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Isengard (Sweden) lyrics

Album: Feel No Fear [1993]

 01  Never feel no fear
 02  Atomic Winter
 03  Winds of Odin
 04  Forest of illusion
 05  Guardians (the king will return)
 06  Caught by fire
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Never feel no fear
Knowing that death is part of the game
Never feel no fear
Waves getting higher much higher today
The ships are about to leave

Sail over the seas to unknown lands
Treasures to be found
Treasure and glory and death they will all
Will all be around

The rays of the sun were touching their souls
As they moved along the line
Feeling the fire - waves getting higher
We are all free
You are free, free
You are free, free

Soldiers of fortune heading this way
Citizen cried out in fear
You never know when your last breath is done
But Valhalla you're to wait

Slaying their enemies, taking their gold
Never feel no fear
After this conquest, a new destination
The ships are about to leaveback to top
Atomic Winter
There is no time tomorrow
Now the end is near
You can hear them cry and the winds of fear

The morning light is sorrow
Filled with death and pain
You can see the clouds of acid rain

Everyboby fights for their lives
The light is gone, it will forever be winter

Atomic winter
You don't have the time for another prayer
Atomic winter
Because the angel will come and get you soon

There is no life tomorrow
It is the end you see
All our time is gone for you and me

The day has turned to dawn
Now the night is hear
All the people cry a single tearback to top
Winds of Odin
He was young and strong
And he sailed over the sea's
To fight and die for glory
A son of gods he'll be

To live his life forever
In harmony
To fight with Thor together
With destiny

Fly away, on the winds of Odin
Rise from your grave
Let the winds of Odin
Take you away

Growing fate
Will follow in his steps
From the red horizon
The raven's spread their wings

Believing in the power
Of reality
In solitude his soul will grief

Sound of wings
Will whisper through the mist
The dawn will guide the morning
Through all eternity

Runes of ancient memories
Of times that past
The light upon their banners
Will always last

Fly away, on the winds of Odin
Rise fromyour grave
Let the winds of Odin
Reach for the sky
A distant flame appears
The ranens eye
Will let the winds of Odin
Take you awayback to top
Forest of illusion
Deep in the forest, in a spreading place
The land that you know from childhood
It's lost, it's lost, it's lost in a haze

See your illusion, in the mirror sea
It's your reflection showing
It's your Odyssey

Silhouettes of creatures, movin' around
The wind just keep blowing stronger
With it's terrifying sound

Where shall you turn, in this darker world
The way that you conquer
Seems so wrong

Can't belive your eyes - for what you see
Can't belive your eyes - for what it will be

Searching your way out
The truth is lying there, next to you
You're searching for hours, searching for days
Now there can't be much more ways
You're tumbling on in the forest of illusion
I see you tumbling on in the forest of illusion

Down to the valley, through these ancient trees
There you'll find your own illusion
That no one yet have seen

Looking for wisdom, the place you ought to be
To see the revalation
That no one yet have seenback to top
Guardians (the king will return)
He was the choosen one
Old and grey
He had lived forever

They had to go from the northerns lands
Through war and rage
He had to break the spell

Blinded by the light

The sun was down the grey man came
With stories from the past
A ring was made in dragon flame
The wizard came at last
The dawning came from withered lands
Beyond the early spring
A broken sword in his hand
The crownless will be king

The world is dark in mountains old
In caverns made of stone
The light of sun is black and cold
No shadow stands alone
In elven halls the prophet spoke
"The black skies shall turn grey"
A silver stream and wisdom woke
"The morning will be day"

We are the guardians of Isengard
Guardians of Isengard

The world was young
The mountains tall
In elder days
Before the fall
The winds were warm
Beneath the sky
If his kingdom will come
A dreaming eye
Can't fade away
Can't dream away

Someday the geat king will return
Look in his eyes you'll see them burn
And by his wisdom you will learn
Someday the great king will return

The day is behind the night ahead
And there are many paths to tread
A deadly sword a healing hand
He will return into his landback to top
Caught by fire
There is no reason for my mind
To try to find the flames that died
Walk like a loner in the night
Trying to find you

How can i dream this vision
When I must seek my mission
What can you hide from in my mind

Why can't I hold your fire
When it is burning higher
Why do I fear the heat inside

Every night I'm trapped by eternal fire
Can't you see what you do to me

Caught by fire
When I see your angel eyes
Caught by fire
You make me hypnotized
Caught by fire
When you touch me with desire
Caught by fire
You make me realize

Why can't you try to ride the wind
Or live your life in darkest sin
Hide like a devil in disguise
Never to find you

If I can feel your breathing
Couldn't you stop this feeling
Lost in my mind, you wont be found

Why can't you see I'm hurting
Can't you forget your searching
Fading away, you can not stayback to top
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