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Kittie lyrics

Album: Oracle [2001]

 01  Oracle
 02  Mouthful of Poison
 03  In Winter
 04  Severed
 05  Run Like Hell
 06  Pain
 07  Wolves
 08  What I Always Wanted
 09  Safe
 10  No Name
 11  Pink Lemonade
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Oracle kittie
A glance over our own shoulder a vow that today will stand out caged in a
Routine intent unknown the element of surprise impact undetermined but vast
Mark mebrandishing a cold loaded smile simplicity, subtlety, discordance, fate
And allegory everything has it's purpose and you will suffer for what you've doneback to top
Mouthful of Poison
Bloodspilled heart-felt head filled play dead consider yourself now, my friend
Enemy number one you are bound and gagged, sacred circle broken trust now the
Plague has been cast in your town, acid tongue venom word why bother to lie?
Leave the lamb behind your mouth full of (lead and lies) don't walk in fire you
Might find that you'll get burned what a find dirty face guilt at last is this a
Lesson that's learned? can you hear you own blood in you veins calling out your
Demise? silence a word to the wise I can't hear you scream drowning so it seems
Your mouth is full of poisonback to top
In Winter
In winter kittie
You fell tot ground like rain on deaf ears your cries met hands and knees were
Blistered shouting from the tallest tree you declared wrong but they never
Listen there's a safety in numbers and they hung you there under that tree it's a
Cold hearted world the coldest winter? you don't see me like I know you hiding
Behind glass so stricken with grief you can't let them win they'll have you
Playing life makes death so good you don't know you never willback to top
Severed kittie
Look at you now eyes wide open truth begged to be told (for you bought and
Sold) I walk around in circles to revisit where I've always been you spoke of
Where your heart was I thought I knew you well ties that bind you have been
Severed I want to make you feel this trusting arms let me fall once again i
Stood close to an enemy and closer to a friendback to top
Run Like Hell
Run run run run run run run run Run, YEAH!
You better make your face up in Your favourite disguise
With your button down lips and your Roller blind eyes
With your empty smile
And your hungry heart
Feel the bile rising from your guilty past
With your nerves in tatters when the cockleshell shatters
And the hammers batter down the door
You'd better run!
Run run run run run run run run
Run, YEAH!
You better run all day and run all night
And keep your dirty feelings deep inside
And if you're taking your Girlfriend out tonight
You'd better park the car well out of sight
Cause if they catch you in the back seat trying to pick her locks
They're gonna send you back to mother in a cardboard box
You better run!
Run run run run run run run run
Run, YEAH!back to top
Pain kittie
I feel your pain almost lost it all you are all the same the wounded bleed to
Death tarnish my name you deserve at all you knew life was a game you deserve
Nothing at all you must endure your own pain left in the death without a light
Hollowback to top
It crawls along the floor subdued
Nothing amounts to
Nothing realizing
Nothing afraid of
Nothing act upon
Nothing stopping at
Nothing consider
Nothing consequence
Comes Back
Like Wolves!
Hydra dead times six cowering
Nothing amounts to
Nothing realizing
Nothing afraid of
Nothing act upon
Nothing stopping at
Nothing consider
Nothing consequence
Comes Back
Like Wolves!
If I could, I would have begged youback to top
What I Always Wanted
What I always wanted kittie
(opened up it's revealed) savor this (don't get lost in the lie) hit or miss
Beside my self with doubt push on what's to come must be proved focus bliss
Charcoal stares one foot at a time smear those lines (it's what) (I) (thought) i
Thought I found what I always wanted bear with me certainty is not at hand i
Can't keep my eyes shut you talk not to listen I got what I wanted I got just
What I always wantedback to top
Safe kittie
In the darkness troubled waters lies a flicker of hopes fire come to your
Senses wager a risk I won't let go waiting dreams it's wonderful reality I watch
As this golden bird flies free in this ash-vault a rose garden these walls will
Never see me just to save me save meback to top
No Name
No name kittie
Indeed I will condescend exhausting every trace to give you what you asked for
Everything you demanded you bleed right from me at last I will be free and the
Phoenix rises invasion of my last hope for once just know your place we are
Only human everything you demanded you bleed right from me so weak I cannot see
Corruption at it's finest.back to top
Pink Lemonade
Pink lemonade
Trusted you with my life shattered dreams broken glass I hope there is a
Closure down your path for I have yet to find the means to forgive so what if
This was all I had? is it over? wasting away and forget to see go choose your
Way having everything you walked away from this did it make it easier on you?
So now what? life must go on still haunted it's so hard to face the day I hope
It is good for you I tried, oh how I tried but it's broken let me I could have
Diedback to top
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