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Lagwagon lyrics

Album: Blaze [2003]

 01  Burn
 02  E Dagger
 03  Dancing the Collapse
 04  I Must Be Hateful
 05  Falling Apart
 06  Max Says
 07  Billy Club
 08  Dividers
 09  Never Stops
 10  Dinner and a Movie
 11  Lullaby
 12  Billionaire
 13  Tomorrow Is Heartbreak
 14  Baggage
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You won't find me condescending at your closed door you won't hear how I feel. say you've been there before the holiday's the hardest time to fill in all the blanks and you don't need anyone to show you those mistakes wrap yourself up in only math of our world fill up the holes in your full heart with details for all the riddles solved and every puzzle you complete can't seem to find the pieces to the heart that beats you'll master every task but always by the book then log it in your past with risk that you once took they left you then, they'll hurt you now can't get too close to you or you will cut them down and any fool can play I'll raise the stakes with another turn we risk, we roll and we burn at arms length you never get hit there's too much to gamble when you let someone in my true friend I'm spewing and only one more positive I just might spill some notable insight I didn't think before I purged so here I am attempting to unlock your closed door I wouldn't break it down 'cause you'd be gone for sure you might say something nice of me and send it in a card or under whiskey breath slur kind words at the bar and you're sinking me while you stay afloat in the tank you built we drop, we'll never learnback to top
E Dagger
Come on e; try to go easy we can do anything [repeat] come on e; we got it covered we can stop anytime [repeat] come on e; it's just a party let's go to party town then we can party down come on e; check out my funny hat my name is randal I wrote you this song can't you see that all we need is one night to release? it's bound to be the last in all of it's glory come on e; raise your glass to the sky drink to the song that plays, olden days, whatever I just want to get randical don't be a bummer look at this summer day. the sun is rising once again. yeah! can't we have just one night without all this self-destruction? I just love my husband. I can't live without him come on e; we're goin easy it 's just a party time to get gnarly come on e; try to go easy my name is randal it's nice to meet you we are always here to make you laughback to top
Dancing the Collapse
Already here now, already done combine and collapse. dancing with none white is for so dumb blue is for numb yellow the streaks on their backs. they all step in line I'm just a rug... under the foot prints of strangers all I need, all I know this one's for jimmy and two more for me it's something you sell to your self it absolves you of your role accidental... pardoned the repeat offenders toll they missed the last week's wake it's cold find yourself here now. dance the collapse those aging children, they all know the steps I'm just a bug under the rug under the reap absent under the gray under the grief absent under the myth under the meek absent under courage under caring absent understudy understudy absent understudy understudy absentback to top
I Must Be Hateful
I can't make the damn phone ring it's simply pathetic if I call you anymore I can't figure it now we tallied our scores I got knocked out I know when you come to town I know where you drop your dime and whom it's for I'm not good enough to time your cup of coffee 15 years... was long enough look at me. I'm an old colleague another hard knocks day acquaintance finally you are free of me it must be true or you'd give a minute but it's always my fault always it's your forgiveness this unbalanced resolve I must be hateful so I hang up the phone call it a small sacrifice you still hear me now dear you, the vinyl it was blue stalking poor blake commiserating drunks at sea do you remember when jawbreaker rocked the boat? I'm sure you do...and don't look at me. I'm an old fly buddy just a blue coach class acquaintance finally you are free of me it must be true 'cause it only makes sense I can still see you now pictures are in every town I can still write it down I must be hateful I can hang up the phone even at those lofty heights you still hear me nowback to top
Falling Apart
Hello, welcome to the show thought we broke up years ago what's up, I just shit my pants gambled and I lost good times, just blew out my knee I've fallen and I can't get up oh shit, I think I broke my back where's the wheelchair? I'm old school I'm played out osteoporosis, glaucoma and neurosis the vultures circling above our balding heads second verse, the same as the first I forgot the words again railer, lost my inhaler who's got a smoke for the caper? hold on let me catch my breath all right, I feel better now take it to the bridge I'll never be ozzy on stage when I'm fifty I'm gonna look like elvis by the time I'm forty we're already bogus we're already fading we'll never be the rolling stones I'm staying home dementia and senility my failing muscles atrophy I've lost all ability falling apart blue hair, brown teeth failing livers, defeat maybe we will try to pull it off for another yearback to top
Max Says
Max says everybody's angry max says he'll never leave his home max says that heaven's another place it's there his grandparents have gone max has ten years on this birthday a year ago this world had made him cry max sees his world through the brightness eyes to learn hope to glow in the dark and he will aim toward the sky deep blue. the silver lined white clouds divide max says everybody's nasty says they start too many fights max wrote a letter to God today his God could never tell lies max says he's always been faithful he prays for them max bets they all will be saved and he will aim toward the sky deep blue. the silver lined white clouds so divine but max won't get what he asked for not here. not now in the end we will leave him a pile mountains of anguish assured for his climb and max inherits his birthright inbred. inbornback to top
Billy Club
Billy club has got his strength it places him above them the feeble incompletes billy club has found his pride he looks down on their state the verdict justified it's self-defense it's vigilance it's nature's call oppose them all the lesser ones are the vital threat he needs them billy club has got his faith he's followed every lead set down in history billy club has found his place it's comforting and cold it's here he realized his role and here it comes that old defense he's consequence but he has chosen the iron grip his billy club desensitized. he's everywhere he's anyone. he's every... billy club has got his strength for this world [repeat]back to top
All the mirrors scream as they describe your dreams all that they deride until you have no allies they depict a world where we aren't safe without hate an angry mob of one author of the unstoppable will united we must kill here comes the faade they will inflate your God by default accomplice to their war but I know where I stand born into the geographic call but I won't elect to let my mind fall no dividersback to top
Never Stops
I'm all right tell me you're all right almost there barely here I knew that this day would have to come wailing on the wall watching giants fall I know there's a message to receive written in debris it's meaning's hard to see the loss of innocence means nothing in the new world all our hands are red everyone is guilty now I'm all right... tell me you're all right stop my eyes ... open wide another idiot glued to the box frozen to the screen scared to turn it off quiet shock gives way to righteousness rattle on the bars vengeance will be ours fanatics on their knees pray for a swift and just revenge become what they condemn mirror image men hands across america, let's catch contact hysteria our flag erects from broken homes july 4 for evermore colors of democracy fly from every suv the misspelled bumper sticker's here where did all the honor students go? numbers on the news this time with familiar names this time on familiar ground this reality in your back yard so the fences fall will you redefine them all? will you choose shelter or empathy? the world we share has come too close with borders blown from glass we collect stones and cast them they say the party never stops but I know we cannot get off another idiot comes on the box breathing privileged air preaching to the fair rallying one muscle under God leading on the cheer leaning on their fears the state of ignorance means nothing to the faithful God is with us now they disregard the world beyond the wallback to top
Dinner and a Movie
Here we go again until one of us says when making old mistakes the brake lights illuminate accidents repeat you can count on me crushing you in vain 'cause I will save you you can hate me we're so well adjusted darlin' it's pathetic justice find out where I breathe suffocate my needs van gough kept his ears but I will love you you won't save me we're so well adjusted darlin' it's pathetic justice it's already better than last time I ruined another girl's life I am a portrait of serenity and desperate need I'll hold you here until you cannot breathe if I break up with you you'll find someone new so I'll choose misery and I will save you you can hate me they'll all be disgusted darlin' it's poetic it's pathetic justiceback to top
Waging war on the arms race of sound turn it down pull the plug imminent surrender ringing in the new dark age shut down the noise-aholics put down the quiet-ophobics in a daydream of peace in a calmness too brief my lullaby is killing my lullaby be stilling it could be such sweet silence from static from violence from... volume is the modern currency everyone competing for air space everybody's dumb shouting muddled words as though they're deaf big brother isn't watching anymore he knows we are distracted and absorbed broadcasting our grief our imagination's atrophied we can't think if I could sing them all to sleep if I could sing myself deaf wouldn't it be lovely? doesn't it sound perfect? every generation hates the next I will save the millions from a slow insufferable death I'll put them to sleep save them from progressive misery I'm counting if I could sing myself to sleep if I could sing myself deaf wouldn't it be lovely? doesn't it sound perfect? my lullaby is killing my lullaby be stilling memorized. involuntary I think I can change the worldback to top
Breaking down in surround alarms are deafening alone in immersion drowning in the dream billions in the shadow of one you won't deceive all we know is failure all we have is us how can I forgive you? for breaking our last trust billions of sincerities and one you will believe you have to honor me [repeat] our lives are incomplete without our honesty our honesty breaking down the numbers eliminate the waste nothing's ever perfect forget about disgrace fuck the purist. fuck the tourist fuck the bourgeoisie you have to honor me I have to honor you our lives are incomplete without our honesty my life is incomplete without our honesty honestyback to top
Tomorrow Is Heartbreak
Bitter X it must feel better, Holding that grudge
It's a feeling so familiar, Not unlike love
Unrequited she's scarred in hatred
Yesterday's moving (repeat)
It's easier to locate
A better nest Tell them you never lived in such a mess
Emily at her best in black Reminds them all to stand back
At a distance they won't notice the act
All that she lacks You can see up close she's bitter
Remembering wasted dinners Can't expect the creep to stay long
But he's not the one who pissed her off
Today is denial (repeat)
It's easier if she won't See him again
He's just another trip best forgotten
Emily may be odd But she always gets even
It's not unlike love Emily will find him again
Another short-term boyfriend
Emily, you'll always be alone
Tomorrow is heartbreak (repeat)
So bitter X I'm sorry Sorry I bit that hook
I'm just a bad clich in your black bookback to top
Stand by... stand by... all that we've been thru all we can't undo I'm picking out the songs to set the mood they'll play them at a funeral for you I have been the only friend I have stayed until the end I'm telling you my brother I am through it's a measure of pity that I won't carry... I won't carry it's a matter of duty but I won't carry... I won't carry you most of us have our secrets one deep-rooted mark we can't remove I'm guessing yours still owns you I can't dig mine up to bury you I have been the only friend I have stayed until the end I'm telling you my brother I am thru I will lie with the guilty but I won't carry... I won't carry... it's a measure of bad dreams but I won't carry... I won't carry youback to top
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