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Kingdom Come lyrics

Album: Hands of Time [1990]

 01  I've Been Trying
 02  Should I
 03  You'll Never Know
 04  Both Of Us
 05  Stay
 06  Blood On The Land
 07  Shot Down
 08  You're Not The Only ... I Know
 09  Do I Belong
 10  Can't Deny
 11  Hands Of Time
 12 Don't Need To Justify
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I've Been Trying
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf

Too many times I've been trying
Feelings I've had turned to stone
So long I'm gone

Can't live in shame
Who is to blame
Fate broke our chain
Ain't playing games
Too many times I've been lying
Thinking of her when we touched
So long I'm gone

Chorus:back to top
Should I
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf & carol tatum

Oh, just another bloody day
I've gone the ways they said that I should go
And now sands of time have brought decay
The hand of fate is in control
Oh, thousand voices calling me
To sail the seas that only I would know
I hear human sirens everywhere
Their evil tongues have turrned to stone

Shoud i, should i
Pretend and close my eyes:
Should i, should i
Sit in or just one more time
Should i, should i
Hold back just to survive
Should i, should i
Give in like other times beforeback to top
You'll Never Know
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf & carol tatum

Recalling memories of love with you
Such simple innosence in love we knew
We held each other crying tears of happiness
And then the winds of change began to blow
The voice of destiny said I must go
My tears could fill an ocean trying to forget
My love could move a mountain ever since we met

You'll never know
How much I have loved you, too
You'll always shine
Like the stars above you do
But soon you won't be crying tears of lonelinessback to top
Both Of Us
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf & carol tatum

Come and lay your head
On my shoulder
For the world has grown
So much colder
L feel you tremble like a frightened child me shower you
With affection
There's no need for such
I feel your body melting into mine

Talkin 'bout the both of us
Don't need to cry
No one can destroy our trust
(no one can replace your touch)
And we know why
Hound to misery
And seduction
There's no need for this
Start reaching out for what is real in life.back to top
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics lenny wolf & carol tatum

Now, I have found that the
Girl I love can't take the downsides
I wish you'd talk it all out
For me to understand it
You always say that the
Time is wrong to talk about it
1 don't know how to go on
If you don't drop your defenses

Can't keep running away
Just say what you are looking for
'cause you know if you don't
Heartache is what you are heading for
Now is the time, no one else
Is going to do the talking
If you just can't take a stand
You might be better off walkingback to top
Blood On The Land
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf & carol tatum

Ooo, do you feel the danger
You, cannot fool the maker

Looking up
To the sky
Hard to breathe it
Burns my eyes
Desert land
Poison rain
Can't sit back
When I know who's to blame
Ooo, do you feel the danger
Blackened tides
On the sand
Still they rape our
Holy land
In our eyes
So afraid
Is our future the
Price they have paid?

Blood on the land
Blood on their hands
Ready to witness the fall of man
Hiding their eyes
Telling us lies
Ready to shatter the dream of man
Ooo, do you feel the danger
You, cannot fool the maker
They will take
All they can

Then pretend
They don't understand
For the lies
That they tell
All I know is i'll
See you in hellback to top
Shot Down
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf & carol tatum

Here I am looking for answers
Driven hard with no thought of surrender
If I knew where I could find them
I could spare you the act of a madman

Shot down
Scared to fall
Where do I belong
Shot down
Can't recall
Where did I go wrong
Winds of war, holy disaster
If I could I would light it with laughter
Breathing hard is what I've been doing
I just hope that no evil is brewingback to top
You're Not The Only ... I Know
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf & carol tatum

I should go
Even though
I've forgiven all the lies
That you told
Scared to have you back again
People just don't change
After all I know if I pretend
I'd be lying just the same

Now you're wondering why
Things did not turn out right
Got to change your style
You're not the only I know
Long ago
Should have known
You were young and scared to be
On your own
Tried to luck on me again
Fooled me for a while
I can see the games we played before
And it only makes me smileback to top
Do I Belong
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf a carol tatum

Been so long since I felt so strong
I'm scared to fall in love
Many times I've been hurt before
It seems I can't get enough
Since your touch put a spell on me
I cannot ease my mind
Is it you I've been looking for
I'm searching deep down inside

Hit me by surprise
Right between the eyes
Do I belong
Do I belong
Are you the one?
Reaching for the sky
I just hope that in time we'll know
It's not a fairy tale
Disbelief, that is all I feel
I've been through heaven and hell
Even though after what I know
I'm breaking down the walls
Feeling strong whether right or wrong
I'm going to get through it allback to top
Can't Deny
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf s marty wolff

You pretend you're so cool
It's not you who's the fool
Says the voice on your shoulder
You pretend you're so calm
And you've never been harmed
But you're crying inside

Can't deny
What you find under cover
What you need's more than a !over
You would like to believe
You could never deceive
Not yourself or another
When the going gets rough
You pretend you're so tough
But you're hurting inside
What you need is a friend
You can trust 'till the end
And you don't need no other
After all you've been through
L can see why you choose
Living life in disguiseback to top
Hands Of Time
Music: lenny wolf
Lyrics: lenny wolf & carol tatum

No more tomorrow
Is what they talk about
Everyone borrows
On time while living in doubt
Innocent laughter
Filling the children's eyes
Don't let disaster
Destroy the magic of life

The sun is fading
Darkness comes in the sky
I wish we could turn back
The hands of time
Why are we destined
Making the same mistakes
Especially next time
It could be far too late
Living together
Needing to compromise
Harder than ever
To stand the test of timeback to top
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