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Kingdom Come lyrics

Album: Bad Image [1993]

 01  Passion Departed
 02  You're the One
 03  Fake Believer
 04  Friends
 05  Mad Queen
 06 Pardon the Difference (But I Like It)
 07  Little Wild Thing
 08  Can't Resist
 09  Talked Too Much
 10  Glove of Stone
 11  Outsider
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Passion Departed
I've tried so many times
Have lied when we were blind
You act all so concerned
It seems you'll never learn
Don't say I'm evil inside
You just reflect in my eyes
And now stay out of sight
I just wanna survive
Chorus 1
We are sinking
Fear is grinding
Passion departed
I'm not a taker
Nor a heartbreaker
Love can't be charted
Please don't act so surprised
You should know what it's like
Sweet talk just does no good
Although I wish it would
Chorus 2
It's not just who's terrified
Who's spinning round and round inside
I hope the answer will arrive
Chorus 3
Chorus 4back to top
You're the One
Now I know how it feels
This is not just a dream
All I can see is you
I need to be with you
Angels have come to show
Just which way I should go
All I can see is you
I need to be with you
You're the one who changed my life
When you said you'll be all mine
I'm just scared of losing sight
Can't resist it no more
Can't hold back my own thoughts
All I can see is you
I need to be with you
You have changed my sense of time
I can't get you off my mind
I'm afraid you're stuck for life
I know,
The past made become my worst enemy
But this time, it's gonna work
Repeat chorus 1 + 2
CHORUS 4back to top
Fake Believer
You're a great big talker
Tell them what to do
Giving out directions
You don't follow through
You're a great complainer
Haven't done a thing
Good at pointing fingers
Acting like a king
Chorus 1
Fake believers
Spreading all around
Crave approval
Before they let you down
Counting on emotions
Of the blinded crowd
Making sense means nothing
When you've got no ground
Chorus 2
Flames are growing
Burning inside out
False and spineless
It's time to throw them out
Chorus 3back to top
You feel the way I do
Love has changed it's course
Crashed upon the shore
I can see it in your eyes
I can feel the hurt,
Far beyond the word 'good bye
Chorus 1
Now that it's over
Now that we're at the end
Can we start over
Back to when we were friends
Love, more than just your touch
More than just a word
Many times it hurts
I believe in you and i
Think I've found a way,
We can stand the test of time
Chorus 2 + 3 like chorus 1
Chorus 4
Now that it's over
Now that we're at the end
We can start over
Back to when we were friendsback to top
Mad Queen
You caught me with your eyes
I can feel what's on your mind
Just like a gentle breeze
Touching only when you please
Chorus 1
Shut down
She's a mad queen
Watch out
She's a love machine
I fall into a trance
Every time I watch you dance
Let's end what you've begun
Sure your love, hat you have done
Chorus 2
Chorus 3
Chorus 4
Chorus 5back to top
Little Wild Thing
Little wild thing
Hard and cold she seems
To one who does
Not know her
But deep down inside
She's warm and bright
I know her
Chorus 1
Little wild thing
You've got that something
Little sweet thing
Misunderstood thing
She's heard it all
And built a wall
To save her
And she does not like
For someone to control her
She ain't no fake
Just give and take
I love her
Chorus 2
Such a precious mind
Is hard to find
I told her
She did not reply
Just gave a sign
To love her
Chorus 3
Little wild thing
Little sweet thing
Little wild thing
You've got that something
Little sweet thing
(chorus out)back to top
Can't Resist
I have never seen her cry)
Hasn't shown the slightest smile, oh
Doesn't share her deepest thoughts
She just lets her body talk
Chorus 1
I can't resist
Gotta go and kiss her
Bridge 1
With a scattered mind
Can't see in her eyes of stone
I don't think she's hurt inside,
Just reserved with a sense of pride, oh
Thinking what's gonna make her show
Straight attack's gonna let me know
Chorus 2
Bridge 2
Chorus 3
Chorus 4
Bridge 3
I just can't resist
Gotta steal a kiss
It's like hit or miss
Got a scattered mind
Oh - oh - oh
I'm burning insideback to top
Talked Too Much
I wonder who really cares!
What is happening everywhere
Tv is bringing the news
More killing, more abuse
Bridge 1
We've fought too
We've lied too
We've talked too much
I wonder who I can blame
I just can not call a name
No guilt is crossing
My mind
But sadness deep inside
Bridge 2
Chorus 1
We've chosen to shoot us
And now we're the losers
We're fighting day after day
Taking orders and obey
Deep down we're feeling the same
Distrust and fear of pain
Bridge 3
Chorus 2
We've chosen to shoot us
And now we're the losers
Bridge 4
Chorus 3
We've chosen to shoot us
And now we're the losersback to top
Glove of Stone
Do you know why I'm cold as ice
Why we don't seem to harmonize
Don't care to talk
Can't even cry
Chorus 1
With a glove of stone
You've got no control
All the words you say
Are nothing but lies
I can handle it once or twice
Being stepped on is part of life
But not by you
Don't even try
Chorus 2 like chorus 1
Like a smile in pain
I couldn't reply
Now you wonder what's on my mind
Whether you have been right or wrong
It's up to you
Time to decide
Chorus 3 like chorus 1
All the words you say
Are nothing but lies
Chorus 4 like chorus 1
Like smile in pain
I couldn't reply
Like smile in pain
I couldn't reply
It's your choice to change
If love is your guideback to top
I don't mind
Simple rules so we won't live like cavemen
But I won't
Let them take what is left of my freedom
Chorus 1
So tired
Worn out
My tears are gone
But not the only one
All I hear
's don't do this, don't do that
You're a madman
Had enough
I'm not just their political trash can
Chorus 2
You may think
I'm a fool who is living in dreamland
Rather that
Than I like you who are walking on quicksand, oh
Chorus 3
So tired
Worn out
My tears are gone
Is what I have becomeback to top
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