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King Diamond lyrics

Album: Abigail II: The Revenge [2002]

 01  Spare This Life
 02  The Storm
 03  Mansion in Sorrow
 04  Miriam
 05  Little One
 06  Slippery Stairs
 07  The Crypt
 08  Broken Glass
 09  More Than Pain
 10  The Wheelchair
 11  Spirits
 12  Mommy
 13  Sorry Dear
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Spare This Life
from the Abagail II record.

"I. O'Brian of the black horsemen, forbid this sacrilege You all know
that this demon child has Abagails spirit inside but what you don't
know is that she is the reincarnation of my stillborn half-sister her
spirit is not evil nor is it good all it wants, is to make things right
again so spare this life through which revenge can be mine and Abagails
can find her final peace I, O'Brian have spoken Let it be done"back to top
The Storm
from the Abagail II record.

18 was yesterday today she was a woman in every single way abagail was
walking in the forest where the darkness it seems to be alive it was
hours ago that she left her home the chapel in which black horsemen
saved and raised her soul and now in the darkest night a storm was born
and abagail, she did not know...she was its prey in the storm its self
a monster came alive chasing abagail lightning from the sky ah...then
her face turned white never did she see the eye that cried raindrops
on her head weeping for the dead rain...rain...rain turning red. "Oh no"
..."let me go back to my home"..."Oh no"..."oh..." god he looked away
the night the storm it came and abagail was drawn into the rain. rain
was pulling on her hair to where there is a mansion...the lair lurking
in the dark when lightning struck again the mansion showed
silhouette. ah...rusty iron gates this is where the little one she waits
raindrops on her head weeping for the dead. rain...rain...eainturning
red. oh no... let me goback to my home ...oh no...oh...seeing the little
one...knowing that she was a ghost... abagail wondering why she was
mummified... a lantern in her hand and in the light she saw a
name:Count de la Feyback to top
Mansion in Sorrow
from the abagail II record.

mansion in sorrow mansion in the dark maybe tomorrow the devils mark.
the gates were locked from the inside and abagail was sure to die then
little one went straight through her body and the gates, they opened
wide and little one went up the stairs to the old oak door. mansion in
sorrow mansion in the dark maybe tomorrow the devils mark. lightning
was striking the trees all around abagail still in shock, awoken by the
sound run better run better run after little one run better run run
after little one but little one had gone gone to the beyond mansion in
sorrow mansion in the dark suddenly the door was open where have you
been my dear? i'm brandon henry and i serve the master here. through a
maze og gloomy lhallways and candles black safe from the storm she
followed the man with the shaven head they went a room...that
was like a shrine jewelry and dresses cabinets made of glass
portrsits on the walls, 18 in all a strong scent of old perfume. and
then there was the hair to top
from the abagail II record.

curtains of black were inside the room shutting out the light, the light
that always hurt his eyes there was nothing bright in this entire,no except for the candlelight...the light...and the fire
that burned real slow Oh miriam...why did you have to go and die?
curtains of black were inside the room abagail was not alone. there was
someone else in here too "come closer my dear" said the shadow in the
wheelchair "stand by the fireplace. so i can better see your face" oh
miriam...why did you have to go and die? the shadow could not believe
the likeness in her face it looked as if miriam had come back from the
grave "i am count de la fey and you are? "abagail" she wispered and
shivered to the bone "can i" he said "can i...can i call you miriam?
"miriam or abagail is fine you can even call me lucy for it is just a
name" he struggled out of the wheelchair since his fall many years ago
now he could only walk by a cane what a shame.don't move stay where you
are, and then he was right behind her touching her long black hair he
was breathing much harder now then he grabbed her head in pain she
screamed as he yanked out a lock of that beautiful hair oh dear oh
dear oh dear he quickly struggled across the floor to a smaller cabinet
behind glass doors it said: to my beloved dear it was then he started
to compare and she saw the other hair in his twisted mind she was back
but why? i must retire my dear in order to prepare you should do the
same, tomorrow an heirback to top
Little One
from the abagail II record.

"mommy...mommy...mommy...mommy" later that night in her room abagail
was drifting off to sleep all of what she had seen today was hard to
believe then the screams of a child in pain creeping deep into her
brain yeah the screams of a child in pain she cannot find her mommy
and that's a shame. abagail was quickly on her feet down the stairs
and into the dark abagail was following the sound and there she was;
the child. it was clearly a ghost...the ghost from the gate in the
storm little girl tell me who you are i am your spirit twin from years
ago i'm little one that brought back memories of abagail when turning
six sneaking out of bed like she always did hiding in the dark listening
to the men tell their stories from way back then she remembered the
story of jonathan and they'd been talking about the little one then the
screams of a child in pain creeping deep into her brain yeah the
screams of a child in pain she cannot find her mommy and that's a shame
abagail she knew she had to stay saving little one and breaking the
chain...breaking the chain.back to top
Slippery Stairs
"Wake Up Abigail", midday, Henry was at her door
The Count would not rise until the afternoon and lunch was for two
So they talked about Miriam and Abigail said:
"What about Little One"
Henry froze, "You mean our ghost?"
"Downstairs on the lowest floor,
That's where you'll find the DOOR
Beyond which there are slippery stairs
Leading down to the crypt
And little one sleeps there during the day
But at night she'll rise searching for her Mom
Don't you ever go there at night it's a sinister place
There's so much pain, so much death, so much nothingness"
When night time came on the second day and dinner was done
Johnathan's headache it was gone
"Miriam please take my hand" his mood had really changed
"Time is right to produce an heir"
Playing along with his eerie game she followed him up the stairs
Up to a room where love they would share
To a room that smelled as if Miriam was still there
Johnathon was a hideous sight
So Abigail she killed the candlelight
What was to come, should have never been done
She was blocking his mind from his awful thing
In her mind his moaning became
Nohing but falling on slippery stairs
Falling and crying, crawling and dying
At the end of the stairs
Her eyes turned black in disgust
Hating him more with every thrust
And then it was over before it began
He was done..oh what a man
The only time he would call her MINEback to top
The Crypt
from the abigail II record.

the moon is outside but it can't get in almost dead from his nightly
sin jonathan is deep asleep, a perfect visit the heep. Down
the hallway to the lair down down the slippery stairs Abigail is in
the crypt a lantern in her hand. The secret of the crypt a coffin made
for a child wondering who is inside oh...Abigail and off comes the lid.
The smell of sick mummified infant on its side a name was cut deep in
the lid with a knife and it said:Abigail. A silvery necklace was round
the mummy's neck it had wings and was sharpened round the edge what
are you doing here, henry had come in unseen. Abigail pulled on the
necklace and the little mummy's head was seperated clean from it's tiny
neck then up up up, up into his throat twisting and turning it, ah she
couldn't stop. Brandon henry was going down in a pool of blood he was
on the ground. There's an eerie glow in the crypt down below mummified
infant on its side "Gotta go...gotta run...I'll be back for you little
one" In the crypt Abigail's twin is searching for a home Abigail's twin
is searching for her mom but mommy's in the floor and it's made of
stone her mommy's in the floor and she doesn't know Oh she doesn't know,
she doesn't know, Will she ever know.......back to top
Broken Glass
from the Abigail II record.

The storm was gone, but dark clouds still hung around The perfect
setting for things to come, late afternoon She was still in bed after
her visit to the crypt Someone was calling henry's name Or was it only
in her dream? A dream of breaking glass, glass cutting into flesh Rain
turning red, blood running for the dead. Again she heard a
was louder, but the same Jonathan was fighting his way out of bed"where
is Brandon Henry? and why is he late?" Abigail:"He didn't feel very
well today, So i sent him back to bed and there he'll stay. But I, my
dear, will cater to your needs For you I will be the hand , the hand
that feeds" Abigail obsessed with her revenge her old spirit was back
It made her remember her dream of broken glass, "se it in your scheme
the broken glass" Broken glass crushed into sugar glace Making dinner
for Jonathan. Abigail was having fun Would it be romantic, dinner or
slaughter of the lamb? Would broken glass be cutting deep,deep deep
into the flesh of a man? Dinner was enjoyed by candlelight And Jonathan
was wearing his Funeral suit, it put him in the right mood Whatever it
took, he would do. he was in love...he was in love again, he was in
love...he was in love again, but Abigail would soon feed his love away,
Feed his love away "Dinner is served"back to top
More Than Pain
from the Abigail II record.

In the dark she was so beautiful and white Abigail was glowing like a
diamond in the night Jonathan:"I love you Miriam...Oh my
stomach...That hurts...there it is again...oh what pain It's like
someone's cutting me with a knife...This is more than pain" Abigail:"
Ah ha ha, i put broken glass in your dinner dear It's only getting
worse from here Time has come to say hello to fear No more hiding from
the sun, count the minutes as they run Run away with life itself"
Jonathan:"what's wrong with you Miriam? I'm hurting please help me"
Abigail:"Ah ha ha ha, NO, NO, you're gonna die This is so much more
than pain, feel the Devil's rain No more hiding from the sun, count
the minutes as they run Run away with life itself" Jonathan:"I can't
believe you're doing me...My God...I'm bleeding through my
mouth...What was that?...Oh No"back to top
The Wheelchair
from the abigail II record.

Abigail:"what you did to my mother, trying to kill me inside of her
Miriam she died alright, but i'm still alive I was the sister of your
father's in another life The father you never knew, who saved me years
ago. And now i'm looking at his son a man and his in
the past No room for life, only the dark. was so close to the end...i
will never forget the coffin and nails But little Abigail is back again
So young and beautiful, while you are living in the past, a past so
dark, there is no room for life itself.and all i see when i'm looking
at you is where EVIL always LIVED and ruled. you almost killed me and
now you must pay. A man and his wheelchair, living in the past No room
for life. only the dark. Do you even know who the hell it is you are
keeping in the crypt?...Do you? Fear and twisted hate. then the feeling
of being betrayed Overwhelmed him...Abigail:"that child is part of me"
he had to get up and out of the wheelchair but without his cane, Oh he
didn't stand a chance The cane was in her hand. she used it to push him
back push him in the chest, she was ready for attack then a quick blow
to his wrist. four five across his back One last one hit him on the
neck Abigail:"I can't believe you're still alive my god", she screamed.
"I'll teach you how to die...this should light up your worthless
little life Open up your eyes then she lit the torch. His eyes were
burning pain. she wanted to hear him scream and this was not a dream
Abigail was out of control she was laughing at his every scream this
was no more the clean revenge it should have been. Abigail was feeling
like the ruler of hell the joy of causing pain the wheelchair was really
on fire. in the middle of dying Jonathan's chared body was falling down.back to top
from the Abigail II record.

Jonathan is dead and Abigail is watching his wheelchair burn the flames
lick the wooden floor spreading to the curtains and then the draperies
on the walls higher and higher they go. "I am the fire... I'm eating
everything I'll bring this mansion down through me they all must come"
spirits flying through the air spirits crossing over the other side to
rest in peace and never die again and to be with long gone friends. the
ghosts of those who lived here in the past they will use the flames to
leave this EVIL house. Abigail is watching the spirits and the flames
dancing hand to hand around her long black dress Oh around and around
they go, until they touch Abigail is on fire. Spirits flying through the
air spirits crossing over to the other side to rest in peace and never
die again. and to be with long gone friends. there is no pain as
Abigail is eaten by the flames her body starts to fade, emptiness is
growing inside slowly she's leaving her body behind and the spirits are
right by her side oh no here she goes, her spirit is in the air the
others guide her to the flames where they all will disappear spirits fly
ing through the air spirits crossing over to the other side to rest in
peace and never die again and to be with long gone friends But Abigail
forgot one little thing "her own little twin"......back to top
from the abigail II record.

You could see the fire burn, you could see the colours turn from black
to no return the night began to cry, rain from the sky as the mansion
died. Oh died...oh died. deep down below fire would not
go the crypt is still alive listen to the child that cries. i wonder
what is wrong it's so damp...and here, could this be the home
of fear There's something in the dark, that should be left alone as if
it had a grave of it's own. there's a body on the floor, i hope there
is no more, i think i'm stepping in blood too dark for me to see, a dark
you only feel a dark that always must be. i see a i'm
blind...where did she go? oh no deep down below, fire would not go the
crypt is still alive, listen to the child that cries. where did she go?
she must have slipped into the dark again not too far away, i see a
light and there is little one, standing by the wall the lantern in her
hand is lighting up the coffin on the stand Oh... i used to know your
sister, your eternal spirit twin ohh but abigail was way too busy with
revenge and now your stuck in here on your own a lonely soul who'll
never ever find a home Oh No. she cannot find her mommy, cause mommy's
in the floor and she doesn't even know...who her mother really is...oh
no, only i and a few others know who her mother really is The
Countess...The Countess...The COuntess "Mommy...Mommy... Oh she cannot
find her Mommy "Mommy...Mommy" cause she's buried in the floor but
it's not your mommy your looking for IT"S YOURSELF!!!back to top
Sorry Dear
from the Abigail II record.

"I wanna go's cold down here
I don't like the dark Where are you mommy?
will i ever see you again?
please come back and take me away from here"
"Sorry Dear"
whining................"I do like the dark though"
"AAAAAAmennnn"back to top
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