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Korova lyrics

Album: A Kiss In The Charnel Fields [1995]

 01 Intro: Der Weltenbrand
 02  After The Fruits Of Ephemeral Pulchritude
 03  Lachrydeus Mittelgard (Slahan Fontagr In Awe?i)
 04  Entlebt In Tristem Morgenblut
 05 Intro: Im Teich Erlischt Ein Bachlein
 06 Awakening From Perpetual Contemplation (Yellow Mahogany Tomb I.)
 07  Latin Dreams In Turpentine
 08  Nordsciltim - In The Filth Where All Cull Perambulates Pain
 09 Salomeh, Des Teufels Braut
 10  A Kiss In The Charnel Fields
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After The Fruits Of Ephemeral Pulchritude
Under der krunenwe wintro ist hkrre
Wart ich gewbfent gen minne und fkind
Staimbort und suertuwbren monfrouwe,
Der ich schknkte bluomen von bluat.

Exaustedly I leave the fields of winter.
My sword is rusted for steel is the mirror of my soul.
I shed their blood on frozen statues from the glacial race
But now I shroud my horns in lethe
and nevermore they shall emblazon me.

Unto the gardens of vigour and warmth
I trudge a long time, but far is my bourne.
Where father's snow melts and springflowers sprout
I sleep to wake up in my mother's arms
And I thaw.

Clothe me with colours and feed me with glee
As my weapons corrode by the aestival kiss.
My craving for glory and might I'll subdue
After the fruits of ephemeral pulchritude.

Sweet and vinous the trees pour their wealth
And my youth and beauty return.
Mid my sisters I cheerfully dance
As milk flows from my breast.

I extol the female god before the altar of the sun
For her gift of peace and stainless pulchritude.
Love me, just the loss of thoughts can grant me
bright felicity
in mere illusions of her esoteric lies.

Six hundred dreams have passed in the garden
of thornless pleasures,
I am summer's caughter and embellish paradise.
But still my legions conquer for the throne of winter,
And ice that swallowed all the world now
besieges this reich.

Ferocious hordes unsheathe and vanquish eden.
Without compassion they rape me for I'm weak and frail.
Inferior I die as frost covers my body
But braced by hate I will return
To the vast of my gorgeous fatherland

(Lyrics And Music finished in January 1994)back to top
Lachrydeus Mittelgard (Slahan Fontagr In Awe?i)
Brucio in pace nella forgia de me.
La scura foresta odora di tristezza
Fumo di carne vela la luna.
Mi sveglio dal fuoco per portare divinita.

Ich breite meine Schwingen aus
Und gleite uber Mittelgard,
Kein Eisen quilt und fesselt mich.

Feuer ku Oden Durfersumpf
Und meiselt schunste Fleischkulpturen,
Rattenhorden folgt mir, Eurem Meister,
Eurem einzigen Freund.

Im Wolfmondschein zerfri Oder Aussatz Niedrigkeit.
Ein Leichenstein thront auf blauverzerrtem Starren.
Hetzt mich den ihr kreuztrunken quult,
Doch ein Gott wird niemals vergehen.
Inn famrgunjaoliuhadu meina filigri,
Riqizeins samhansstaineis us liuhadein.

Meina hamrtssrinniufram aiwein hatis.

Qrammiuadriusiu in aurahistae
Har urutsfillstujiurnniu saggw.
Frius uiudansuindar quu,
Monareiki fitiugrot in silubraht.

Rauusmarikreitus sigqiuinn sneiw
Undar gulumokeis tiuha sair,
Ha¨rnsip˘neissakand reiks untu sigisdag.

In pecore sospira chi scorge il cielo,
Catturato dalla plebe pendo al rogo
Annego in flamme e la mia forza scoppia,
L'imperio arde nel sangue di mie peaghe.

Stolz wirkt der Weltenbrand in todreicher Schunheit
Und senkt seine Lohen vor der Pracht meines neuen Reichs.

(Lyrics finished in October 1994
Music finished in May 1994)back to top
Entlebt In Tristem Morgenblut
Bittere Trauben eitern von seiner Haut,
Und bla ▀erblickt er den quulenden Sonnenschein,
Verwelkend in heilender Dunkelheit
Mit mondliebkosten Schatten.

Stromenden Auges liegt er in einem Traum
Seiner einsamen Welt, seiner einzigen Welt,
erhellt vom Sternenstrahl, der die Roder dreht
Zum Trost des bleichen Knaben.

Und Nachtlicht erweckt sanft sein Volk
Von Eisenseelen, wachsverziert
Im Thronsaal den der Prinz regiert
Mit kindlich greuelhaftem Groll.

"Tanzt, ihr Puppen, tanzt
UNd schuttelt eure Schellen,
Spielt das Zahnradinstrument
Mit Weisen su Uwie tronenreicher Wein!"

"Springt, ihr Kroppel, bewegt
Euer zwergenhaftes Stahlfleisch,
Singt vom schalen Freudenschmied
Und glucklich krieche ich fur kurze Zeit!"

Blechsoldaten marschiert bevor die Dummerung siegt
Und euer Feuer Kohle wird.
Zinndamen promeniert bis euer Geist zerfriert
Und mit dem Morgen das Lachen erstirbt.

Und sein Reich erstrahlt von Gold,
Glorreich mit Ruhm und Macht gekrunt
In seinem krankzerdachten Haupt,
Das tot in Gift und Unrat liegt.

Wenn seine Nacht entlebt und feucht der Tau entsteht
Schreit er in Agonie und fullt allein.
Das Morgengrauen issihn erstarren
Zu brennendem Schmerz in eiskaltem Stein.

Und sein Reich ist leer von Prunk
Im Schutt mit Dornen blutgekrunt.
Ein Fels mit qualerfullterm Haupt
In wusten Kindsruinen steht.

Bittere Trauben treiben von seiner Haut
Und starr ertrinkt im dommernden Sonnenschein
In Sehnsucht nach heilender Dunkelheit
Mit mondliebkosten Schatten

(Lyrics And Music finished in January 1994)back to top
Latin Dreams In Turpentine
Kiss my trembling fingers
Covered with your blood.
Sister, please forgive me,
And the sun is shining bright.

Sweetish stones burn on hot floe
To evitate in vapour state
Pink noises maim my talking ears
As your eyeballs fill my guts.

Evaporation is changing my aggregate state,
And gaseous I travel with the wind.
I'm filtering the light and many Fraunhofer-lines
Enrich the colour spectrum, dispersed by a prism.

(Lyrics written in October 1992
Music composed in Septembeer 1993)back to top
Nordsciltim - In The Filth Where All Cull Perambulates Pain
Within elysian kingdoms
I lived in plenitude,
Holding father's boundless wisdom,
Basking in mother's sweetest love.

But just the lachrymal gate
Led to mephitic ground,
And only sins form a key
To explore the other side.

"Languish one life for your impious dees,
in the filth where all cull perambulates pain!"

Decarnalized my soul flows through the portal's haze.
My mind is erased as my inner core devides.
The spirit sea to amniotic fluid turns.
Squalling with dread into my prison I am born.

Below the heavens, amidst the whores
Weird convicts gather to hail their newborn son.
Where yester sinners hybridized with apes
Herdes were begotten to serve the wolves.
Nordsciltim - Noble scutcheon forged in solemn pride.

My words are my hammer, which I throw when I bleed
On gutted husks whose dreams are gone.
With meaning substitutes they're filled,
But my Nordscilitim won't leave for wine and lust.

They purloined my youth
To smother the fortune I've kept
No lament, just sullen grimness
Follows this tragic bereavement.

One day I'll stand on the peak
And gaze into the emptiness,
When adorers creep to praise
The somber children they had battered.

(Lyrics and music written in November 1993)back to top
A Kiss In The Charnel Fields
Kings stride through the golden straw in ornate raiment,
Under human plants with plenteous fruits that pump blood.
From afar blurred tales led them to where the heart hangs.
And barks groan peculiar tunes while crowns adorn the sand

Her vessels smile blue as emperors creep
In searing woe that ardour bears.
Undressed by poison they adore
Until arboreal sculptures stay.

Myriad sovereigns weep within these trees.
Nourished on their pain her beauty flames.
Attired in my royal scarecloak (I walk through the meadow)
I fell her pulsate and forever stay.
She blushes as her tissue brands my lips
To fall in cardiac fever
We love in snow, embraced by chilly dreams
As all seasons freeze.

Naked in the charnel fields
We seethed our blood together
I lick the dank red as the heart
Beats kisses in my open hands.

Forever one, in love unite our deadest streams...

(Lyrics finshed in December 1994
Music finished in November 1994)back to top
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