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Isengard (Sweden) lyrics

Album: Atomic Winter [1992]

 01  Atomic Winter
 02  Fighting to be free
 03  Caught by fire
 04  Winds of Odin
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Atomic Winter
There is no time tomorrow
Now the end is near
You can hear them cry and the winds of fear

The morning light is sorrow
Filled with death and pain
You can see the clouds of acid rain

Everyboby fights for their lives
The light is gone, it will forever be winter

Atomic winter
You don't have the time for another prayer
Atomic winter
Because the angel will come and get you soon

There is no life tomorrow
It is the end you see
All our time is gone for you and me

The day has turned to dawn
Now the night is hear
All the people cry a single tearback to top
Fighting to be free
Turn the night into day
The dark will be gone
But the lies will all stay

Oh no matter how your turning
The tides of war
In theese days

Confusion rules
Lost in a haze
Oh it really makes me wonder

Hearts full of pain
Tears make heavy rain
Look out
You may drown

Searching for the key
And sometimes it's so hard to be
We sail along the sea
And we are fighting to be free

If today is the end
Noone would laugh
Nor comprehend

Oh Mother Earth I love you
There's something wrong
Please help us find the light

With strong true faith
We'll gain control
Oh I hope you hear our prayersback to top
Caught by fire
There is no reason for my mind
To try to find the flames that died
Walk like a loner in the night
Trying to find you

How can i dream this vision
When I must seek my mission
What can you hide from in my mind

Why can't I hold your fire
When it is burning higher
Why do I fear the heat inside

Every night I'm trapped by eternal fire
Can't you see what you do to me

Caught by fire
When I see your angel eyes
Caught by fire
You make me hypnotized
Caught by fire
When you touch me with desire
Caught by fire
You make me realize

Why can't you try to ride the wind
Or live your life in darkest sin
Hide like a devil in disguise
Never to find you

If I can feel your breathing
Couldn't you stop this feeling
Lost in my mind, you wont be found

Why can't you see I'm hurting
Can't you forget your searching
Fading away, you can not stayback to top
Winds of Odin
He was young and strong
And he sailed over the sea's
To fight and die for glory
A son of gods he'll be

To live his life forever
In harmony
To fight with Thor together
With destiny

Fly away, on the winds of Odin
Rise from your grave
Let the winds of Odin
Take you away

Growing fate
Will follow in his steps
From the red horizon
The raven's spread their wings

Believing in the power
Of reality
In solitude his soul will grief

Sound of wings
Will whisper through the mist
The dawn will guide the morning
Through all eternity

Runes of ancient memories
Of times that past
The light upon their banners
Will always last

Fly away, on the winds of Odin
Rise fromyour grave
Let the winds of Odin
Reach for the sky
A distant flame appears
The ranens eye
Will let the winds of Odin
Take you awayback to top
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