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John Frusciante lyrics

Album: Shadows Collide With People [2004]

 01  Carvel
 02  Omission
 03  Regret
 04  Ricky
 05  Second Walk
 06  Every Person
 07 -00Ghost27
 08  Wednesday's Song
 09  This Cold
 10 Failure33 Object
 11  Song to Sing When I'm Lonely
 12  Time Goes Back
 13  In Relief
 14  Water
 15  Cut-Out
 16  Chances
 17 23 Go In to End
 18  The Slaughter
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John Frusciante - Carvel by Liam Crow

When I try I force it out
Never looking in only out
Now is the time for millions to lose
Never the same since I lost you.
Running me out of town
Wishing the best around
Would only get off my back
Heaven recieves you and throws you back.
Sending a dummy to my god
Driving to eat a Carvel cake
Somewhere you know isn't where you think
Have you gone away already.
All the good times are on their way
Up and down thats how the energy stays alive
And I wouldn't have it any other way.back to top
John Frusciante - Omission by Liam Crow

Omit myself
(take myself from your eyes)
Omit myself as a favour for God
(all my rights are everyones enemy)
Suffer fate cause it's the only lift you've got.
Dedicatin all of before to now
Emphasing these things you wont allow
Never now we need the other
(centralize the force of rot)
In your life we take out cover
(echoing what is not)
Going nowhere
(take myself from your eyes)
Going nowhere's the only clear shot.
(all my rights are everyones enemy)
At being somewhere the fates think your not
Somewhere's hole to divides anyway you want
Faking now faking who you are
Never now we need the other
(centralize the force of the rot)
In your life it'll take my cover
(echoing what is not)
Never now I need the other
(and your suffering alot)
In your life we take cover
(try to be someone your not)back to top
John Frusciante - Regret by Liam Crow

I regret my past
Stay alone.back to top
John Frusciante - Ricky by Liam Crow

I was afraid to be me
Be anything you want to be
I don't blame my week
For my not allowed being able to speak
Clearly about things I've said before
And if it's light outside night will fall
and if it's life it resolves
Everywhere you are in a maze is a lie
Anywhere you are on a page you dtill go to the right
Anytime there's no groud below you you're in the sky
Anytime you're afraid it's gonna be alright
I was a flame in the night
I heard what I wanted to hear
And the moment I disapeared
I grew the size of all outside
Casue I became one with the night
And if it's not all there is
There's alot in what appears not to be there at all
And you can function as someone besides who you are.back to top
Second Walk
John Frusciante - Second Walk by Liam Crow

I take a second walk
Down the street of fame
I've paid it off and paid for it again
All these meserable feelings never end
But to fall and be down's something i transcend
I've been a meal of mine
And slid down my throat
An all I'm facing is one more way to go
Died so many times and then reapeared
All death looks like to me is a word that carves fear
Im taking my place
In A world with different space
No time at all except how you move
Be who you are
Do what you do
No win or loseback to top
Every Person
John Frusciante - Every Person by Liam Crow

You take me by the hand
A hand's all i feel right now
It's all I am
It's all that I am
You think I'm a man
I beg to differ
For I am her as much I'm me
you know this moment in time
Is all my life
Everyday is each day thats past
Every person alive is everyone who's died
A ship out in the distance
Is here if I draw it
Multiply time by letting it go by
You paint a star
you give many years ago
New life and it appreciates it
you know this moment in time
Is all my life
Everyday is each day thats past
Every person alive is everyone who's diedback to top
Wednesday's Song
Wednesday's Song

You'll make it through the day
See things another way and behold
Listen to Wednesday's song
This night you go home alone
How the sane go upright
How you look another night
You're back under my hat
And even knowing that you're a whore
Nothing ever meant more
Than switching rooms through a door
Out into another one
Frames flash inward
And you know
I have seen the world enough
I've drowned in my thoughts a lot
Deep in rains that swirl above
I canceled heaven I concede
Another word to say
When everything's O.K you go down
And pulling up the slack
And never coming back
An alarm
Ringing to set the sun
No one ever becomes
What others thought they should've been
Inside they're what they can see
You know I do miss this girl
To show I am in a swirl of sun
Being what I've got
The joy
I canceled heaven I concede
Everything that I believe
I canceled heaven I concedeback to top
This Cold
John Frusciante - This Cold by Liam Crow

I don't need a ride to arrive
I don't feel approached any time
If you feel a fader on a decline
Out of all you ever been
And you won't need time
You never need time
I don't need this every God
You see every ghost am I
Have we found a phase to be out of
Transfer all your thoughts to me
and you won't need love
We don't need love
I dont need this sin to go
Down to where all forevers flow
Every fate realised is revealed slow
Never talking back to me
Say it out loud
I feel this cold
I never stay i never go..back to top
Song to Sing When I'm Lonely
John Frusciante - Song To Sing When I'm Lonely

A song to play when im lonely
win and never play a game again
no one to face when im falling
holding tight to dreams that never end
ill be you
i do
ill be you
no ones afraid to be called by another name
no one dares to be put down when they dont belong
nowheres anyones reason
everything dying and leaving
out with these faults and you make me a baby
faking a movement by no one seeing it
no one always finds peace flung
no one chases to beat my pride down
symbols pierce right through me
people fail to be drawn up
sunlight to fate accumilates
loving pain to be clung to
by luminous bodies
only waiting for long signs to be wrong
and true to us
out of place in my own time
drowning thinking im dry
holding onto facts hat will never be proven
fakin an action cause no ones looking
hello when im crashing
feeling nothing when my lifes flashing beore my eyes
you should threw me down
is the content so much?back to top
Time Goes Back
John Frusciante - Time Goes Back by Liam Crow

These things will go slowly by
these things
they will be where no one would think
and when given this life
i ought have thanked you all who will take it away
i notice that your fine
setting up beside wherever turns a blind eye
any solemn phase
and you belong to twies at once
my radio's my heart
we live as one
two ways at onve
i know the waves i form
i know the way i wont become
these still places that are gone by
believe there somewhere else
(beleive there somebody else)
jumping in the wind of a passerby
and being replaced like times flies
another wasted flaw
going up agasint the endless law
i'm flown through a mirror
almost disappearing
i glow faintly
you know this is nobodys life
i saw the days i lost
hiding behind tommorows costs
Time Going Back.back to top
In Relief
John Frusciante - In Relief by Liam Crow

To seem you're in me and over me
relief is all tings
and all things shoot through me
and all things shoot through you
wherever you are
to seem you're a dream when you believe in
travel slowly
move in circles
you know time grows old in reverse
life as a thing that began
and was magnified
and made the first fire and the last one
to mean everything you never say
every single thing going every way
when your leaders gone
he means to make you strong
he never went away
cause what you need you areback to top
Water inside
We're all in water
Water we climb and run through it
Water inside
We're all in water
Reaching inside of a big death bag
When you go to danger
Ends are met and live
Where they are happens to be where they have been
When you lower placement
The strong get stronger
Where you are and when you waste there's a whip hitting you
Water inside
We're all in water
Water we climb and run through it
Water inside
We're all in water
Reaching inside of a big death bag
Everytime I fake it
Devils crawl thru me
I'm ashamed when I ignore the voices that agree
Get us all together
Where we all wish for the same thing
It's only lie to recall believing your body
Water inside
We're all in water
Water we climb and run through it
Water inside
We're all in water
Reaching inside of a big death bagWater inside
We're all in water
Water we climb and run through it
Water inside
We're all in water
Reach inside of a bagback to top
John Frusciante - Cut-Out by Liam Crow

Your number fakes coming along without you
knowing a shift took place
your father hooks a wing about you
if you fail this broken sword around you you'll
cut nothing up
again we'll face these things when they are dead issues
moments take each others place
born and forgotten the same way
"hey, ill pay you to cut me out"
a blower of the flesh is a baby
thats the first white stuff i sucked
to feed this open wire with a findy day
moments take each others place
born and forgotten the same way
never knowing who you are.back to top
John Frusciante - Chances by Liam Crow

This is the time to die
im not someone whom to rely
chances come and chances go
this is letting go
i feel this tightening of the dawn
the creation of something i've sung
no one goes back cause they are all there
are you everywhere?
becoming who you think you are
in order to do your part
im the multi-dimensional scheme.
youll know what i mean
this is the time to die
im not someone on whom to rely
chances come and chances go
this is letting go
this is letting you know
im almost where ill never be
this is cutting off of fate like a string
a line that falls to the floor
and im not me anymore..back to top
The Slaughter
John Frusciante - The Slaughter by Liam Crow

I'll know her face a mile away
you'll be there in the slaughter
freeing me when im cornered
being arrested by the mind caps
they are the ones worth changing what you do for
and i try to be in line
i guide my fate
and what it's goof for there's no telling
its blood
its a flood
ill know her face a mile away
she'll take me straight through that gate
living there in a flowe
you wouldn't made it without her
though she seems to stay in one place
she grows with your life
so cry for time
whats slow is fast at the same time
it comes to life
and is it die
you'd never notcie it cause it
slides as it climbs
i'll know her face a mile away
and i'll know my pains a life awayback to top
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