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Judas Priest lyrics

Album: Turbo [1986]

 01  Turbo Lover
 02  Locked In
 03  Private Property
 04  Parental Guidance
 05  Rock You All Around The World
 06  Out In The Cold
 07  Wild Nights. Hot And Crazy Days
 08  Hot For Love
 09  Reckless
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Turbo Lover
You won't hear me, But you'll feel me
Without warning, somethings dawning, listen.
Then within your senses,
You'll know your defenseless
How your heart beats, when you run for cover
Your cant retreat I spy like no other.

Then we race together. We can ride forever
Wrapped in horsepower, driving into fury
Changing gear I pull you tighter to me

I'm your turbo lover. Tell me there's no other.
I'm your turbo lover. Better run for cover

We hold each other closer, as we shift to overdrive
And eveyrthing goes rushing by, with every nerve alive
We move so fast it seems as though we've taken to the sky
Love machines in harmony, we hear the engines cry.

On and on we're charging to the place so many seek
In perfect synchronicity of which so many speak
We feel so close to heaven in this roaring heavy load
and then in sheer abandonment, we shatter and explode.back to top
Locked In
I can't stand the way you move it
You drive me crazy with that walk
You get me so excited. I tremble and I shake
When you make the moves you make.

You've got the key. The key to my heart
Go ahead and use it
Drag me in, slam the door.
Then I'll be yours, for evermore

You've got me locked in.
Locked inside your love

I can't take it when you touch me
Feels so good I could explode
You've got me in a frenzy
I tremble and i quake
When you shake the things you shake.back to top
Private Property
You think you're cool and got it all,
You think you run the scene
I don't believe how you'd concieve
That your good enough for me
You think you've got it all sewn up
But I'll cut you right down to size
The way i figure you dont exist
so you'd better realize.

Don't you touch, don't get near
Don't take me for a fool
Make no mistake. No give and take
I'm too good for you.

So keep your hands off, Private Property
Hands off. Oh Oh
Keep your hands off private property
Hands off me. Hands off. Keep your hands off me

I'm number one when I turn it on
Do you think you can relate
You'd be amazed, left in a daze
To see me operate.

You live in a fantasy. I don't even care.
If you're lookin' for sympathy. It ain't there

Hands off, keep your dirty hands off me.back to top
Parental Guidance
You say I waste my life away, but I live
it to the full
How would you know anyway,
you're just mister dull
Why don't you get into the things we
do today
You could lose twenty years right
away, so we say

We don't need no, no no no parental
guidance here

Every day you scream at me to turn
the music low
Well if you keep on screaming, you'll
make me deaf you know.
You always chew me out, because I
stay out late
Until your three-piece suit comes back
in date, get one thing straight

There's no communication. I'm tired
of explanation
Is this message getting through
You went through the same thing too
Don't you remember what it's like to
lose control
Put on my jackect--for you get too old.
Let's rock and roll.back to top
Rock You All Around The World
In the cities of the World, You know
every boy and girl
Goes crazy to the beat of rock n' roll
And as the volume is soaring, all the
crowd is roaring
Let it roll

Well, we don't care in the least, cause
our metal is a feast
But there's always someone trying to
out it down
So we crank the music louder. And our
voices turn to pwer
With a wall of sound we'll blow 'em
all away

Rock you all around the World
We're gonna rock. We're gonna roll
We're gonna shake you down
We're gonna lose control

No one can hold us down, just look
around and see
This generation's getting up, and
breakin' free

Rock you all around the World
We're gonna rock, wee're gonna
rock you.back to top
Out In The Cold
I'm layin' awake at night. I can't get
you out of my mind
All I can hear is my heart beat. And a
voice in the dark of some kind

Where are you now. The fears are
comin' back to me once again.
Oh, I wish you were here. Takin' good
care of me
I want you, I feel as though I'm out
in the cold

Out in the cold, hear me calling
Cold. Out in the cold please rescue me

I know it was you I hurt. I didn't mean
to hurt you
So much to forgive and forget
Can't take anymore of this hurt. On no,
Oh no
There's so many things I regret
You shut me out. Where are you now
I need you, and I'm so cold
Can't you hear my heart beat

Give me a chance baby
There's nothing I wouldn't do to make
it alright
Just for one more chance baby
I need all your lovin' tonight.back to top
Wild Nights. Hot And Crazy Days
I'm gonna break-out
I'm gonna drive my car
I'm gonna get up and go
I want some action
I've been working so hard
I'm gonna over load

Can you feel the beat
Everybody's rockin' in the summer heat
As the sun goes down
Well deep down inside, you feel your
tempature rise

For those, wild nights, hot and
crazy days

I'm feeling good tonight
I'm gonna cruise around
Makin' every head turn
Wind up the radio
I'm in the mood for some lovin'
cause the night time's comin'

Come on, gettin' hot tonight, come on
that's right
Come on, there's no end in sight,
come on alright.back to top
Hot For Love
Twenty-four hours of the day, you're
on my trail and I can't get away
I can't shake you off. You're a wolf
on the prowl
You got my scent and I can hear
you howl

No where to run. No where to hide.
No where to go
No where to run to. No where to hide
this hurt inside

Hot for love

When the sun goes down, i can feel
your heat
Till the sun comes up, when you've
got me worn deadbeat
I said I'm all burned out, I'm a
physical wreck
But there you go again with your hot
breath on my neck.back to top
No one can stop me know
I'm like a human dynamo
Live wired and chargin' out with power
This time I won't hold back, I'm rarin'
to get up and go
Fuelled up and growin' by the hour

Look out, I'm blastin' through the lines
alive and kickin'
Watch out, I'm young and lethal
I'm goin' from here until eternity

I'm feelin' reckless
Way outa hand, a real survivor
reckless, comin' at a fale force ten

Around me I feel the shick waves,
building for the energy
A force field no one can break
solid as rock no wonder I am
First placed in everything I do

Radioactive I'm shootin' through the
Takin' off, I'm headin' like a rocket
through the stratosphere.back to top
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