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John Frusciante lyrics

Album: Will to Death [2004]

 01  A Doubt
 02  An Exercise
 03  Time Runs Out
 04  Loss
 05  Unchanging
 06  The Mirror
 07  A Loop
 08  Wishing
 09  Far Away
 10  The Days Have Turned
 11 Helical
 12  The Will to Death
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A Doubt
Artist: John Frusciante
Song: A Doubt
Album: The Will To Death

Everyone speaks at the same time
Everyone wonders "Who am I?"
Itíd be sad to blow through time
We never go through the sky
We never know when to die
Lean in to walk
We dreamed up tonight
We all choose to live life
We confuse how with why
Everyday is lost as it goes by
These moments donít compete
And i wind up next to you
And all that i need is a doubt
Thatís all one that feeds the mouth
One simple means is to leave it by the door
One time top lay is the time you play for
And you never set a limit
Lean in to walk
Thereís nothing missing from lifeback to top
An Exercise
Learning thereís nothing to gain from advice
Hey doubt, com on around any time
Anyhow mistakes are what lead you through life
Down and outís only if you think up and inís right
Iíve gone along with the sins that are versions of you
But guidelines were all i had time to get through
Itís like reading of love thatís gone wrong
If time was laid out like that
Everything would occur at once
And all the laws were laid down twice
And the clouds were doubled in the sky
And being tall meant lacking height
And being wrong was being right
Youíre perfect
You fit snuggly right in the lie
One host is going to teach how to die
Lay down
The darkness tonight is so bright
Thereís onwe for each time cars collide
I hear that telling moments divide
And the only important moments
Are the in between times
And being confused is an exercise
Iím missing your thoughts tonight
But we reach out to whatís out of our sightback to top
Time Runs Out
I didnít lose you
In those fights i fought
I donít owe anyone
Iíve been sleeping all night
These times i recall
They come out
They come clean
Iíve been asleep
On top of myself
I was born in the morning
I died at night
I was found in a mirror
They couldnít get me out
In these times time runs out
It runs out
Daydreams run along her
Feelings are goners
Iíve been sleeping
Once and for all
Mirrors are water
A symbol of what death is not
Catch my meaning
Once and for all
Iím the ceiling
Iím the wall
You canít stand inside with me
But the reverse of me is where you must be
In truths place is lies
The mistakes you try
Someone must be sleeping because all is quiet
Is there nothing in the mirror when you shut the light
The dark
The lightback to top
We make the music that divides you
Itís handed down as a thing to cry to
And all my wars they treat you kindly
Thereís nothing more important that i see
There was a time when all was empty
Unorganized a clog a death scene
Things opened up and thereís so many
Paths to walk ports of entry
Now that Iím gone
Now that iím long gone
This minute has come and gone
I never said to do anything but forget me
I canít be lost
Iíve learned everything form loss
For whatís gained thereís an inner cost
I wonít pay it i never would
We met the seasons back in Long Town
There was a hint of sadness going round
We met the brothers who drowe arrows
And shot assumptions wide an dnarrow
I know i mean what iím forgetting
We give for everything weíre getting
A lot that hasnít been put away
Itís building up for that fateful someday
Now that iím gone
Now that iím long gone
This minute has come an dgone
I never said to do anything but forget me
When it seems iím around
Check again whatís up and whatís down
Nay silences make a sound
Iím before the equiation and iím the answerback to top
And we will show that wherever you are
That is where all time starts
Itís a pleasure to die
A pleasure to be gone
Into the sky we move on
Life is unchanging
It let me go
Life gave me up
And i have no control
Everything goes a way that i do not
I clean up the clouds i ride
Iíve never been up where i see the others climb
Seems like it must be nice
Laughterís an ugly friend of mine
We share the best and worst of times
Everyone goes where they belong
Nobody goes elsewhere
Never much thought goes to being
Right or wrongback to top
The Mirror
Hit in the face when you open a door
Unconsiderate to yourself
You are always out of tune to you
Stepping back from where you are
Nevers angle is one for all
Fired by an unknown eye
That wasn't always a place for you to cry
Everyone knows becomingís what you do
When you die
The face in the mirror is not me
How many times have you been to the back
No one to see and
Nothing to laugh at
Going everywhere at once
Time does a crawl back to where it doesnít show
No one means me
When they say people donít grow
The face in the mirror is not meback to top
A Loop
No one makes a loop around me
No one Ďround here makes a decision
No one makes a loop around me
Everybodyís trying to leave
Millions left this place before us
Now weíre all trying to leave also
Restless angels fall on a lside
Leading ot the doon thatís before them
I have seen that feelings canít wait
To arise
Icicles are flames in this city
Everything is what it is nog
Each thing diametrically opposed to itself
I canít wait for lifeback to top
Do you throw it in the well
Wishing you had someone to tell
What it was that you wished for
So it couldn't come true anymore
I've thrown so much away
These times die and stay alive
I've gone and i've stayed
And though both happened
At the same time
I know which one i like
And which one i hate
You never change to fire if you're ice
Even if you melt on a table and dry
And that table is burned
I'll tell you why
'Cuz you stayed by going away
And life changes not you
Life changes not you
Every time is contained in now
Now is only time anything happens
Though one moments shot
In infinity's rounds
Now is the one time
Anything happens here
Here, here, here
Here, here, hereback to top
Far Away
"Far Away"

Oooo Away, ahh
Oooo Away, ahh
I can't disguise the things I do
And things i say have a way of hurting you
I'm over there
These dreams are all i have left
I've nothing to spare
They're all I have
Oooo Away, ahh
Oooo Away, ahh
I can't pretend to be who i'm not
And there are things you need from me
I haven't got
No way but to end
Pick up the pieces of our lives
And maybe love again
There's only one way for things to be
Between you and me
There's only one way for things to be
Between you and me
There's only one way for things to be
Between you and me
There's only one way for things to be
Between you and meback to top
The Days Have Turned
The days have turned away from me
The lights no longer shine on my head
And people turn away from me
No more do they look to me with respect
Well, i know now
It was the first time
That was fun
Now from life iíve resigned
When i feel iíve got problems
How wrong i am
Iím awaiting life as another man
Donít crowd me
Thereís riddles in the shadows
Theyíre thrown the way that iíd expect
And people never seem to know
What they least suspect is coming next
Well it seems like my timeís elapsed
And iíve stabbed life in the back
Iím searching for what it means
To never be anything
And i know now
Itís the first time that was fun
Now from life iíve resigned
When i feel iíve got problems
How wrong i am
Iím awaiting life as another manback to top
The Will to Death
And theyíre thought to be lies
But we saw them
We looked right in their eyes
Right at them
Pinning space to the world
Weíre slaughtered
Not a sound to be heard
Weíre awful
And have you seen
How they run
Out of gas
They beat the pain
They sing in the rain
Endless and formless
They fly to the end
And back to the
Beginning again
Have you put them aside
Your crazy thoughts and dreams
No theyíre a part of me
And they all mean one thing
The will to deat is what keeps me alive
Itís one step away
Limitations are set
Only then can we go all the way
And have you seen how the cars when they pass
They come your way
Then theyíre speeding away
Coming to you and then going away
But for them nothing changedback to top
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