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Isengard (Sweden) lyrics

Album: Enter The Dragon Empire [1996]

 01  Mirror of sadness
 02  Under the dragon's wing
 03  Within her heart
 04  Perish in flames
 05  Forest of illusion
 06  The cold dream
 07  Never feel no fear
 08  Final journey
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Mirror of sadness
The whole world can be captured
In the wizards eyes
Look into the crystal
Truth is fast passing by

The world is turning faster
Times not here to stay
Questions, burning fires
To die, to dream, to fade away

Tears on the floor
A mirror of sadness
Reflecting the coldness of the world

The people they were dying
Imprisoned - there were lies
Spreading like diseases
Noone cared or questioned why

Now the world is turning faster
And times not here to stay
A quest for lost fires
To die, to dream, to find a wayback to top
Under the dragon's wing
From the depth of the fire
From beyond the oceans
They were born to darkness
In the mountains that speak

Silence is broken
By wings of steel
Hear ancient evil
Echo through the night

Under the dragon's wing

See the dragon's rising
To a sheltering sky
See the clouds in the distance
Burst into flames

Eyes in the dark
Seeking the fear
Ice of the dawn
Dragons they are near

Under the dragon's wing

Where angels dare to tread you'll find them
When destiny has fled behind themback to top
Within her heart
There's a silent scream
A broken dream
She believed in lots of things
No more she will believe

There's a frozen tear
Warmth's disappered
Before her very eyes
No more tears she will cry

One more cloudy day
Not much to say
A sadness in the air
No more smiles she will share

Have to leave this place
The darkest haze
Is surrounding all her thought
She's closing the door

You can hesr her screaming
You can hear her calls
Within her heart there's feelings
And there's lots of more

Now it's time to see
Time to hear
Progression that we've done
And the things that we've become

Start another fight
A hopeless sight
Is this what we have learned
Is this what the earth has earned

She's not weak
But her strength has limitations
God let her see the light
No man knows her destination
Her face is pale, pale white
And while the sky's crying for her
We're all crying for her
Too late - her fate
She's dead and goneback to top
Perish in flames
Trying to live, refusing to die
Must gather your strength, must reach the skies
Your own world is gone, lost in a time
The land that you knew, is left far behind

But a loss of a friend, in this world
For sure will make you cry
Dry your tears and carry on
With powers of the gods

They are near
The dragonships are near
They are near
The dragonships are hear
You can see the glory, you can see the pain
You'll trust in no one, you are the one to remain
You can see the glory, you can hear the waves
You'll trust in no one, you will perish in flames

To tame a land - a mighty mission
Delivering the fear
Free man fighting, locked in prison
The ships are coming near

Say your prayer, prepare to attack
Our dragonships are here
Feel the thunder, the sky's all black
We're delivering the fearback to top
Forest of illusion
Deep in the forest, in a spreading place
The land that you know from childhood
It's lost, it's lost, it's lost in a haze

See your illusion, in the mirror sea
It's your reflection showing
It's your Odyssey

Silhouettes of creatures, movin' around
The wind just keep blowing stronger
With it's terrifying sound

Where shall you turn, in this darker world
The way that you conquer
Seems so wrong

Can't belive your eyes - for what you see
Can't belive your eyes - for what it will be

Searching your way out
The truth is lying there, next to you
You're searching for hours, searching for days
Now there can't be much more ways
You're tumbling on in the forest of illusion
I see you tumbling on in the forest of illusion

Down to the valley, through these ancient trees
There you'll find your own illusion
That no one yet have seen

Looking for wisdom, the place you ought to be
To see the revalation
That no one yet have seenback to top
The cold dream
So morning came at last
After a sleepless night
My tears have dried
But in my heart
I will cry for you

You said you were leaving
Leaving for good this time
I pray that you'll stay
And I thought
That you would read my mind

So baby tell me, why did you leave me
Left me far behind with a broken heart
It was you and I, forever
Voices in my mind
Told me you and I would be together
I feel for you

So dawning came at last
After a long cold night
I wish you were here
But now you're gone
And all I feel is fear

You said: If you need me
Think of the times we had
But now when the flame has died
I still mourn the memories of youback to top
Never feel no fear
Knowing that death is part of the game
Never feel no fear
Waves getting higher much higher today
The ships are about to leave

Sail over the seas to unknown lands
Treasures to be found
Treasure and glory and death they will all
Will all be around

The rays of the sun were touching their souls
As they moved along the line
Feeling the fire - waves getting higher
We are all free
You are free, free
You are free, free

Soldiers of fortune heading this way
Citizen cried out in fear
You never know when your last breath is done
But Valhalla you're to wait

Slaying their enemies, taking their gold
Never feel no fear
After this conquest, a new destination
The ships are about to leaveback to top
Final journey
See your handbuilt ships burn away
Fire cleft the skies like dragon flame
See a friend of Thor sail away
Look into the mist, look into the sky
Now it's win or lose, it's live or die
See a friend of Thor praise the skies

As winter past the flaming sky
Our strength will carry us to hights
See the raven fly far away
The skies were so dark, the winds were so cold
Our banners will rise in rage we will go
See a friend of Thor sail away

Stand in front of your destiny
Stand in front of your life

The sun sets forever the gods set me free
I'll share with you eternity
You can open your eyes
And let yourself be
The land of Valhalla
The land of the free

The journey is far to desolate seas
A learning in life, wait you will see
And let the stars guide you home
A black dawn is fading in wispering tunes
See the edge of the world, the shades of the moon
See a freind of Thor praise the sky

We sail across the seas
The winds will take us home
A distant summer breeze
Will calm the storm
As thunder breaks the sky
The air fills our sails
Our dragonships will fly
Over the oceans wailback to top
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