
Tonight, tonight, we gather the dead!
Tonight, tonight!
Tonight, tonight, off with your head! ya! hahahahahaha!

Ya know I cuts pigs up. (repeat 7x)
I know I can handle them mugs!

She was ugly, long hair, short, nice figure though.
So at the funeral it made me cry out why'd you die?
I cannot, i-i couldn't sleep with not a wink.
I only think about my lady, I miss my baby!
I need her by my side to hold me, to squeeze me,
I still have pictures, but all they do is tease me.
I see my therapist, she only tells me I'm in trouble.
I want my baby back, so now I pack a shovel!
And while I'm thinking it's awfully dark and kinda funny.
Don't think to fast though, just dig, things could get bloody.
I watch my baby, I hit the top of baby's coffin.
I'm thinkin' well she's better off inside if she died.
Nah, she needs me. I can tell my baby wants me.
'cuz every night at 2:15, my baby haunts me.
I pry it open, the odor hits me. there she is.
I lean down to give her a kiss,

Because I need a
Girl that make me happy, a girl that make me cry,
A girl that passed away back in 1985.
A girl I plan to marry, a girl I plan to wed,
A girl that I can choke because my baby is already dead.
(end prechorus)

Cemetery lady, my cemetery girl,
Cemetery baby, I want you in my world.
Cemetery woman, we can still be down,
You're more than just a corpse to a psychopathic clown.
(end chorus)

Fuck, yeah mutha fucka!
I don't want no stuck up little sassy brassy bitch,
Ya understand?
I want me a cold stanky bitch!
So bring it on dead momma!

She's as ugly as always, my baby hasn't changed.
Except for the hole that's in her forhead,
You can see her brains.
Nevertheless, our love is still forever true.
Her eyes have riven, her skin has now a tint of blue.
My baby stares me in dirty and wrinkled clothes.
And now I notice, the maggots chewed off all her toes.
The earth has been rather cruel to my darling sugar.
Is that a bug up on her face? oh, it's just a booger.
I lean her head back, to kiss her cracking lips.
And then her neck cracks, also does her hips.
I must be gentle, my baby girl's a little rusty,
A little dusty, but most of all a little musty.
I don't get smart, we lay together on the lawn.
We lay till dawn, I notice her left eye is gone.
We said goodbye, and everything turned out alright.
I'll see you here tomorrow night.


Check it out, bitch!
You ain't gettin' no stink stank!
Get yo' ass an stop on da dick you want wit' dat ~chough cough~.
Them clammy graveyard bitches, they dowwnn wit' da clowwnn!

Ya know I catch pigs up. (repeat 7x)
I know I can handle them mugs!


A girl that make me happy, (3x)
Oh-woo oo. oh-woo oo.back to top
3 Rings
"Is this on?"

"Gather round my wealthy friends
And endure the horrifying sights
Only your worst nightmares can produce
Actual human beings of a deformed nature
Come at once
And come and enduldge yourself
In our own twisted amusement of
Another's misfortune
Yes, ladies and gentlemen
Enter our three ring show of freaks"

[Violent J]
Ring one, a dung a dung dung
My name's Violent J and I staple my tongue
To the desk in school then I run down the hall
Scaring the shit out of all y'all bitches
Which is why you don't invite mine to your parties
Just cause I don't look like everybody
I guess they're bunch of richboys, bitchboys
Scary, bula!
And what's the big deal about my neck
Just because now and then I like to let it stretch
Up a couple feet to get a better sight
Is that any reason to scream and run in fright
No, so, now how ya gonna act?
So what if I got another arm growing out of my back
I guess I'm just another freak show thing
And now they got me in the three ri-ii-ii-ing

[Chorus (2x)]
Three ring a ding a ding ding
People love to point and stare
Three ring a ding a ding ding
It's the same as everywhere

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Ring two, how do you do?
I'm Shaggy 2 Dope, chicken-faced bitch, who?
You don't try to front ho
Try to play me out just cause I'm running with the sideshow
Or maybe it's the leg growing out my neck
But don't jet baby, heh, not yet
I'm popping in like a pound of lead
Black n blue, his next roll and drop me on my head
Oh shit, I knew I had to fuck up my circuits
Cuz when I was two my momma left me at the circus
Abandoned at the carnival with the freak shows
Like bad boys, hermaphrodites and old man crow
But then I escaped to the ghetto zone
Started a crew of my own, motherfucker, I'm not alone
So don't be stickin your finger in my face stank
Or your stomach might receive a shank from the...

[Chorus (2x)]

"I certainly hope your enjoy yourselves
Here at our three ring exhibit
But to be honest I really don't see
What's so fucking funny about it
These fucking people are real!"

[Violent J]
Ring three, the ICP
Look if you want but I wouldn't lay a hand on me
That's how you get fucked up
We'll squeeze your windpipe shut
Yo, I'm a nerd word, I drink from the bird
Have Snake woman kick my love to the curb
She busted into my tent, now I'm fucked
Had the fat bearded lady in the buck, uh
Fuck that, bitch, suck that
I was born with a wang but I never had a nut sac
Just two balls hanging with no protection so
I move real careful and slow
You can call me a weirdo, call me a freak
Call me Don Knots cuz I'm getting on it every week, uh
So come see the carnival and threw me your change, bitch
I chill with the three rings


"Well, that's it
I hope you're satisfied
I hope you had a good time
You fucking heartless bastards
You saw what you wanted
So grab your fucking kids
And that fat flop of shit wife of yours
And get the fuck out of our circus tent
You cold-hearted sons of bitches
You think they look fucked up
Just wait till I kick your
Fucking lips in a couple times
You'll be sittin up here like a bitch
And we'll laughing at your folded ass
They'll call you lumpy
After I done put knots
All over your fuckin forehead
Yeah, hey, hey little boy, come here
How'd you like it if I tied your neck in a knot
You fucking little bitch
Come here, I'll shove that
Fucking corn dog up your ass
Get the fuck out of here
Show's fucking over
Get the fuck out of here
You fucking heartless bastards"back to top
Headless Boogie
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na (4x)

It's friday night, dark, scary,
Lonely walkin' through the park cemetery.
And it's foggy, cold and smoggy.
I hear a dog, a howlin' doggie.
I'm scared, shoulda brought a shotgun
Would've, should've, but I ain't got one.
But I'll watch my back, and what's that?
The caretaker, a dirty old hunchback.
Better run, hide, quick, fast,
He's comin' for my ass wit a- shovel.
Nowhere to run or to hide but a gravepit,
So I dove in, I did the dumb shit.
Took a fall, even at 6 foot.
Down the stairs hit a floor,
And through a door.
Into a whole new world of stiffs,
Bodies, heads, and sexy little dead chicks.
Club lights, sounds, bass.
Dj's spinnin' with maggots on their face.
But what I saw next that really took me.
Uhh! they did the headless boogie!

Hey, yo! I heard that ya died. (la la)
Fuck that! it's time to get live! (la la)
Dead bodies let's all take a ride!
Lead to the left and slide! (the headless boogie)

Hey, yo! I heard that ya died. (la la)
Fuck that! it's time to get live! (la la)
Dead bodies let's all take a ride!
Lead to the left and sliiide!
(end chorus)

Awwww yeah!
We dug up the finest bitches in the graveyard.
So c'mon down!
And if you ain't come to get your funk out,
Then get the fuck out, bitch!

They all stand straight, and swing to the side. (uh!)
No heads, but they feet still glide. (uh-huh!)
Take a step back, twist and dive. (yeah!)
I even seen kurt cobain gettin' live!
No heads, but they all funky!
And drunk, drinkin' old spunky!
Don't be shy, everyone's able.
Hit the floor leave your nugget on the table.
And kick step, but when you do kick soft,
If they're dead, your legs might fall off.
The whole time, I can't belive, I can't concieve,
I don't wanna... leave.
I'm kickin' into a freak with no head.
No face but the rest is straight.
She's wit it, I hit it like a... g.
Her back fell off.... ugh! excuse me.
Zombies, mummies, and frankenstein.
Drinkin' cisco disco dead wine.
Dead stiffs, comin' through the door.
Heads, fingers, and limbs on the floor.
I'm gettin' drunk, I wanna be down.
What's up? I wanna be the headless clown! (heh hehehehe!)
They rolled out the jigsaw and got raw.
That ended it all, I did the headless boogie.


Hey yo! fuck that voodoo claw shit, bitch!
You comin' freakin with the real dead juggalos.
So come on by, and we'll chop your nugget off
So you can freak that shiiit!

(chorus w/fade out at end)
~j talking to shaggs~back to top
The Joker's Wild
"Welcome to another exciting episode of Del Ray's number one
game show, The Joker's Wild! Shaggy, tell us something about
tonight's contestants."

"Hey, motherfuckers
Get ready for the killer show of this bitch
We gotta cop, we gotta judge, and we gotta redneck
So step the fuck up and play the Joker's Wild!"

[Violent J]
Everybody smile
Guess who's back on your underground dial (who?)
It's the game show host with the most (Violent J)
And tonight we finna have a little pig roast
Cop copper, it's been a long while
Lace up your boots and come on down the aisle
Mr. Pig-Man packing that steel
But tonight, you ain't shit, now spin the fuckin wheel
Looks good, nice try
Now let's see just how ya gonna die?
Lucky, lucky, he landed on Carpenter Jed
He just pounds nails in your forehead
The pig got lucky that time
But let's take a look who's next down the line
Oh, the 43rd District judge
Hey pal, remember me
You threw me in jail
Take a spin or I'll snap your neck
The clicker's landed, let me check
The Jokey, hey it ain't bad at all
We just cut your face off and slap your skull
Who's next for the games and fun?
Hillbilly Earl, come on down, run
The redneck that sicked his dog on me
Now that's gonna cost you a spin, buddy
Spin around and around it goes
Staple your lips shut, cut off your toes
Then I throw your corpse on top of the pile
Anything goes on the Joker's Wild

"Tell me who killed 17 people and later ate their dead bodies?"
"Jeffrey Dahmer."
"No, the correct answer would be your mother. Shaggs?"

"Aww, shit, motherfuckers
Get ready for round two of this bitch
So, if you want your fucking neckbone chopped
Step the fuck up and play the Joker's Wild!"

[Violent J]
You like big money and prizes, don't ya
You'd probably kill for a big prize, won't ya
Ya little bitch, it's your turn to spin
Free money, now spin again
Oh goody, the unzip your drawers
I'm finna clip this chain on your balls
Raise ya upside down for the bang bada
Now we bust your head like a pinata (hey!)
The audience loves that shit
Listen to em cheer when your forehead splits
Wait! Cut to a break, oh shit, d-damn ah
We got guts on the camera

"The Joker's Wild is brought to you by...Faygo
"Send your momma straight up to the store, tell that bitch to bring home a

[Violent J]
Welcome back to the Carnival Show
Here's your chance for the big money cash flow
Hit your buzzer, pull your lever
Joker, joker, lemon, we sever your head
Pick a door, one, two, or three
It's the same behind every door, me
There's no escape, now gimme that bald head
The crowd can't help, look, they're all dead
At home they just watching your doom
We broadcast from hell to your living room
I ripped off his knuckle, wicked clown style
Anything goes on the Joker's Wild

"It's time to play hit or miss. Contestant number one, open your
mouth. Contestant number two, get ready. Will he hit or miss....
HE HIT! What's next?"

"We got money, we got cash, we got prizes
We got blood, we got guts
We got naked dead bitches on the Joker's Wild"

[Violent J]
I got my yellow suit and my purple tie
Somebody's gonna die, oh my
It's Mr. Thompson, my next door neighbor
Always bitchin, yellin from the kitchen
Window, see he died and he went to hell though
We meet again, I got my own game show
Spin the wheel, cuz I just can't fuck around
Oh shit, the end of the game
Bonus round, we goin' out with a bang
You gotta chance for money and prizes
You gotta chance at death, too hahah
So get ready, I'm coming at'cha fast
Your chance for freedom at last
Four questions, so are you ready, Jack?
"Uh, I think so", load the gat

"The governer?"
"Eats butt."
"Yes. The square root of two?"
"Correct. Nutsacs don't belong in?"
"Butt cracks"
"Right. Richboys eat?"
"No, the correct answer's bullets." [gunshots]

"Oh geez, this is Bink Chipperwink saying so long till next week folks
See ya later, goodbye"

"That's it, go home (aww!)"back to top
Dead Body Man
Ladies and gentlemen
I present to you, the terror wheel
The most horrifying, terrifying
Mystifying ride available to the dead
Gather round my dead friends
And witness the bizarre, horrid dictales
As told to you by your favorite
Serial killer clown slaughterers
The icp! (yay!!!)
So who will be brave enough to step into this ride?
Just follow the trail of blood into the red tent
There, your host willa b. rags, will strap you in
And you shal experience, the wheel!
So gather and watch, look and learn
The ways of the terror wheel
Oh, look, there goes one now
He's walking in, good luck fella
There he goes, they're locking him into the case

Greetings, I'm willa b. rags
Prepare for your first stop, the dead body man!

Dead bodies, dead bodies all over the street
Fifty-five, sixty-five bodies at least
I hang with the stiffs till the break of dawn
I'm always finding bodies when I'm mowing the lawn
Drag em in the house, throw em in the oven
Wicked clown lovin that dead body gloven
Tastes like chicken finger lickin deep fried
I ate a dead body, but don't tell, I lied
I just ate my first dead body last week
Still gots the finger nail caught in my teeth
Before you start yelling and cursing my name
Remember something's wrong with my brain, insane
Second I was born, doctor threw me 'gainst the wall
Kicked open the door and he whipped me down the hall
I'm sliding and I'm bouncing off shit like a hockey puck
And my mother's like what the fuck? !
He said I was born of an alien race
Born with a hatchet and a juggalo face
But I'm not a martian, you wouldn't understand
I'm just the dead body man

We got bodies, dead bodies
We got fat ones, skinny ones
Males, females, hermaphrodites
We got somebodies, we got nobodies
Bodies, bodies, bodies, woo!

Dead bodies, dead bodies in the back of my van
All the little kiddies love the dead body man
I drive through my neighborhood ringing my bell
Some people run cuz they don't like the smell
Others line up just as quick as they can
To try and catch a glimpse of the dead body man
It's all good, if you can stand the funk, but ah
Just don't look in the trunk
I drive down central kickin the bass
Chillin with my freaks and I'm picked her face
Maggots and bugs like to crawl on her head
Cuz my bitch is dead, I'd rather that instead
Than a ho you can't trust, always diggin a nut
A dead body bitch learns to keep her mouth shut
Riding in the back is my dead body crew
Only they can never think of nothing to do
If you think I'm sick take a look at yourself
You got dead deer heads up on your shelf
On your key chain is a little baby rabbit's hand
I'm just the dead body man

We also collect dead bodies
So, if you know any dead people
Or you yourself are planning on dying soon
We'll be happy to come to your house
And pay cash for it
We appreciate good healthy stiff
For our dinner

Call me the dead body man (some one give em to me)
Call me the dead body man (just sell em to me)
Call me the dead body man (you can mail em to me)
Call me the dead body man (br-bring em to me)
Call me the dead body man (won't ya give em to me)
Call me the dead body man (you can sell em to me)
Call me the dead body man (just mail em to me)
Call me the dead body man (br-bring em to me)
Call me the dead body man (you can give em to me)
Call me the dead body man (you can sell em to me)
Call me the dead body man (won't ya mail em to me)
Call me the dead body man (you can bring em to me)
Call me the dead body man, call me the dead body manback to top
Ol' Evil Eye
Start tha movie.

I loved the old man. he had never wronged me. he had never given me
Insult. for his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye. yes, it was this. one
Of his eyes resembled that of a vulture. a pale, blue eye with a film over it.
Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold. and so, by degrees, very gradually, I made up my mind to take the life of the old man and thus rid myself of the eye forever.

So I'm headed door to door
With my grandmother's cookie jar.
I'm sellin' cookies, 12 for a dollar.
I ring the doorbell, nobody wants any.
I resort to goin' cheaper - 2 for a penny.
Anybody, everybody, they hate me.
I can tell when they spit and degrade me.
There's only one house left, the last on the block.
Old man willie on the hilltop.
I ring the doorbel, the door creeps open.
And there it was starin' and scopin'.
The man's left eye, red, big, and drippin'
I was trippin'. ahh, seeya!
I ran home. I couldn't stop thinking
About his eyeball winking and blinking.
And it looked not a damn thing like the other. ugh!
Shoulda wore a patch on the motherfucker.
It hypnotized me, mesmorized me.
Traumatized, paralyzed, terrorized me.
Creepers, where'd you get that ball?
And tell me how it even fits in your skull.

I want a big long knife to stick it in.
I wanna lift up the eyelid and kick it in.
He's gotta die. I want his eye buried in my backyard.
It ain't hard, I'm killin' old evil eye!
(end prechorus)

Evil eye...
Oh-oh-eye (the bitch gon' die! die-die-die-die-die-die-die)
Evil eye...
(end chorus)

Now this is the point. you fancy me mad. madmen know nothing. but you
Should've seen me. you should have seen how wisely I proceeded with
Caution with
Foresight, with what patience I went to work. I was never kinder to the
Old man
During the whole week before I killed him.

A day gone pass since I heard about j.o.
Met up in this sleigh, cuz I don't fuckin' play.
Anyway, I gotta do him in. got a rusty revolver
Put the silver bullets in.
I'm plannin' on playin' one right to his nugget.
Down my drawers with the bucket.
It's time to go, fuck it.
I stuck it up... to his neck when he came to the door.
I really didn't know what I was in for.
First the cold man stared, no a gaze, no a stare.
Kinda like there was no one there.
How weird, my body froze with the blink of his eye.
Evil eye, sendin' chills up my spine.
What to do? what to do? I gotta try to break.
I gotta try to make.. my way to the gate.
Wait. I can't move, I'm stuck to the ground.
W-what the fuck was that? I think I heard a sound,
Turned around, there it was, starin' at my face.
This little old man's eye's a make me a mental case.
That's when I felt the pain deep inside,
Deep inside, now his eye's open wide.


That night it ceased. the old man was dead. I placed my hands on the
Heart and there for many minutes there was no pulsation. he was stone dead. his eye
Will trouble me no longer. his eye will trouble me no longer.

(chorus)back to top
Awake..... awaake.....awaaaake.... aaah...revenge is mine. twelve people will
Die tonight....

Now I've woken, been reborn
Though I have just until dawn
I remember every face
Spirits show me every place
First one sleeps inside his bed
Place my fingers on his head
To each temple, push and smother
Till my fingers tough each other

Next one makes love to his wife
Only wish to take his life
For his family's done no wrong
Place his children on the lawn
Tell the mrs. leave the room
Less she wish to witness doom
Grab the squirmy, filthy goat
And shove the dresser down his throat

I must quickly use my gift
Next to work the midnight shift
Drinking coffee in the back
I will listen to them chat
Hear them speaking of my death
Hear the laughter in their breath
But the laughter quickly died
When their heads collide

You're gonna die (x16)

Now my anger's growing worse
Next one's working as a nurse
Have to make a doctor's call
Drag my body down the hall
Grab a scalpel and a blade
Time to play the nurse's aid
Operate, then strap her down
Carve her face into a clown

Killed another, then three more
Now we're down to only four
This man drives a taxi cab
Nother wicked life to grab
Screaming that he thought I'd died
Let's go for a taxi ride
In the wreck of twisted steel
The steering wheel becomes his meal

This man watches his tv
Scanning channels endlessly
Stops at station 44
It's the wicked clown show
Watch me juggle, watch me dance
In 3d watch me enhance
Watch me crawl out from the screen
And squeeze your neck until you're green

You're gonna die (x16)

(time time time time time time time time)

Even though there's just one left
I feel my bones becoming stiff
And now I wander endlessly
The spirits have abandoned me
My limbs are falling piece by piece
My ears and fingers in the street
But still you see no morning sun
And here's my victim's early run
Quickly grab him from behind
Round his neck with fishing twine
Keep him still and pull the string
Watch his head go bobbling

Listen to my riddle song
Even though my crime was wrong -
Murder me just for your law
And I'll be back for all a y'all
You're gonna die (x6)
And I'll be back for all a y'all
You're gonna die (x6)
And I'll be back for all a y'all
You're gonna die (x6)
(repeated)back to top
The Killing Fields
Laying in my bed, I think of many horror tales.
Yet I better move, my bed is made of nails.
I try to roll off, my skin slowly tears away.
My flesh is stuck to the bed as I begin my day.
Walking out the house this morning, the sky is red.
The streets are crowded with the bodies of the living dead.
They're tryin' a die, they're jumping off a roof tops.
They only scream in pain as their body flops.
I rather stay inside my home and only pray to die.
But my house has been on fire since like `85.
I can only stand a night of the fatal smoke.
But see you never die, you only burn and choke.
And so I leave out the house, and walk the land.
Wild pigs run and feed off the dying men.
And look around you, there's bodies hanging from the trees,
But they're not dying, they're only crying, please!
I hear the thunder in the sky so I run and hide.
The deli raymay soon come down, you've got to get inside.
The lunatics see the lightning, they're screaming, yes!
It's raining blood, the streets are a bloody mess.
About once or twice a week, though, with thunderstorms.
That's when giant, heavy, red and black clouds form.
It's raining blood, kidneys, and livers from the sky.
Prepare, cuz when you die, you're coming to the killing fields.

(come, come on down, down.)
What shall they be? what shall they be? when that fine moment comes.
(come, come on down, down.)
When the curtains are drawn, the windows are shut, doors closed, and
What you've written, you've said it, that's it! (coming to the killing
(come, come on down, down.)
What will they all be? what about it mister, when you've had you're last

(come, come on down, down.)
You've laughed at you're family and laughed at you're little wife. she
Begs you
Not to go
Out to that bar.
(end chorus)

As I feed off a dead pig, I'm thinking back.
To when I had a heartbeat, and how I would act.
I would steal from the poor. I'd laugh at the sick.
But in the killing fields, you'd get your fucking neck ripped!
So as I walk along I meet a lot of strange folks.
Some people with no eyes, and gashed open throats.
And if they notice your eyeballs are working well,
The try ta dig them out your skull, and go for self.
Now in the summertime, it's like a whole other realm.
Water becomes fire, and oceans overwhelm.
To walk outside, the heat will surely cook your brains
Try to run across the street, your hair will burst ta flames.
Victims in a panic run from the heat and light,
Underneath the city, into the sewer pipes.
Until the fire's gone this becomes your new land.
But, there's no food so you feed off the other men.
And now it's been seven months, I'm barely fed.
I chase a baby billy goat with a human's head.
It's steady screamin' lemme be, lemme be!
But while I chase it there's another demon chasin' me.
All of time moves backwards, I'm growing old.
And still the clouds are burning fire, and so I'm told
That there's a lot of living souls such as the rich,
That choose to live like a bitch.
See you in the killing fields!

(come, come on down, down.)
Youve had your big time in lust, sin, and filth!
(come, come on down, down.)
What is it going to be when you realize the time is up? you've crossed
Finish line!
Going in the wrong direction. (I'll see you in the killing fields)
(come, come on down, down.)
What shall they all be? what about it gentlemen? when you've spent your
In a few
Years' time?
(come, come on down, down.)
Your a burned up shell at 25 years of age. what shall they all be? what
About it?
(end chorus)

You can go to hell hell hell hell hell
What shall they all be?
(repeat 5x)

Come, come on down, down.
Come, come on down, down. (you're coming to the killing fields!) (w/
Come, come on down, down.
Come, come on down, down.
(repeat w/ fade out)back to top
I'm Coming Home
I lived my life in the gutter! and this gutter is who I am!
Take me back home to my gutter, and that's where I won't ever leave

Hey! I'm comin' home, home to the criminals and crooks,
Home to the gangbangers shootin' dirty looks.
Home to the killer cops beatin' down my ass,
Home to my `72 vallary prayin' it will last.
Past all the rich bitches try'na play me out.
Doggin' on my neighborhood, don't know what it's about.
So now I'm clockin' nuggets, never hangin' with the rich.
I'd rather hang out with the crookeds at the party store, bitch!
Gimme coney, dawg, with a little smog,
Cuz it tastes better than the poisonous fog.
Seen it from the sewers in my slummy neighborhood.
But the ghetto got love and the love is all good
So I don't give a fuck about your mansion by the lake.
You can suck my dingaling until your neck breaks.
Cuz all I wanna do is hang with the zombies in the zone.
Break out with the faygo. I'm comin' home.

Home to the creatures, home to the crooks,
Home to the fools readin' witchcraft books,
Home to the monsters roamin' the land,
I wanna come home but ya don't understand.

Bitch, I'm comin home, and I'm not alone.
Jokers and freaks and the dead body bones.
Every single thing that ya never wanna see,
Add it all together and ya got me!
Ah, nobody give a fuck about your punk ass rules.
Keystone coppers and your hypocrite schools.
I'd much rather lay around the streets and the gutter,
And make dirty phone calls to your rich mother.
Put up last midnight and I'm wakin' up the dead.
And we playin' kickball with sombody's head.
We go skinny-dippin' in the barrels of toxic waste,
After that, I pour myself a little taste.
So tell your mother that she's nothin' but a fat bitch,
And all my homies don't care if the hoe's rich.
Somebody out here, please let me know if there's a phone,
I need to call my mother, and tell her I'm comin' home.


I'm comin' home. chicken, chicken bone.
Sugar plumb wishes and ice cream cones.
All these fake people sayin' hi to one another.
Then they sit around and talk shit about each other.
Watering the grass, diggin' in they ass,
Try'na make sure they didn't lose any cash.
Workin' hard all you life, and now you're finally rich.
But look at you, you're just another whack bitch! heh.
Call in the slum, that's where the bums,
Murderers, and slaughterers. so that's what I become.
Spare a little change, cuz I just ran outta gas,
Reach for your quarter and I'll stick your fuckin' ass.
Nobody wants to be around the ghetto breed.
The ghetto got each other, and that's all we really need.
So what the fuck I'm doin' down here? I got a land of my own,
Hey, yo, dawg, fuck it, we goin' home.

(group chorus)
(group chorus)
(group chorus w/ fade out)
(group chorus w/ fade out)back to top
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