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Lagwagon lyrics

Album: Double Plaidinum [1997]

 01  Alien 8
 02  Making Friends
 03  Unfurnished
 04  One Thing To Live
 05  Today
 06  Confession
 07  Bad Scene
 08  Smile
 09  Twenty-Seven
 10  Choke
 11  Failure
 12  To All My Friends
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Alien 8
Would it make you feel much better
If it was you against the world
If you were an alien
If it were conspiracy and would it hurt to live in comfort
If you found someone to trust
If you knew that you were with us
If we shared a common goal
But you will isolate, alienate
No one can appreciate the poor miss understood
Can you see that I donít care anymore
Do you ever stop to listen
Are you a martyr for your pride
Does it makes you fell much better
When you are an alien?back to top
Making Friends
Artist: Lagwagon
Song: Making Friends
Album: Double Pladinum
By: Dan C.

As you in this search for something to hate
I can feel you rally around someone with your peers
but can you stand alone
Can you take the long way home
Cause I stood in the circle a hundred times before
and I feel safer in the eye of a storm
You can throw your stones
I'll only bleed for you for
one day
They all answer to the hearsay
but they will only care for one day
It's so small, its so small
and I would love to show you all
I can see you in the middle of a doubt
You told them we had a falling out
Sick your dogs on me
as you take the easy way out
So I will be a freak show when the circus comes to town
and I will rain on your parade without a sound
Then we will draw a crowd
that's only breaking down
for one day
I graduate this class with honors
I will never fail drama
Making Friends, Making Friends
It's so small, It's so small, It's so small,
It's so small, It's so small, It's so small!
Will you still hate me tomorrow?

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The TVís broke
Her cheeks are soaked
The drink is empty
And now he is everything she hates
Her lowest day Itís all the same Itís all the same
This house is drowning in inevitable silence
And itís always been on
In another born sick love
Never made her question right or wrong
In a see of failure heís numb
Upstairs disgust Small words cut through what once was their trust
And then he gots everything he wants
Silent treatement
Sheís out of breath
Thereís no one left around
He will have regret when there is nothing left to say
And itís alway been on
In another born sick love
Never made him question right or wrong
In a see of failure heís numb
Itís already killed me
Thatís aleready killed me
Itís already been there
Thatís nothing new
I overdosed
I dug an hole
I buried them and died with you
In a sea of failure and I am numbback to top
One Thing To Live
A look in your eyes what can
I say You left us here and itís a shame
I would like to have helped
To begin again you decided you fate
One thing to live
A look at you now whatís in a name
You left them there It was a shame
They would like to have helped
Again to begin but potential was yours never ours before you chose your fate before you asked them all to wait
Left standing there to watch you play with your matches
One god burn deserves another two but one thing to live is one thing to live
Selfish fool nobody loves you
Self resent how can they trust you
Walk around with a butt tattoo
It will never do
Why should you die with dignity
You lived in a shame as you ask them all to wait
Left standing here to watch you lying in your ashes
One good burn deserves another two
One thing to live is one thing to liveback to top
As you expect here as the keys
So come and go as you please
Wathís mine seems to be yours
Welcome to my drawers
Today I heard them say a funny thing
They were happy you were clean
You were headed for success in the mountains of excess
Today you fail them
Tomorrow more Maybe Iíll lend you some more cash
Donít have to pay it back
I can depend on you Dependent on everyone
Why am I guilty of my bending back
Over to breaking The object of some desire
Too late Too late Today Iím saving you
I must have finished my last care with that beer
With some ideal I might win while losing
Thatís some mentality
I have to finish talking
Iím finished talking
Today I heard a funny thing
They were happy you were clean
And you wonít be looking back to the one that helped you packback to top
By now you should find your mouth
By now you should call me
We can work it out I fallow it until the end of concession
"A falling out" I heard from them thereís no discretion
Iím burning out on this
By now you should be in a better place and thinking for your self
Itís not your axe to grind and this is my latest confession
I hope you hear about it Victims
I know the saints come to call and bring you obsession to save you from your fall
Victim I know it wont be long Ďtill one worth possessing is one youíll never reach
Swallow it until the end of our concession
Iím sure Iíll hear from you through them
Thereís no discretion Iím burning out on this and this is my latest confession
I doubt youíll hear about it Itís only indecision this is your latest condition
I hope you hear about it soonback to top
Bad Scene
Cause Iím a bad scene and hereís everyone to blame but me
Everyone points We all have all our selfish points
A broken machine Used to puke up something good when we fed it and Iím sure Iíll miss it
Not so sure Iíll ever see you
Five years desensitized
Youíre my inspiration
Ten thousand silent miles to hell
Four well drinks, I am well Six months in hiatus
A lifetime too short to save us
Never wanted to be famous
A good day to die off shameless
So fuck longevity when there is no use in searching for a noose
Hanging on to abuse sick of hanging around and waiting
Cause itís bad scene and thereís everyone to blame but me
Everyone points We all have our selfish points
A broken machine Used to puke up someting good when we fed it
Iím against it Bad sceneback to top
I hate my friends
I hate my friends
I hate my...
Two in the morning here I am turning blue
Iím drinking up for an old friend
Bourbon canít clean my mind of this voice in my head
"I hate my friends"
Cause they make me think about the smile that Iím faking
I hate my Yeah, thatís the scene that I am in Lying At odds with every bland image
How many excuses can this fool listen to
You never cared There was no us only misery and distrust
I hate my...back to top
I hope you didnít mind when I saw you turn into nothing less than nothing new
Before you wait to sleep it off...
How little is enough?
What can you do? before you decide to make the last mistake
With draw away from us and say good-bye to all but one that takes you and puts you to rest
On twenty-seven street nothing will keep you warm
Everything bring you harm
Everything here fails you
Now lying at your feet
Everyone nails you
Everyone worships you
Everyone here fails you
I can figure it out and itís all about to... turn into lack of wit on sinking ships
I might have jumped but you jumped first
Abandon ties that bind
Thereís no salvation here
Iíd surely miss the times when we were so depressed
No I miss you I Know
I miss you and you are missing something
You take a rip and then you find sedation
Some salvation A masochistic only point of view
Nothing is left to you Everyone speaks the truths
Everyone here fails me
Hope you didnít mind when I saw youback to top
choke pride
Still I could only wait for you to decide
Tear it all apart
You break my heart
Why donít you follow through Follow through
And the day ends
A so called friend
A drunken bed
How could you with...
Why would you...
All of them
No one owns you
Just keep me hanging here
Tell me you need me dear
Tell me youíre sure I souldn't fear Lies Lies Lies
Choke Choke
Please Have another drink on me
My love humiliation I gave you every chance to leave and you stayed just long enough to bury me
As I understand wath no one can see I stop
And all these words seem selfish and anger you And none of it is true
But all of them confess until
I choke...
I thought I knew a true love
I used to think you really cared
I used to think I knew True Innocence
I thought that you were that
I know you to well when you lie
I hope you choke on them and see for me
For me And all these words seem selfish and anger you
And you were always true
Am I the only want that hears you lie?back to top
Pick up please The boys give you validity
They give you what you want
They can never give enough
Only charity until you're sorry
Victimized, one thing I canít criticize
Given you struggle
Could you ever be alone?
Seems impossible and still Iím sorry
Saint Freedom, itís so easy when you give up
No matter what Iíve done I could never be the one
Itís never effortless to fail
I can rely on this Could you ever rely on me
Jealousy The boys give you validity
No matter what youíve done
I could never be the one Just a shareholder of lies
I put you to bed
They will always leave independent of you
You could never deny
I always knew how to fail you I always knew youback to top
To All My Friends
Hereís a song to all my friends
I know theyíd like
I remember every drunken night at the old dive
Driving the olíwreck
Trying to make it home somehow
One more pit stop at our favorite watering hole
The ghost of Christmas past swallowed all our pride
Weíd open up our story books and water down the eyes our demons raised their glasses singing
"I propose a toast to my friends"
Whoís buying the next round
Cup half empty Cup half full Perspectives and beers
They werenít failure Just the regulars of my favorite year
They come and go paying their toll
From mobiles homes Decaying old unsound minds
The ghost of Cristmas failure dancing to the click of time
The beating of defeat Shaking in his hands a lifetime of retreat
And his regrets were ours
A time to say good-bye
Iíve been waiting so long for you to call my old friend
To all my friends...back to top
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