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INXS lyrics

Album: Shabooh Shoobah [1982]

 01  The One Thing
 02  To Look At You
 03  Spy Of Love
 04  Soul Mistake
 05  Here Comes
 06  Black And White
 07  Golden Playpen
 08  Jan's Song
 09  Old World New World
 10  Don't Change
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The One Thing
Well you know just what you do to me
The way you move soft and slippery
Cut the night just like a razor
Rarely talk and that's the danger

It's the one thing
You are my thing

You know your voice is a love song
It's a catcall from the past
There's no ice in your lover's walk
You don't look twice 'cause you move so fast

You've got a dozen men behind you
You've got dead flowers on the floor
You're too pretty in the daylight
It keeps them coming back for moreback to top
To Look At You
What is the name to call
For a different kind of girl
Who knows the feelings
But never the words

To look at you
And never speak
Is so good
For me tonight

Who do you ask when there's no one left to turn to
You ask me and I'll always try to hear
Past money and colours and make believe
Good cheap values for a thrifty clown

What do you fear in the simple still of a summer's night
I understand I sympathize for a daydream
Fairytales and I love you

What is the name to call
For a different kind of girl
Who knows the feelings
And never the words
To this
Real life documentaryback to top
Spy Of Love
Have you noticed to this day
How many times we've prayed and played
Lifting lovers up and down
It gets around in this old town

Sleight of hand and sleight of mouth
A dirty trick to catch me out
I don't mind but what I say
Use that magic for better days

Standing above this moment
Listening to all I say
The spy of love will track me
Will catch me

Through the window I see a face
That dirty face that speaks with sorrow
You listen to the walls for clues
Stand in shadows protecting youback to top
Soul Mistake
Promises are carved out of lust
With a fire in the heart
That burns with no regret
I vow to play the part

In this a meeting of the soul
My feelings are unknown
I learn with no regret
I'm getting what I get

Feel some pain though I'm miles away
And ring to let you know
Are you seeing someone
I'd better let you go

She said this was a lesson in love
She said this was a love to end all loves
This soul never listens to me
This soul has a lot to learn

Honesty eludes one and all
Like some gypsy's search for gold
He's dreaming all the time
But the gold is hard to find

Made a mistake with myself
My lover couldn't lie
She told me of the things
That made her cry inside

Having the dreams of some gypsyback to top
Here Comes
Here comes the rationalization
Here comes the song I know
There's a change of weather coming
There's a change in me and you

I found some questions to the answers
The dancing flames of romances

Freedom is intoxicating
It's a lizard in your hand
Don't you worry about the future
I need some in my plan

Here comes my kamikaze
Here comes God's top ten
Nothing to be done to stop it
Nothing to get in its wayback to top
Black And White
Could be clear
Black and white
Make a decision

Got a need inside and I don't know why
It's a strong feeling that grows and grows

One day my life is out the door
Next day you show me what it's for
One day I think I know myself
Next day you leave me on the shelf

New moment
Goes like this
Never forbidden

There's nothing to stop
The thief of time
Stealing the hours that keep you away

It rushes through my veins
Straight to my head
My mind is a planet
For you to roam

This is only just the start
It's the beginning

In this house I call home
Living togetherback to top
Golden Playpen
I'm drunk
Can't see my glass
Not worried
Chair dancing man

Tossed out of the golden playpen
Beating the drum of pain and pleasure

You see the street ahead
Just keep walking down it
Look straight ahead

Night club ice cubes crackin'
The money's gone
Don't have a cent

Sex talks
Eats you alive
We go making friends
'Til we're satisfiedback to top
Jan's Song
There's Jan calling from the rooftops
She says she wants to world to hear
Her peoples needs their basic rights

She shouts I'll make you understand
What it is we're striving for
A better deal across this land

She puts her hat on
Looks in the mirror
Says to herself
You've nothing to fear

Her friends won't argue
Her friends don't care
Now is the moment to get out of here

Jan's friends they're marching in the streets
The anger in their hearts
Provides a steady beat
On an on an on an on

Noble word to me
Our democracy
Noble words to meback to top
Old World New World
Natives wearing turquoise and silver
Dirty dogs barking in the distance
People of a thousand tongues
I'm learning the primitive rights
I'm doing as the Romans do

Mt. Kalais to Mt. Everest
Then down to the river Ganges
To follow your mighty past
We're learning the primitive rights
We're doing as the Romans do

Old world
New world
I know nothing
But I'll keep listening

Cities tumble into the ocean
Cities getting built in the sky
Now we're talking digital
We're learning the primitive rights
We're doing as the romans do

Millions playing at monopoly
Rolling the dice of their life
I'm dancing and shaking hands
We're learning the primitive rights
We're doing as the Romans do

I know nothing
Grow old look wise
Never knowing 'til I die
But I'll keep listening
I'll keep listening

Atman of Vedies
Sun Ra
The Great Dream Timeback to top
Don't Change
I'm standing here on the ground
The sky above won't fall down
See no evil in all directions
Resolution of happiness
Things have been dark for too long

Don't change for you
Don't change a thing for me

I found a love I had lost
It was gone for too long
Hear no evil in all directions
Execution of bitterness
Message received loud and clear

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