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John Butler Trio lyrics

Album: Zebra [2003]

 01  Zebra
 02 Media (Triple J Live at the Wireless)
 03 Losing My Cool
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John Butler Trio- Zerba
Tabbed by The Smiling Penguin

i can be loud man, i can be silent
i could be young or i could be old
i can be a gentleman, i can be violent
i could turn hot or i can be cold
i could be just like the clam before the storm
waiting for all hell yeah to break loose
i could be innocent or i could be guilty
doesn't mean that i dont i man believe in no noose

i could be rich like a wandering gypsy
i could be poor like a fat wallet lost
i could be first or i could come last
its not who breaks the ribbon
it's how you get across
i could be red blue black and white sunset
darkest at day man brightest at night
i could be the sun man i could be the moon
i'm made up from the stars man
i shining so bright

i could be asleep man, i could be awake
i can be alive or be the walking dead
i can be ignorant, i could be informed
i could lead my life or i could be led
i can be anything i put my mind to man,
all i gotta do is give myself half a chance
i can bring love back into my life
and share it with the world if i got some balanceback to top
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