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Kreator lyrics

Album: Past Life Trauma [2000]

 01  Betrayer
 02  Pleasure To Kill
 03  When The Sun Burns Red
 04  Endless Pain
 05  Winter Martyrium
 06  Flag Of Hate
 07  Extreme Aggressions
 08  After The Attack
 09  Trauma
 10  People Of The Lie
 11  Renewal
 12  Terrible Certainty
 13  Love Us Or Hate Us
 14  Total Death
 15  Europe After The Rain
 16  Under The Guillotine
 17  Terror Zone
 18  Tormentor
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The video shoot in Greece for this song was pretty
adventurous. We had planned to film in front of the
Akropolis but could not get an official permission, so we
did it without. Especially our Greek fans liked this song
very much and the audience's reaction each time we played
Athens was mindblowing.

This is a song which I use to describe what I feel
About people like you
No sense for humanity, no idea about life
The premise has been proved
You used my trust to satisfy your brainless lust
Your word isn't worth more than pulse in the dust


Misleader, you twisted things to satisfy
Deceiver, this greedy lust you can't deny
How could I be so naive to believe all the lies
You so easily told
I think I've learned my lesson too late
The story took time to unfold
Now I see your true face
Behind your mask, a cheat, a fake
Your word isn't worth more
than a puke in the dust


Ignorant twisted mind, maybe it would help
To think before you speak from time to time
Pretend to be a friend of mine
But you would sell your mother if you could
For less than a dime

Intelligence lost, brain deceased
So you will lose, fall to your knees
Guys like you I cannot stand
Maybe I must speak another language
Before you understand


Taken from the album "Extreme Aggression" · 1989back to top
Pleasure To Kill
What can be said about this one? It's still one of our and
our fans' favourites and I think it will always be a part
of the Kreator set.. The lyrics are still touching my soul
each time we perform the song live. Brutality in

Day turns to night as I rise from my grave
Black was the hole were I laid
Stalking the city to seek out your blood
I love when it showers from my blade
Your body is so pretty but how will it look
When my perverted lust is stilled
No one to save you no parents or friends
Because they've already got killed

My only aim is to take many lives
The more the better I feel
My only pleasure is to hear many cries
from those tortured by my steel
The colour of your blood from your open body
Is all I wanted to see
Tasting the blood from your lips as you die
means satisfaction to me

Pleasure to kill

Hear my heartbeat as you see me upon you
Tears in your eyes I do not care
Listen now to the motor of my chainsaw
Open your eyes don't be scared
Look into my eyes do you see any love?
The only thing is agony
Now I can't wait to give you the good pain
Die now and be free

Now that my mission is done
Your body forgotten has been killed
I return to the cemetery
And my bloodlust is stilled
My coffin is open for me
I lay down and rest
Nothing will set me free
And so I kill until excess

Taken from the album "Pleasure To Kill" · 1986back to top
When The Sun Burns Red
Frank came up with the acoustic intro which I think is one
of the best pieces of music he has ever written. I like
the way the song is structured since it contains
everything Kreator stands for - speed, melody, aggression
and attitude.

Savage heat is searing
Global warning has begun
Mother earth is reeling
No protection from the sun
Forest fires are raging
While the rivers turn to ice
Foolish man creating
Mother Nature's cruel demise

Hailstorms, tornados
Cold spells, untimely frosts
Heat waves and blizzards
Global death's the cost

Faces the end of time
As we plunge headlong towards the day
Can't deny the signs
When the sun burns red
The earth will turn
From blue to grey

Winter turns to summer
Then the seasons disappear
No one needs a prophet
To explain what's all too clear
Oceans overflowing
Islands drowning everywhere
Leaders wouldn't admit it
Now they're crying in despair


Face the end of time...

Now rain shall wash away sad remains of man
Cities once so proud will crumble into sand
Buildings all collapse when all is done and said
The guilty ones will die with the innocent...
When the sun burns red

Taken from the album "Coma Of Souls" · 1990back to top
Endless Pain
You cry out the aggression that is in you everyday
You want to kill the enemies if they cross your way
In your heart is hate, terror is freezing your bones
The night is dark and you're all alone

The voices of hell sound so nice
Final death is the price
Can't wait much longer give them what they need
Burst down their heads spread hellish heat

Feel the endless pain
Locked in metal chains

Green and red monsters torment your mind
The power of death will destroy mankind
You die fast you won't feel much pain
But why you'll never know
It's a hellish game

Taken from the album "Endless Pain" · 1985back to top
Winter Martyrium
We thought we could use this live recording from
Lichtenfels, Germany '92, to give you an impression of the
energy exchange between us and our fans. that can only be
created in a club or concert hall. No matter in which part
of the world we play, it's always the universal language
of metal music that connects us with people from all kinds
of different cultural backgrounds. It might sound like a
cliché, but to me it's one of the most precious gifts in

Hypnotized by the masses
And a future torn apart
Angony, the final conflict
Hatred yet ignored
Love is colder than death
And in coldness we'll remain
Everlasting lies in chains

Destroying dreams against all norms
They spread it all across the earth
Dominion without a form
Winter martyrium

Dead civilization on a mission
Lead by gods
Etiquette creates a cause
To turn your back from life
Secrets never told before
Construct culture absurd
Hit you like a shellshock
As integrity has died

Destroying dreams...

Wide awake to the end
Wide awake to the end

Crisis and perpetual incest
Performance of a nameless act
Sadness takes your concentration
Individual cages that we face

Destroying dreams against all norms
They spread it all across the earth
Dominion without a form
Winter martyrium for masses
And a future torn apart
Agony, the final conflict
Hatred yet ignored

Performed live in Lichtenfelsback to top
Flag Of Hate
Something like the band's battle hymn. It's one of the
most requested ones, and even after 15 years it has not
lost a bit of its intensity.

Dark shadows lie over the city
Tonight someone will die
You can hear painful screams
The air is full of flies
Mayhemic legions are ready
To steal the human souls
Come into my vault and do like you get told
I'll eat your intestines
No matter if you pray or please
I'll bring you down to your knees
Tonight you're gonna meet your fate
You try to run but it's too late
I am here to liquidate

Time to raise the flag of hate
Destroy the earth is our only aim
To strike all down is the only way
To give 'em death and let them pay

The galleys of the underground sail
On the sea of blood
All that we want crucify your god
The posers on this earth have no right to live
We're gonna split their brains
Torture is what we give

Taken from the album "Endless Pain" · 1985back to top
Extreme Aggressions
When I wrote the lyrics to this one, I've tried to put
myself into a murderer's mind. To see what he sees, to
feel how he feels. It's still even thinking about

Extreme aggressions
From an extremely insane mind
Resting unconscious
Pushed up by white lines
Inhuman violence
I never thought it would come from this far
Sadistic intensions
My greed for blood is growing more and more

Extreme aggressions
Seeing you suffer brings pleasure to me
Extreme aggressions
My aggressions became too extreme
To be kept under control

From the darkest part of my brain
I still can't believe it
Am I really insane
I heard your pleading
But no one hears the screams of this soul of mine

Extreme aggressions
Seeing you suffer brings pleasure to me
Extreme aggressions
My aggressions became too extreme
To be kept under control

Society, what have you done to me
Society, bring you to your knees

Once before I die
Now that I have lost the will to live
Once before I die
I'll take revenge on those who've led me to

Extreme aggressions
My emotions, twisted by your lies
Extreme aggressions
Condemned my soul to hell for all time

Taken from the album "Extreme Aggression" · 1989back to top
After The Attack
Originally recorded for a promo vinyl single for Sounds
magazine, England, featuring Motörhead, Kreator and two
other bands I forgot about. Ventor wrote the lyrics about
life after a nuclear holocaust. I guess it reflects some
kind of the general paranoia in the 80s.

Fire's coming down, hot winds blow the smoke away
Low screams of the survivers the innocent have paid
Nobody knows what happened, light was all they've seen
People walk through the destruction of the enemy
Molten bodies become more and more,
No chance to be saved
Helpless childreen seek for their parents
But they're into the grave

After the attack empty souls tormented brains
After the attack deformed mutants psychical confusion
After the attack nuclear winter in the land
After the attack will this ever end

Everywhere starts the search for water and groceries
Hate rules the land you get nothing if you please
Fear is controlling all actions kill to survive
The scarlet sky is the witness of all as the mutants
Between ruins rotting corpses lie the smell of burning
All hope is in vain as death is creeping through the

The only way out without pain is quick suicide
All live in hell and fear
It's your fate, it's better to die

Taken from the "Renewal" demo · 1992back to top
I gave this song a new title since it is the first version
of "Winter Martyium", only available on the "Renewal"
demo. Listening to the song today I wonder why it did not
make it onto the album. Especially the lyrics are cool
since they deal with the typical autumn/winter depression
I have to go through every year of my life. The drumming
is amaz-ing, respect to Ventor at this point.

Passing of perception unforseen reaction
Staring out the window into the ice cold air
Memories of summer causing my depression
Through concentrated death and rainfall of despair
Visionary eden turns to hell

Winter martyrium
Freezing me from inside
Pastlife delirium
As my tears turn to ice

Snow the white empress, frost the ice cold forest
At mountains of dead bodies I drank the sweetest wine
Spring awaits lust for the autumn dominatress
Life remains a dream within a dream visionary symbols
ancient shine

Summer's gotta come bringing back the sun
Zero to none, winter awaits us all
Mystic awareness

With God conversing wide awake in your sleep
Shining discovery mankind martyrium
Planets of terror, hatred and deceit
To live it means to suffer to die to live forever
I'm left here with the others we could not die together
And as I saw them dying I knew it had begun
Emotional massacre
A visionary kingdom come

Taken from the single "Behind The Mirror" · 1987back to top
People Of The Lie
One of our biggest underground hits. Enough

Don't look at me as if I didn't know
Your vanity is all you ever show
What you believe and advocate
Fanatic dogma recycled from yesterday

Got a master plan
'Can't understand
People of the lie

You are to me the waste of flesh and blood
I'd love to see you buried in the mud
And when you die no one will shed a tear
So pass me by don't need your hatred here

Got a masterplan
Can't understand
People of the lie

Prejudice, intolerance, eye for an eye

You cannot hide behind those empty claims
Your racist pride is nothing but a game
And you will lose for right is on the side
Of those who choose to fight for humankind

Got a master plan
'Can't understand
People of the lie

You can't believe
Don't be deceived

Taken from the album "Coma" · 1990back to top
There is something about the vibe of this one that always
gives me the chills everytime I listen to it. I love the
slow heavy riffs and the gloomy atmosphere. One of my
personal faves.

Imperfection, new temptation
Innocence will breed new life
Disillusion, desparation
Free my mind and let it rise
Mass enslavement, brutal torment
Tomorrow will they see it clear
Resurrection, disconnection
Substance that can make us fly without fear
Without fear

Never to be seen again
Ever to release the pain
Renewal of your mind

Female's poison, male aggression
Distance to reality
Foreign places, fallen kingdoms
Always keep secrets from me
Subliminal, disciplinal
the art of lying lives on and on
As we struggle, as we suffer
Inferior to life, renewal has begun

Never to be seen again
Ever to release the pain
Renewal of our minds
Renewal of my mind

Isolation, illumination
Modern men embrace the light
War believers, peace deceivers
Remaining in eternal night
Politicians, fake musicians
Create no relationships
Hate frustrations, penetrations
Resistance from a path that should not exist

Taken from the album "Renewal" · 1992back to top
Terrible Certainty
A perfect song for a live situation since it always gets
the pit going. I guess we should put it in the set again
on the next tour.........

Die slowly, you're dying
From this contageous disease
Once you're infected there's no hope of a cure
Your passing is a sure thing
Your thoughts are empty and hopeless
Nothing is left for your now
Having to live with this terrible certainty
Praying is all you can do

It's vicious and crippling and slowly your life will end
But how long will it take to save us from the plague
With fatal convulsions the plague is reaching for us
God knows! What will it take to save us from the plague

Contracted by blood
The virus can be in us all
You're one of its victims, but then thousands more
And they won't be the last
So many civilisations before
The mighty, the proud and the brave
The poor, the rich - indiscriminate
soon they'll all end in the grave

Taken from the album "Terrible Certainty" · 1987back to top
Love Us Or Hate Us
People told me that the thing they like most about this
song are the lyrics. A statement against the music
industry and for musical integrity. A little tricky to
perform live though..........

Don't try to tell us what is right for us
We don't give a fuck anyway
Don't try to steal imagination from us
Things we believe we will never betray

Those who have the power to
Suck us dry - throw us away
Those who never could create
Destroy the music of today

Those devoid of any feeling
Those who make the compromise
Betray themselves to make a deal
Sell their soul at any price

Sounds without feeling, energy or aggression
From money hungry brains and not from the heart
Fortune, fame and glory are their obsessions
Salesmen, deaf of music, blind to art

No honesty, just sterility
A cautious sound they make without creativity
It's still the same as another age
When they took the words of truth and put them to a flame

No more
Love us or hate us
No more
Love us or hate us

Some have eyes and still can't see
Their plastic noise is anything but music to me
mechanized and computerized
Switch off your brain and make sounds that

No more
Love us or hate us
No more
Love us or hate us

Don't try to take our dreams away from us
We will never be like you
Love us or hate us, it doesn't matter to me
We don't want to be a part of this sick society

Taken from the album "Extreme Aggression" · 1989back to top
Total Death
The title of this song means a lot to me. Total death -
death in its perfect form, when even the soul has died.

Time has come the peace can't stand
Masters of the switch now rule the land
Push the switch and send out death
Politicians warpigs shit in head

Try to run or hide
From your death
You will burn and bleed
From your head

Total death
No one escapes the burning flames
Flesh and skin decays from your face
Five megatons lie on every soul
Destroy the human race is their goal

Taken from the album "Endless Pain" · 1985back to top
Europe After The Rain
The announcement to "Europe....." on this live recording
is an anti-racist, anti-Nazi statement that I thought
should appear on this compilation even though - or maybe
because - it's in German.

Indecisive government
Regardless of brutal punishment
Indestructable regiment
Twice as many lives
Perversion never too bizarre
Can't remember who we are
Influenced us to get this far
Emotions paralyzed

Monotony provokes the escalation
Terrifying industry protect departed nations
Can't get back together again
Leaving Europe after the rain

Acceptance of neo-fascist
Persecuting anarchists
Put the wrong ones on the list
Let the new age begin

Monotony provokes the escalation
Terrifying industry protect departed nations
Can't get back they're going insane
Leaving Europe after the rain

Can't look at the world the way I did before,
Can't ignore they've all mutated into materialistic
Can't forget the pictures I saw on television
Can't close my eyes on this abstract spectrum
Tomorrow I'll be gone
Forcing them to support without asking
Imprisoned in factories for a lifetime
Reasons are becoming meaningless
Optimism leaves the bitter taste of hopelessness
Tomorrow I'll be gone

Monotony provokes the escalation
terrifying industry protect departed nations
Can't get back they're going insane
Leaving Europe after the rain

A complex keeps the industries
In motion, for some new disease
Bound to those who still resist
Yet harder to find

Monotony provokes the escalation
terrifying industry protect departed nations
Can't get back they're going insane
Leaving Europe after the rain

Taken from the album "Renewal" · 1992back to top
Under The Guillotine
Pure hardcore! It shows the punkrock influence of our
early days when we were listening to Raw Power, Slime, GBH
and The Exploited.

Night is over
Now it's dawn
Your final day
Has begun
Hear the steps
On the floor
Hear the sounds
Of the opened door
Too proud to scream
Too proud to beg for mercy
You will die by the executioner's hand

Under the guillotine

Tears are running
Down your cheeks
As you see
The axe of death
You were a prisoner
Didn't care about rules
Now it's time
To pay for the fools

Taken from the album "Pleasure To Kill" · 1986back to top
Terror Zone
In my opinion one of our best compositions so far. It has
often be the opener of a Kreator concert .

My inner eyes sees many spheres
A cruel dimension where time and space
Distort beyond control
A ride to another center of the universe

My thoughts come undone make me see
The dark stains on my soul

A darkness as cold as ice surrounds me in this place
I probe a veiled phobia , all my own
Creatures crawl out from my weirdest, wildest dreams,
They are flesh, not fantasy, they drag me inside the...


Demons, ghouls, and fiends that once I could ignore
Shred the skin and flesh from my bones
Planets form and die, the cosmos torments me
Unnatural, humongous, neverending...


Now I know what dwells within me
Blood - a river of sweat and tears
Flesh - a land God left behind
Soul - a sky of cloudy fears

Deception and disguise dissolve
Before my inner eyes

My heart turns to stone
God, I'm all alone
Oh, no
All alone


Taken from the album "Coma Of Souls" · 1990back to top
Traditionally the last song of our set and also one of the
most covered ones by other great bands.

Riding in darkness through the hell of the night
Give all your torment to the heaven's might
In the name of satan spread all your fear
You feel his anger you know he's near
Casting a spell
Lord of all hells

Ripping the angels
God has fell


Baphomet's calling death is now real
Helldogs and demons waiting to kill
Pentagrams shining Luzifer smiles
Fucking the virgin rip out her eyes
Drinking the blood
Fear no god
Now you are dead
Your flesh is dot rot


Taken from the album "Endless Pain" · 1985back to top
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