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John Frusciante lyrics

Album: Inside of Emptiness [2004]

 01  What I Saw
 02  The World's Edge
 03  Inside a Break
 04  A Firm Kick
 05  Look On
 06  Emptiness
 07  I'm Around
 08  666
 09  Interior Two
 10  Scratches
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What I Saw
What I Saw

Thereís one room
Thereís one light
Thereís one night
In the fire
In the pain
In the wire
This from me
This one lie
That seems right
Time canít climb
It canít be
It canít see
I see to be right
I fall down tonight
I go to hell to be what I sell
Failing again is such a welcome end
Can the end of today be more than tonight
Echoes of these far reaching sights
And the pain of knowing you should have tried
Give me your hands (x3)
And weíll never die (x2)
This love song
It sits wrong
It means jack
The timeís right to be wrong
All night long
I feel good
I feel so far away
This is mine
It could be anyday
I saw what I saw
I call up a man
Distance is what gets me right in
I have a hand in everyone losing their place
Never must stop
Itís stealing my heart
Moments to squeeze begging on their knees
I know Iíll never be right beyond tonight
So give me your hands
give me your hand's
And weíll never die (x2)back to top
The World's Edge
The Worldís Edge

These are different lives
Being lived at the same time
Like holding on to a whole (x2)
The worldís edge is closer
Iím gonna leap right off her
And that will be the end of me (x2)
Intersecting lines
Falling way behind
Iím walking on a rope (x2)
I'm drifting from her
Iíve never been further
All I know is right (x2)
Dreams drift past me (x2)
Yeahback to top
Inside a Break
Inside A Break

Inside a break thereís only moments that hide
Every mistake is really worth a try
I know a way a lie can be refined
Hand me your cross and run for your life
Any good luck is a falling tree
Iím noone and no one is me
All day to call some kind of faceless guide
Someday you see is just today in a guise
nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
Every pace you go would go without you
The busiest days thereís really nothing to do
I go away to turn the dark to light
Donít look at me when youíre wondering why
Hymns sound so good to him
Reflections occur within
Unwind so called holes
Language is false but it speaks to me
Places are gone when thereís no one to see Ďem
I got a pain that spans millions of lives
Going to where weíll dive into the sky
La la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la
Any old way is a new way to be
Thereís just no cause for beating anybody
All of us kids we like to climb to fall
Once within thereís nothing better at all
Than nowhere
nowhere (x6)back to top
A Firm Kick
A Firm Kick

A firm kick in the pants
This last chance to get things right
This was one time I closed an eye
Looked away from you
Look out for yourself tonight
Sometimes I have to get things right
I never meant what I said to you
Give up all the things that you love to do
Iíd never guessed that youíd do me wrong
Iíll never except that dance and song
A little time to adjust
Would be just what we need
Iíve meant to tell you what I think that you think
When I cross your mind
Stressed at the light
Whatís wrong with being uptight
I never say what I intend to
But does it mean that much to you
Iíd a close call with a glitch in time
Are you really that happy to be mine
No Iím not disguising
All that fighting
And dreams not coming true
I will play some light from the sun
The world by my side
And I will see dawn as a forlorn maiden in the sky
And I will play a song of thunder you may recognize
You make a never
Thatís forever
Knowing what you deny
When I revisit the past itís a blast
Iíve just gotta move on
Iíve just let down someone I relied on
And I donít see why
How'd we pretty up that speech
MC talking through me
Iíve never done what I set out to do
Donít come to me ícuz Iíll run from you
Left out of life would I really care
Not a whole lot
Thereís nothing for me there
Iíll never forget the limits that we set
Back when it was our moon
I never made a pretense of living with good sense
Itís really not my strong suit.back to top
Look On
Look On

I canít get through
Knots in my mind
I resent
self I canít find
I canít get through (x2)
A paper and a pencil
Are the best friends Iíve got
I went to downtown L.A.
Got picked up by the cops
I didnít get what I wanted
But I didnít care a thought
I saw that life was kidding
Look on (x6)
Iím warning you
I skipped a life
To be here
Iíve got no right
Iím bad luck
I used to feel a lot
Things used to be alright
So much was going on
Iím empty now inside
When I thought life was terrible
Things were going fine
Vincent called as a set up
Look on (x21)
Itís not right
I lost my fame
Itís a cheap trick
I wanna do it again
Iíve got no life (x2)
I am a separate entity
From the guy I was before
Here nobody wants me
I hoped for something more
I flip through empty pages
That I thought I wrote on
I canít tell what is dreaming
Look on (x12)back to top
And now a minute is trapped
It fell into a crack
Eleven tries leading the way
And then forsight comes
Iíve lost my sense of it all
The feelings I canít resolve
Circumstances outside convention
And you know I tried
To be part of life
I found the rest of me
I was beaten on down
Emptiness set me free
I lived on a cloud
walk through the storm
Was like a holyday
I happened to have been warned
Over and over again
The sense of speaking dissolved
Words meanings I couldnít recall
And all Iíd found did my losing
I was tough to find
Playing games with my mind
Up the drops that I climbed
In the abyss I was hurled into
By who I brought back into time
I found the rest of me
I was beaten on down
Emptiness set me free
I lived on a cloud
The walk through the storm was like a holyday
I happen to be warned
Over and over again (x2)back to top
I'm Around
Iím Around

You know Iím around ya
I wouldnít be if I didnít love ya
Iím going to run through ya
You know youíre quite a character
It goes I havenít got a care
When we float down the river
I wonder will I lose ya
When we roam through a blizzard
Weíll joke and have another cry
I hope Iím not the other guy
Weíll never scale those heights again
Weíve lost our daughter
Letís plan to hide from all our friends
In silent waters
Be careful of what you are
What you see is just a small part
You must look for yourself in others
And all the places that you go
You see that they are part of you
I want to again be holding hands
With you underwater
And couldnít we get a second chance
go back and start over
I was thinking before
That it was all my fault
We dropped the baton
Sunday waves and makes faces at us all the time
And Iím wondering what I call mine
Sunday waves and makes faces all the time
And Iím wondering what I call mineback to top
Something these days in the air
Iím afraid to sing this song
ĎCuz no one answers me
Got in the way of this one chance of mine
I threw it back
It wasnít gonna last
I jumped ahead
There was a slipstream
One good feeling there
I got out quick
Lower than I go
Iím a pinball
Sticking through a lot
Then down the side wall
The drop (x2 in a super intense scream)
I must have been alone
In the mean time
Nothing comes my way
Iím proud to say
I crossed a line
I said goodbye
This state to recreate
Is the drain of time
I lead you on
There were no days to wait for
No carrying on
Lifeís still a disease
Help it along
Itís a sure thing
Everyone I meet is a laughing star
Who dropped (x2 intense scream)
You all should walk through a poster
You should see how things align
Change how you see a decline
See how high you really climb (x3)
The drop (x2)back to top
Interior Two
Interior Two

We fall into the hands of doom
Weíre coming out interior two
Why donít you come on over again
Things here will never be the same
We feed the light with shadows of pain
Why donít you come on back again
I hear our song in the wind
I see clouds laughing insane
We fall into foreverís lap
We'll speak when all the lines are tapped
And endlessly come on back, will you come on back
I hear our song in the wind
I see clouds laughing again
Wherever did we find this night
Iíll come back in another life
Why donít you come back over again
Wonít you come back over
Come back (x9)back to top
The scratches of a dark night
The rashes of foresight
And I wanted you, oh
The weight of my freezing
I had come to you
The face I was given
I have no similarities to
The spaces in the law look
Like the faces in a word book
I get by (x2)
The matches of opportunities
The last thing Iíve never seen
And I scream to you, oh
The pain I was needing
Was sort of true
The one aim I was clearing
Was the walls that grew
The crazes I overlooked
The leans into the cook
And I did (x2)
And I was screaming bloody murder
I was one with pain
And I stopped by the road side
this is from where I came
My God but itís so far away
It would seem accidents have gone straight to you
And youíve changed your point of view
And the places youíre going to
I get crowded
I got crowded
And Iím so glad that youíre mine
It twists up the fabric of time
And Iím useless yes I'm useless
And your faces are bodies
And your hands are feet
Let me roll around
In things I canít believe
But I tried
Yes I tried
And I tried
You know I triedback to top
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