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Kid Rock lyrics

Album: The Polyfuze Method [1993]

 01  Fred
 02  Killin' Brain Cells
 03  Prodigal Son
 04  The Cramper
 05  3 Sheets to the Wind
 06  Fuck U Blind
 07  Desperate-Rado
 08  Back from the Dead
 09  My Oedipus Complex
 10  Balls in Your Mouth
 11  Trippin' With Dick Vitale
 12  TV Dinner
 13  Pancake Breakfast
 14  Blow Me
 15  In So Deep
 16  U Don't Know Me
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I had a realization of god, I saw god
And umm, it's not a face or a figure or anything
It was a presence, umm the woods
(all natural) God is all natural
The sun, the universe, everything
You, me were part of god, were part of god
It was an incredable feeling
And to use acid is religous for meback to top
Killin' Brain Cells
Kid rock that's right you know I'm back ho
From the dead where I had to lay low
Seems strange but I ain't changed nothing
Pot smokin' beer drinkin' mother fucker that's me
In the flesh and I guess I'm the best
In the muther fuckin midwest cuz there's no contest
For the pimp in the pimp of the nation
So fuck college and a good education
All we need to learn is how to hold hands
Then we could live in peace in my homeland
God damn the way my pain swells
I spend all my time killin' brain cells
The light shed on me was a dim gleam
So I live life in a bottle of jim beam
Droppin' dots or sniffin' that blow black,
I go to sleep at night watchin' kojak
Fuck hoes cuz I'm no big fag
Roll with zig zags like to read skin mags
When I shoot I never miss
And if I played the bass I'd probably pluck it like this...
People wanna know what I'm thinkin' but I don't care
So I keep my thoughts in a bottle of cuervo
Just a wild young buck
Got banned from the shelter but I really don't give a fuck
Cuz I still be clownin' suckers be frownin'
Forties of busch I be poundin'
I ain't dead in the head like manson
I'm more laid back than muther fuckin' ted danson
Hanson brother style when I'm rumblin'
Couple of shots of don q and I be stumblin'
Fumblin' footballs hangin' in the pool halls
Out late night with my crew stealin' u-hauls
I'm not into havin' clean fun
I step into the party strapped with a machine gun
But I'm no gangster like gotti
I'm just an m.c. to put the boogie in the party
Back in black plus a new track
And I won't quit till your ears blow from feedback
When I shoot I never miss
And if I played the guitar I'd probably strum it like this...
So give it up bitch cuz I'm the kid rock
And today I know you don't wanna get shot
You look gay you're too cliche
So fuck all y'all hoes and yo chuck pass the jay
Sellin' me out like bitches to make a quick buck
But muther fuckers like y'all just have no luck
Your little plan was a flop
Tryin' to get em on by sellin out the kid rock
A part of me was with you but yo he died,
And I'm glad you stepped off cuz I ain't givin' no free rides
You little bald headed peon
And fuck it mother fucker if you want it lets get the beef on
Cuz I'm sure I'm sure ya
Are gonna try to come back around but I'll ignore ya
It only takes one shot to floor ya
Cuz I'm kid rock bitch and I'm real mutha for ya
Better jet so cuz I won't let no hoes from the metro
Take mine what up doe
Come look son I'm number one...
Cuz I worked like a bitch to get the job done
In the twilight zone with rod serling
I ain't goin' bald so fuck sy sperling
When I shoot I never miss
And if I played the harmonica I'd probably blow it like this...back to top
Prodigal Son
Cuz growin up I was never the logical one
Packed my shit and left home like the prodigal son
With a bottle of jack and my shotgun strapped
I went looking for fame and yo I've never been back
Filled with spite staying high as a kite
I was dealin and stealin everything in sight
Pool hustling trying to make that green
I've been ramblin and gamblin since the age of 13
Working like a bitch like a God damn tank
Some disagree because me rents had bank
But all that's gold non't always glitter
So I'll take another puff from my one hitter
I'm a slave tot he trade I'm paid to rhyme
Blow all my cash on cheap women and wine
Cause money, money, money ain't shit to me
But I gotta make a lot just to be free
Please God please I'll pay any cost
If you'd just stop the world cause I wanna get off
There's too much hardship there's too much pain
There's too many motherfuckers tryin to get in my brain
I've been to your mountains I've been to your seaside
And everywhere I went somebody's wanted a free ride
But parasites can't fake the rock
And any suckers that step in my way are getting shot
Cause I hold key to my own success
And suckers that step shall be put to rest
Yes, I hold the key to my own success
And suckers that step will catch a bullet in their chest,
So pass the buddha the funky tie hooter
And watch me rip because I'm such a slick shooter.
Not a generic dime a dozen m.c.
Never was in a posse never wanted to be
Now I've neen walkin the earth since the beginning of ti
And won't leave till I've received that 7th sign
All this talk their gonna drop the bomb,
But life keeps going on and on and on and on
The world's end don't worry me
And I'm gonna get where I'm going just hurry me
Cause I'm in no rush and I can't stand rushin
Everything is slow motion like I'm trippin on tussin
Fussin with the girls they waste my time
Thrashin and bashin going out of my mind
Crucified by the critics everyday
Cause I ain't really got that much to say
I'm a slave to the trade I'm paid to rhyme
I don't wear a watch and I don't keep time
I live my life just like the skipper
But only at night because I'm a day tripper
Twitchin-shakin like corky shootin smack
But still life goes on
Visions of red shoot through my head
And I won't stop trippin till the day I'm dead.back to top
The Cramper
Have you ever known a free lancer
Thinks that he's a camper
Known around my way as the cramper
Like p.m.s. always pokin'
But he won't go away with a little motrin
Now if u ever heard the term cramper and u wonder
The worms kinda like I guess a modern day felix unger
When ya first meet em ya think he's o.k.
But then you learn a little bit of the cramper goes a long way
Hear say here I say thru the grapevine
He squawks and he gawks and he walks a thin line
Just like a little fuckin fag
He always wants to get high but never has a bag
Never works says he can't find the right job
Ain't got a dime and when he does he's a tightwad
He's the dampest there's no one damp
Huh huh.... he's the muther fuckin cramper
Now the crampers red, there's no one redder,
He rides ya wrong like a really tight sweater
He's sorta like a mouse a pest of a peer
U come home he's at your house drinkin your last beer
Pokin and strokin he makes you wanna belt him
Always wearin out his mother fuckin welcome
And then sporty's never that cautious
He sips from your forty and he always backwashes
Talk about a certain subject, he'll jinx it
Let him borrow a shirt, the stooge always shrinks it
He's the dampest, there's no one damper
Huh huh.... he's the mother fuckin cramperback to top
3 Sheets to the Wind
I'm here and it's clear I'm gonna flow so yo black
Just get on up or yo get the bozak
Cuz it ain't kojak or dr. suess
It's the kid muther fucker and I'm gonna get loose
Cuz I got the juice to spruce and get nice and
So enticing strong like a bison
Ruff like brandy and no one knows
That I got more riffs than randy rhoads
Smash, slash and when I trash I bash
I get ill I chill but u don't know the half
I trip I rip and though I think I'm slick
I'm nothin but a funky country hick
But I still get down with a sound that pumps
And u can hear me from the trucks and the trunks that bump
Never been questioned by the f.b.i
Although I've tried every method just to get high
L.s.d. is what I'm trippin on
And o.e. bitch is what I'm sippin on
A big fat booty's what I'm grippin on
But for now I'm gonna rock and keep rippin on
Down to the muther fuckin a.m.
As I co bump and jump and keep the crowd in mayhem
No brain no c'mon y'all and tell me what's my name
3 sheets 2 the wind is the state I'm in
Half off the wagon with my feet draggin
Taggin hoes gettin lots of trim
Gettin jocks and props for all the spots I rock
I'm true I'm blue like captain kangaroo
And for the few who knew yo I'm a bang for you
Becuz the kid rock ain't no bitch yo
And I ain't no radio wanna get rich ho
So count my props you can't get with me and fuck all u cops u ain't shit to me
But hoes with guns playin hard for fun
So stay off my dick becuz I ain't the one
And for anyone tryin to bust me up
U better chill with that tryin to fuck me up
And if you're talkin shit I'm gonna shut ya up
And all ya wack d.j.'s I'm gonna cut ya up
Cuz I don't give a fuck about no one
And when I wax I tax and that's just how it goes son
Yo ain't no sucker
Cuz I'm the kid..'rock muther fucker'
Straight from mo-town and I won't slow down
I cease the cheese m.c,'s I moe down
And I show no shame cuz I'm down for mine
Now tell me what's my name
It ain't eric clapton and this ain't slowhand
I'm the kid ya dig and I'm a rock the whole land
Cuz no man can make a track this grand
And if you know what I know than just....back to top
Fuck U Blind
I'm on the brink I wonder what u bitches think
Like madonna walkin round like you ship doesn't stink
No class jack ass bitches actin like a burro
Dressed in black head to toe thinkin you're so fuckin euro
Tryin to act manhattan when you're from some little village
In a public enemy shirt and it's all for your image
Cuz any other rap you think it's crap fuckin trash
Bitch talk your shit just never let me get that ass
(chorus)I'll fuck u blind bitch
I'll fuck u blind bitch
I'll fuck u blind till you just can't see no more
Back in school I knew this chick her name was sara bolerdies
And she thought she was the shit becuz she dated older guys
Dumb bitch fuckin whore always wanted to get laid
But never gave the pussy up to anybody in her grade
Played me like a sucker
Like a bitch like a punk
That little pussy lickin finger fuckin ho ass cunt
Never once did she speak to anybody in her class
So one day I told her never let me get that ass
(chorus)I'll fuck u blind bitch
I'll fuck u blind bitch
I'll fuck u blind till you just can't see no more
Now all u bitches gettin fucked
Gettin drunk smokin buddha,
Gettin laid and gettin played like fuckin amy papuda
Better chill with that before u kill the cat
Before u spend your fuckin life lying on your back
U ain't gotta let me fuck u to be liked
Get a grip, shit I'll like u just the same if u suck a good dick
And yo I'm not speakin to all u girls at my shows
I'm speakin directly to all u fuckin bitches and hoes
Cuz I love women ones who chill drink and laugh
But if your fake ho don't ever cross my muther fuckin pathback to top
Back in the muther fuckin saddle
My six shooter strapped and I'm lookin for a battle
Out on the plains I'm just a loner
My saddle horn rubs right and yo it's givin me a boner
I got thoughts of annie oakley
But that buck toothed tramp in that last town she broke me
And we didn't even fuck
I gave my last gold tooth 'n gold nugget to get my dick sucked
3 days out on the frontier
And I'd kill for a cheap whore and a barrel of cold beer
I need a slut for a service
I take a peak at the shiip and they all run away nervous
Man I gotta get my rocks off
Cuz my wranglers don't fit right unless my cock's soft
Long nights by the fire me a trigger.....go figure
(chorus)I'm a desperate rado
Didn't take any practice
A desperate rado
Got a cock like a cactus
Now I drift through the desert like a wild coyote
Horny as a toad trippin off peyote
Holdin uptrains and gettin goods by the sack
I'm known thru out the west as the pie eyed mack
And to the law I'm no stranger
I'm wanted dead or alive cuz I shot the lone ranger
And then tonto tried to get down
So I boned his bitch slit he's throat and then I skipped town
That's the way I run my show
Paint towns red
Fuck hoes and then I lay low
I know you think I'm archaic
But my dick's like a sword
I see pussy and wanna slay it
Out on the plains it gets linely
Sometimes I feel homely
New faces
New towns no one knows me
Guns cocked in my holster
U see my face in each town nailed to a pole on a poster
I'm always lookin for the quick buck
Then always blowin my cash on a bitch with a big butt
Some say my head's hollow
Fuck em....I'm just a
(chorus ii)desperate rado
Trottin thru the bad lands
A desperate rado
Tokin down with all the cowhands
A desperate rado
Didn't take much practice
A desperate rado
Got a cock like a cactus
Now I fuck whores by the scores up ten fold on any fellow
In any town I can be found at the local bordello
Never yellow never chicken listen for my spurs draggin,
And when I'm kickin dust you better circle up the wagons
So when I rip thru your town don't be gawkin
Just tip your hat and tex keep walkin
Cuz I'm a gun slingin top hand
Fuck with me and you'll go out like custer at his last stand
I'm a low down buckaroo
If you leave me alone with your mother then I'll fuck her too
Cuz I'm a sidewinding nomad
And morals in upbringing is something that I never had
Known as the ruff ridin texan
A bad buck from the day of my inception.
And I was raised in the poor house
My mother kicked me out so she could start a whore house
Now since the day I left the corral
I've been on a quest for the plant that's called mescal
Cuz pale rider once pulled me aside
And told me that high was the best way to ride...
(chorus iii)now I'm a desperate rado
Always lookin for a fight
A desperate rado
Puffin on a peace pipe
I'm a desperate rado
On the run from the law
A desperate rado baddest one you ever sawback to top
Back from the Dead
Back from the dead second l.p. here we go
Comin at ya from the r.o.m.e.o.
Pistol packed with a crew'o fly slimmys
Hat turned back in some airwalk jimmys
Never slackin hoes I be mackin
Not wacked I don't try to act black when
I came up I came at ya from the outskirts
Bag of weed in the pocket of my sweatshirt
Bone 2 the bone 2 the bad 2 the bad 2 the bone
Hit bound from the mo-town allen
Fuck a 40 I drink it by the gallon
I started out in mount clemens as a d.j.
Park parties gettin drunk on sunday
Tweeked in the heat 2 a beat I'd rock 2 the -and rip shit up
An now I've toured this nation
Pimp of the nation
Pullin hoes
Rock the set in each city then step
Me, blackman and funk daddy def stef
Bitches, they think I'm sexist
But all I want baby is your grits for breakfast
Eggs, bacon, home cooked fries
And gimme a plate of that pussy on the side
Triple x on the set showin no class
Just a foul mouthed little fuckin smart ass
No fool I went 2 high school dumb ass
Smoked dope and I flunked every class
Slash and I smash cuz I thrash when I bash
Invite me to a party and your house'll get trashed
An outcast sick of being harassed so I dashed
Moved out of the crib cuz I hated cuttin grass
Now I reside on the eastside lovin it
Cold 40 dog in a brown bag chuggin it
Flex, sex, run of the next
Flippin and trippin and rippin and shakin the suckers who wanted 2
Front an get around 2 the
2 get up or get down 2 the rhyme
I'm shakin and takin and breakin I rip the mic like
Every time fuck I don't eat no manwich
Kickin back coolin with a cold grits sandwich
Somebody said I'm the best in the mo-town
But this town ain't shit but a ghost town
Who ever said it they lied they fessed
Bitch I'm the best in the mother fuckin midwest
Wanna be heard when I rap so I yell it
Sport a tigers cap like my man tom selleck
One bad bitch I smoke hash from a stick
Got more cash than fuckin white boy rick
My first lp wasn't pushed for shit
So jive records yo, go and suck a fat dick
Cuz I'm rippin like a chainsaw
Yes I'm that raw laughin' at ya suckers like hee haw
Roll it up, take a hit and then pass it
That's how we do it when we roll down gratiot
In my grand marquis I pimp to the beat
Two in the front and two hoes in the back seatback to top
My Oedipus Complex
I need somebody won't u help me
I need somebody won't you tell me who I am
I need somebody please please help me
I need somebody u must tell me who I am
I've been livin a lie so long it seems I've lived a life time
If u could see what I feel it would make your ghetto lood like heaven
And I believe it stems down from my family situation
I never liked my old man
I couldn't stand to be around him
Sometimes I sit all alone just starin at his picture
My heart turns to stone and I think of this

You never loved me you never held me tight
Instead u shook me like a beast to wake me up at night
U tried to make me think that your ways were best
When all I was was an outlet for all your stress

Life it's the ultimate sin
A game with no rules that you're expected to win
My personal hell's hidden with a grin
Dad take the stand and let the trial begin
U said that oil and water don't mix though it seems cool
Keep with your own and don't fuck up our gene pool
U should've went to school like your bigger brother
But you played the fool with a different color
Runnin' ship with a whip
I tried to keep up but I kept getting tripped
Money made u so wise
How could u look thru my face and not see your own eyes
Do as I say and not as I do
But I can't cuz when I look in the mirror I see u
And oh the pain how it hurts
It was always your home and your business that came first
U said a man is as good as his word
But your mind was closed and mine never herd
They say the nut don't fall far from the tree
Look at u then look at me...

U ain't nothin to me u've never been to me
And all u ever gave a damn about was money see
So now fuck u man you ain't shit to me
And it's the day that I die of this hate that I'm free
Now I know growin up son that it ain't always been easy
And I know at times I was not always there for you
We never spent much time just talkin or havin a good time
But understand growin up son I never had a dime
So I worked my ass off and I put myself thru college
And everything I have to this day u know I built it all
Oh I wish I could go back and change the years that's lost between us
I wish I could take back some of the things I said to you
Son I said I'm sorry...
Son I said I'm sorry but still u resent me so
Son I said I'm sorry and why do u resent me so

I always loved u I always cared for u
Just never wanted u to go thru what I've been thru
I tried to raise my fuckin family just the best I know
And now I'm hated like the devil and for what I don't know
Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!back to top
Balls in Your Mouth
Cruisin' thru town in my jacked up truck
Eyes open cuz I'm scopin' for a big butt slut
One that I can take straight back to my house
And have her suck my dick and put my balls in her mouth
Now get, get with it looked across the street
I seen a slimmy in a skirt boppin to the beat
So I capped up my 40 threw it under the seat
Rolled up on the freak and I started to speak
But before I sould talk she go grabbed my dick
Licked her lips and started talkin that porno shit
She said look here I know you're kid rock
Then whispered in my ear I wanna swallw your cock
Well blow me up and then blow me down
Cuz I think I just found the biggest freak in town
And now I can't wait to get her back to my house
Set her down on her knees and put my balls in her mouth
(chorus) balls in your mouth
Balls in your mouth; u want my balls in your mouth
Back to my crib with no delay
Big grin on my grill and not much to say
Except her yo bitch how's about
I drop my my drawers and put my balls in your mouth
Next the cutie started rubbin my back
Then she put a finger right between my booty crack
So I grabbed her wrist quick and said hold up slut
Ain't nobody stickin mothin in my butt
Now right then I knew I had a ho and a half
And all I could do is sit back and laugh
Stare at teh sieling thinking about
This chick I just met's got my balls in her mouth
(chorus) balls in your mouth
Balls in your mouth; u want my balls in your mouth
After I busted my nuts I drove her to the cut
She said I hope you don't think that I'm a big slut,
And please don't tell anyone what we've been thru
Next day I told the whole fuckin crew
Spread the news thru the whole damn town
And to the chick it musta got back around
So I told the ho sorry and tried to make amends
But she tried to front me in front of my friends
Runnin off at the lip talking all that shit
That I'm a bitch I'm a prick and that I got a small dick
I just waited till she walked away to shout
Fuck you bitch, u had my balls in your mouth!back to top
Trippin' With Dick Vitale
Dum diti dum dang dang di dum
2 bums in an alley with a bottle of rum
1 bum said look jack I'm the shit
Put his knees to his ears and sucked his own dick
My mothers crazy I think she sniffs glue
She never liked me and I know that's true
Kicked me out the crib becuz I got a tattoo
No one loves me and no one cares
And all I ever get is funny stares
I can't help it if I'm nothin but a wino
So I hang at the zoo chillin with the rhinos
Stealin' bottles of booze outta a & p
I know a girl at denny's and I always eat free
Got the same birthdate as thomas crapper
For christmas I bought the old man the clapper
I'm so dapper u can call me dan
But they call me round eye when I'm chilin in japan
Got a bad ass bitch adn she ain't no dike
But fuck that ho and let me tell ya what I like
I like bean burritos from taco bell
I like trippin on acid with dick vitale
My hair ain't plastic and my clothes aren't clashin'
I write my rhymes on a schooner in a 90's fashion
Took too many many trip and now I can's stop trippin
My mellow d. killed a rat in the kitchen
U think u toke tuff I'd disagree
Nobody blows more doobs than richard d.
I get ill on hoes who I know ain't fertile
I'm a real jet setter like cecil turtle
I'm down with bill bands so fuck joe glover
And while I'm at it muther fuck fat ass sally struthers
U look fine girl kinda undercover
But I can't fuck ya cuz you look like my mother
I said dang digee dang di dang dang
It ain't eric estrada or kool and the gang
U know I hand in the clem chillin on the strip
With all them mother fuckers who slang that shit
U know I'm a pimp hold my dick like a holster
U sing it all the girls want a kid rock poster
Lifes a big joke and that's how it strikes me
But fuck it cuz I know somebody up there likes me.
Assholes are only assholes, fo sho'back to top
TV Dinner
Have you ever known a free lancer
Thinks that he's a camper
Known around my way as the cramper
Like P.M.S. always pokin'
But he won't go away with a little Motrin
Now if u ever heard the term cramper and u wonder
The worms kinda like i guess a modern day Felix Unger
When ya first meet em ya think he's O.K.
But then you learn a little bit of the cramper goes a long way
Hear say here I say thru the grapevine
He squawks and he gawks and he walks a thin line
Just like a little fuckin fag
He always wants to get high but never has a bag
Never works says he can't find the right job
Ain't got a dime and when he does he's a tightwad
He's the dampest there's no one damp
Huh huh.... he's the muther fuckin cramper
Now the crampers red, there's no one redder,
He rides ya wrong like a really tight sweater
He's sorta like a mouse a pest of a peer
U come home he's at your house drinkin your last beer
Pokin and strokin he makes you wanna belt him
always wearin out his mother fuckin welcome
And then sporty's never that cautious
he sips from your forty and he always backwashes
Talk about a certain subject, he'll jinx it
let him borrow a shirt, the stooge always shrinks it
He's the dampest, there's no one damper
Huh huh.... he's the mother fuckin cramperback to top
Pancake Breakfast
Smokin any thing that I can fit in a pipe
Slammin bottles of tussin and going fishing for pike
Never uptight my high won't permit it
My problem's life but I don't sweat it, just live it
And I'm not your average rapper
Got the same birthdate as thomas crapper
So bitch better watch your back
Cuz I push more power than a marshall stack
Never the wack but oh so pesky
Some say I can't flow but muther fucker don't test me
And if you arrest me you dumb cop
I'll find your daughter and I'll give her this cock
Kid rock's my mother fuckin name
Bitch u know me so pass the o.e.
And don't talk about takin me out
Cuz I got your girl and I'm makin her shout
Just like a piano I'm really grand
And I got more riffs than steely dan
Some friends call me fly
But most just call me when they wanna get high
It ain't the disco cisco kid muther fucker
It's the outlasting shotgun-blasting
Dick-swingin' pussy lickin' punk
Little skinny muther fucker and I'm not no hunk
But I got more rhymes than a cornfield stalks
And I turn more tricks than tony hawk
Walk with a limp cuz I pimp like a pro
And if ya dis me punk I'll fuck your ho
And though you think I'm nothing more than a young punk
I'm like a hound dog chasin a chipmunk
I move quick like a cheetah
And it ain't shit to me to just beat a
M.c. down who looks like a dick
Jumpin 'round like a homo on a pogo stick
Yo rock, what's up stop being a jerk
And just give 'em an example of how a d.j. works
Cuz it's blackjack and I got two aces
Been many places seen many faces
And everywhere I go people wanna jive
So I keep my fingers on my .45
So don't cross my dusty path
Or I'll put my foot up in crusty ass
Don't front ho pass the jay
Then hear me m.c. and watch me d.j.
To the beat y'all and I won't stop
And i'ma rock this shit till your eardrums pop
Everybody's tryin' to get a piece of the pie
But I don't let bullshit spoil my highback to top
Blow Me
A bottle of jack's got my manager grinnin'
Yeah that's me that keeps the turntables spinnin'
I'm countin cards and I keep on winnin'
I know God hates me cuz I'm always sinnin'
U don't know me blow me ho you wanna get hot
You'll get your ass blown out fuckin with the kid rock
Eatin up ya suckers just the same way a beast could
Tearin thru your town like muther fuckin clint eastwood
Cuz I be fakin the rhymes that keep ya shakin'
Makin a lotta money but don't let me be mistaken
I never thought about climbin up the pop chart
And I don't give a fuck u can't buy my tape in k-mart
Give me a choice between soundin like an ass wipe
Or sittin in an alley smokin crack from a glass pipe
I'd be as skinny as a junkie with the aids plague
But still I'd look better than a puppet tryin to get paid
Now check the rhyme as I climb and I co get rude
And send ya runnin' playin' pussy like shaggy and scoob
Cuz I'm the wrong dude to fuck with my mouth is mental
And I'm a tear shit up like they did in south central
Son of a bitch I'm the son of a bitch
Nobody ever loved u so you're the son of a dick
I'm a product of a young girl top in her class
You're a product of a hooker who was sellin that ass
And your styles in the past it's old and dusty
So from now on I'm callin u m.c. crusty
Cuz to face me u must be blitzed or blasted
So now I'm gonna drop ya like a hit of acid
And when I rip ya people they might stare
Cuz I got more rhymes than donahue's got white hair
An yo buck won't you please be a friend
And tell your mom I wanna fuck and I'll pick her up at 10back to top
In So Deep
My ideas like highs
They come and they go
It seems I've forgotten what I need to know
I feel I'm wasting time at night when I sleep
Someone so shallow that's in so deep
So I patch the holes that yet haven't appeared
Completely blinded but things are so clear
I know just what to do but why the fuck should I bother
I;m content sitting at the right hand of our father
Fuckin a is all I got to say
Give me peace of mind and I'll be on my way
I was born into this world and I don't know why
So all I'm doing's passing time before I dieback to top
U Don't Know Me
Here here we go from japan to romeo
My flow is slow and it's ya know my first time on radio
Now some say I'm foul, some say I'm wild
And that all might be true
But it did not happen overnight
So let me tell my tale to you
It started out when I was six just tellin' dirty jokes
My mother overheard and washed my mouth out with soap
Now as I grew I always knew what it was for me to do
Never front just be blunt and always tell the truth
Never fake, I never act like something that I'm not
Remember me I'm that foul mouthed kid that lived around your block
You thought that I was crazy like a dog chasin it's tail
And by the time I turned of legal age I'd probably be in jail
In school my teachers thought I was just a foul mouthed freak
Now their yearly salary is what I make in just one week
So to thepeople who used to say u think u know it all
Maybe I do and maybe I don't but right now I'm standin tall...
And u don't know me
It's funny how one kid can cause so much confusion
Parents should be happy I'm the dop their kids are using
Now some people think this business is all fame and glory
But there's a flip side to that truth so let me kick my story
It took me oh so long to reach the point I'm at
Every time I take one stip forward they push me two steps back
I give an inch they take a mile some try to cramp my style
They try to diss they shoot they miss
I walk off with a smile
But time will pass and I'll out last anyone who doubts me
And the booty naked truth is u don't know shit about me
So when I'm in your town to nearst mic please kindly show me
So u can see what's really me and find out u don't know me
Cuz u don't know me
Now u might wanna party man so here's your party jam
Hey girly in that skirt I want u just like uncle sam
Let's knock boots, let's knock boots right down to the nitty gritty
With every drind 'n every blink u seem to get more pretty
So out the bar straight to my car now what's left to do
She was sayin I love u so I said yeah I love you to
Next day I awoke I almost choked
Who's bringin me inside,
My head was ringin' heard people singin' here comes the bride
Thinkin just what was I drinkin as I looked around to see
The girl I met last night was at the alter waitin on me
Next thing I know I'm face to face with holy matrimony
Looked at that bitch and I quick screamin'
U don't know me...she didn't know me
Girls around this country think I'm nasty think I'm sexist
But they bought my first l.p.
U know-grits sandwiches for breakfast
Sayin ooh your this and oooh your that uh uh uh hold up cutie
What's your favorite song off that l.p.
Ah, wax that booty
A lesson taught, I know you thought my dirty raps were kinda funny
But close minded people thought I was only out to make money
But check on back cuz it's a fact obscenity is no new thing
Remember chuck berry and when he sang my ding a ling
But for me I feel what I see and I say just what I feel
And in this world everything I see u know is all too real
Even though I don't look the same cuz I cut off my flat top
I'll always say just what I feel cuz that's the real kid rock...
And u don't know me.back to top
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