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John Frusciante lyrics

Album: Smile From the Streets You Hold [1997]

 01  Enter a Uh
 02  The Other
 03  Life's a Bath
 04  A Fall Thru the Ground
 05 Poppy Man
 06  I May Again Know John
 07  I'm Always
 08  Nigger Song
 09  Femininity
 10  Breathe
 11  More
 12 For Air
 13  Height Down
 14  Well, I've Been
 15  Smile from the Streets You Hold
 16 I Can't See Until I See Your Eyes
 17  Estress
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Enter a Uh
You see me now
While ago
You could shred this size only
You are a blender uh
We are always be with you with be me hey
I am masculine to all the lie
I am a boy and I know about him only
Line life ago I made her
Give me heeee I know
Made her sky my (? ? )
To high can't be we are
Higher can be we are
Higher couple we are
I could be we uh ah
La la la la la la la ahhh oi oi oi ya o o
Enter a uh
While (? ? )
We we are all
I am only reveal a gold demon
I am yeller
Kiss me there where
I bother told about her film and make her sensorial
I see I mean
Without me
Like it's ocean
Well I've been on there
Withavidavida screwer
Withavidavida screwer
Aii aiii aii oiii oiii
-(very high pitch) heeeelp-
You seen the same order ohh you missed
You headless eyes lonely babe lord I was ready yaaay
I was gonna dream that if we were yaaay. ohh.
I wonder if we were (? ? )
Leave me alone me said
I'm afraid

But which from one more buy
Bad brown wears is bad
Round round lonely babe into drain
Diss it very good look me for the colder
Bad feel.
Bad sky while (? ? ) lion lame life lame life lies on land
Skies fuck you
I wanna kiss meet you
Devote you to help

I (? ? ) stains for father reaches his back
Well into a bowl
It isn't so task true key
Insandrium heart leave back
Daughter danger life
Cuz they all knowback to top
The Other
Words and music by john frusciante
** as translated by rick chapman **

Each word in sound
Day an' dances strung
Together one by one
Piece of material love

The past and future bend
One in the other
In the other
Past and ((mumbles...))
In the other

Why can't others see right?
I gotta be the ((? ? ? ))...
Other in the other
Fickle my ((? ? ? ))...

Ooooo.....back to top
Life's a Bath
One year went by baby
Does she want to be happy with you?

Life's a bath
Sex is water

Life's a bath
Sex is water
Oh yeah....

C'monback to top
A Fall Thru the Ground
A fall thru the ground

Go away you're eating big faces
Bend down and eat your shoelaces
Next move you've gotta decide what's right.

Kill ya momma, kill ya daddy
I'm the peaceman so understand me
Understand me.

Hey! the ____ fallen in the window
I jumped outa your old fish mask today
When you told me I was out of sap
I almost died in your lap, today.back to top
I May Again Know John
Words and music by john frusciante
** as translated by shelly griska **

Goodnight friends,
Remember me if you loved me.
Mother nature's slaughtered me.
Remember me if you loved me.
Mother nature's slaughtered me.
Love me.
I thought I saw a light.
Ahhhhhhh, no...
All I saw was the place
Where I'd ___________ [ could end with the word video, but I'd hate to
Bet on it]
And I've gotta know what it wanted with me.
Well, and if you've gotta face exploring
And what you know is bringing your ass down, john...
..... your ass down.
Oh john, where are you?
We'd known as l_______ that we'd met.
Oh, I am alone
And life goes on.

I have seen through lines of lies
Well, at least tell me
Is it a mad, mad choice?

Hidden in a place of darkness
Heaven *is so cold with* blackness. [could be something about clothes of
You have seen her show,
But do you know where you'd go?

I have seen through lines of lies
Well, at least tell me
Is it a mad, mad choice?

It's been so long
Since I've seen the sun
Yeah life lasts so long
That the harm is all gone

It's been so hard
We'll sing the song
Yeah life lasts so long
That the harm is goneback to top
I'm Always
Only time can show you
Through an invisible door
In the bottom of the ocean
I threw a bird at the sky,
Someone told me that
You'd better close your eyes,
And I said:
Don't you wonder sometimes
Why I paddle thru the clouds
In my oversized canoe,
But I'm always on your side?

Can you feel it?
My love flowing out my sides
You've been asked to fly
I thrust to some lie, yeah
It's you see my fish needs to thrive
As long as I'm alive.

Aside from the leaves that fall
You know it's been justified.
You gotta take it in your stride
Besides the nightmares
That lie before you,
You've always found a reason
To stay happy to be alive

If you look closely
You'll always find signals
That make your mind grind
But those are just a mind fucker tag lie (? )

You'll always have control of your life
Go with the feeling that's right
You know, man, the media may try yeah
But my beautiful spirit is glued to my eyeback to top
Nigger Song
By john frusciante
Transcribed by thatyou

Crawled into my window breath
Suck a cock and I'll be
These will be, without staying the money
One loves me
Zero begins it
The one dream, everyones in it
Memories become me
Alone is the thing that lingers
I've been wait, run with me
Miss one moment, got a million love (? )
Have you one odd stray cord near (? )
One matter without him (? )
Whether with him to be(? )
Nigger song x5
Feel higher, feeling high and we
Feel higher, feel higher, feeling high and we
Feeling high and we, feeling high and we
Feeling high and weback to top
Could you think of a better way
To be even scaring the sky away
And making me a part of this
Corner of meaningless darkness
Of course you could but I'd rather be
What I strive along for just to be
You love your country, love the strife
Relieve your cock on your beloved wife
But I'm playing a different tune
Cause I'm moving to the moon
But I'm not prepared to go against you
And fly and jump in your corruption stoop

And since while I'm around
I've got a few things to do
So I live on the mountain rock
And move along cuz you're just
Dancing like a fish and I judge a cold

I can't imagine your wife using that to swallow.
But you see I'm gonna cum down a feminine's throat
In the surrealistic pain and wearing a coat
So I have space that you can't trace to carry my love
And you just have waste
And you just have waste...back to top
Part 1

Voice 1: hole in my pocket

Voice 2: in mysteries

Voice 1: sold my women to you feed me
Voice 2: there's been wine for him

Voice 2: I feel bad what's wrong my love

Voice 1: on a ground you are a clown if I each
Voice 1: my select pied of course (? ? ? )

Voice 1: sold your woman I've been on your cock about in
Voice 2: have you been you I've seen. what about sin.

Voice 2: she loves

Voice 1: you with your fresh towel
Voice 2: she has thrown down

Voice 1: do you bloomer in your fool
Voice 2: you gloom I have been

Voice 1: give this darling
Voice 2: with this tumbling door bell ring

Voice 2: she be into me

Voice 2: my trend

Voice 2: she would steal

Voice 1: you won't believe it's been you
Voice 2: you are this and that you

Voice 1: could you believe this is matter of true, oh yeah
Voice 2: could you be, this is true

Voice 1: hold your woman
Voice 2: in moment matter

Voice 2: it's been happening right

Voice 1: you found
Voice 2: you find

Voice 1: you're buys
Voice 2: you fortune the penis

Voice 1: like at the sky have no country side
Voice 2: in the book store have become

Voice 1: if you know what I mean
Voice 2: you can have the same dope and it

Voice 2: this sucks

Voice 1: do you know what I mean
Voice 2: no matter where are go the people are marvelous

Voice 1: let her scream
Voice 2: you survive

Voice 1: to the one that she owes a scream
Voice 2: your porch porcupine

Voice 1: with I have been a vein I think we were the same in mushroom
Voice 2: I've been porcupine ah ha hey porcupine

Part 2

Voice 2: that surly must have been the case

Voice 2: face to mate alot of face

Voice 2: you burns pushed me to work

Voice 2: I was charming

Voice 2: hope you come

Voice 2: but the future this way

Voice 2: is with the minor pain from age

Voice 2: the more I hear for pilots treausre

Voice 2: I will to get anything

Voice 1: hey
Voice 2: inspection

Voice 1: I put my life in times
Voice 2: I have this thing too

Voice 1: oh so happy
Voice 2: you think your cool

Voice 1: in on this feel
Voice 2: you have been into the school

Voice 1: (? ? ? ) in your voice
Voice 2: you have nowhere you have bets for what you do

Voice 1: you animated me

Voice 2: hey you are

Voice 1: so see this down
Voice 2: blending me with the sunshine

Voice 1: I've been judie I been gee I'm used to them nobody no beggining
Voice 2: you had me you and pooh thru you have lots of pikachu. (4:15)

Voice 1: noel eat no mend
Voice 2: you're the one you vein

Voice 2: lord, lord,

Voice 1: it will give pour now said
Voice 2: lord

Voice 1: I order
Voice 2: you think your cool

Voice 1: no one
Voice 2: you have been into the school

Voice 1: but you lost it's spark
Voice 2: you had mo out of made of you

Voice 1: not even mister ash
Voice 2: wooooo

Voice 2: yeah

Voice 1: appends
Voice 2: hmm.

Voice 1: owww

Voice 1: yeah sure

Voice 1: you know expressions

Voice 1: we would be like the peices paper

Voice 1: be cleared away not just us in my room

Voice 1: the over pichers carl hanna

Voice 1: halleluya owwwww

Voice 1: appear about horses

Voice 1: no not today

Voice 1: cuz today is for walkingback to top
By john frusciante
Transcribed by thatyou

Well is the pipe for
What it seems to be
Hell and all the babies on the babies
Laugh at me
And I just wanna shine on and on and on the sky
Hey on the bay, on the bay, on the bay
Hey you out there wnat you
I need you andi want you here
On the wall on me, on me
Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now
Hey now, hey now, hey now
The love, the love, I need you
The white hope and the law roads all are here
Wine with me dead I go
I can't wait another day
To find the one who went away
The one who went there at the start
The one who went away and the part
Who am I who plays the part
Who plays the part, the one who plays the part
The part, oooooo the partback to top
Height Down
Fifty five...

I'll send flowers
Again for her
Blow some castle says a circus
I give this guy
This guy says (? ? ? )

Pussy night gully bed
Psycho did you hear
Dirty boys don't need that rollercoaster
Young boys yo mighty ani short g alley jay yaddle waddle fireplace
Bili tricked as all

Mother rest
Help me here
In a (? ? ? ) whirlpool

Peter says
(? ? ? ) know
Keeps you (? ? ? ) to hold in forming a better I said

Bili lie now despite to go walling lies
When you remember what you plan for
A treat in more soul in tomorrow to deal with the liesback to top
Well, I've Been
Well I've been dreaming
It's rainy days are over
Are over, over!
Rain from the roof
And the stars will fall for you
And all the world


What did you find
While you were nowhere
Did you seem to care
Oh, aworgh....
Your shabby clothes where you can't be sold or bought,
Your gold.

Well I've been by john frusciante
Lyrics transcribed by thatyou

Well I've been dreaming
Its rainy days are over
Are over, over and from you
And the stars you fall for you
And and all the world
What did you find while you were nowhere
Did you seem to care ohhh
Your shabby clothes well you can't be sold
Or bought your goldback to top
Smile from the Streets You Hold
Its been so long
Since I felt the heat of the sun on my paw
You're the one who knows me at best
Cuz your (? )
Always smile from the street
You hold my heart in my hands while I'm beat
Oh yer always on the decline
You take another sip of wine
A toast to us
Your the one with the stars
(john throws some electric guitar here, I think to cover up some words
He wasnt willing to share...)

You hold the sign
For the one that you love
That you
That you

(long instrumental)

You're the one in the sky when you go
You know your wind. the planets grow
Your in the sun, you face it to goback to top

Uhhhhh I want you near, yeahhh yeahh give me .
I want you near

I want you near, where I am
I want you there, where I am?

I though the answer
Is brought by the wind
This is the way i like the way i love
They are seeing
And i'm not breathing
I'm not breathing

I want you near, where I am
I want you there, where I am?back to top
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