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Lagwagon lyrics

Album: Let's Talk About Feelings [1998]

 01  After You My Friend
 02  Gun In Your Hand
 03  Leave The Light On
 04  Change Despair
 05  Train
 06  Hurry Up And Wait
 07  Everything Turns Grey
 08  Love Story
 09  Messengers
 10  The Kids Are All Wrong
 11  May
 12  Owen Meaney
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After You My Friend
Here he is He saves a grin
He wants to be the one who doesn't have to sink a level
Indiscrete, in his retreat
All he needs is just a taste of the bitter pride he held in her name
Embrace the solitude in ordinary fucked up state of grace
Far away from the days he bared the cross she used to wear
In some resolve well aware a little pitiful
A pin up boy they dress in grieving wear
Well at ease in consent in the drift of undertow
He won't justify the pity from them when he knows... fools in love are arrogant
Their sermons cloud his breathing air
He's in love with an isolation from emotion
Here he is awaiting sentence
A fool to think that anyone can escape guilt and anguish
A subtlety that can't be learned
A subtlety that can't be taught
He is caught in the lure of second thoughts
He might still care As he settles down well aware
Bound in secrecy His voice will only dignify their fears but if sorrow is signified
He's well aware of his prideback to top
Gun In Your Hand
You jump in front of the bullet
The family put you to it
You might survive the first thousand shots back to the end of the line
You hold the will to survive them
Answer to those you have failed
Time to clean your room and show you are able to stop beating yourself down
You've arrived A wealth of respect A world of regard
You've always belonged You have to go on
I just want you to feel the gun in your hand
You used to hold aspiration
You couldn't see the limitations
Even in your youth you were unsurpassed but driven by grief and it couldn't last
Sometimes promise sometimes goodbye
Confessed to all through bloodshot eyes
I just want you to feel the gun in your hand
It only breaks you until you get off
I'm not gonna watch you kill yourself to live
It's all so average until you get off
I'm not gonna wait here until the body's coldback to top
Leave The Light On
So please leave the light on after you've gone
Leave the pictures in their aging frames up where they belong
Leave the bedsheets unclean and they will reek of you still
Cover me in resolve So please leave the imagery
I can twist it Dissociation and obsession
Superstition and pain I can carry them on too and bury you once again
If I could bring this memory to life
I'd apologize I live to hear you say what they can't
I would make amends They'd all love to have you back but...
I'd give anything to bring you back to say goodbyeback to top
Change Despair
Lagwagon - Change Dispair

Everything that I've done here into one
In keeping with... Some earned conviction
Some stagnation, some change despair
Disappointment and odds in a costume you can't take off
I leave it behind I know that this time
I get it for free
Our latest rendition lame Reincarnate, return the same
Still the best times are here now, now that I'm bored, now that I'm numb
Done, I know this is wrong
Safe in that stance but incomplete
Leave it behind
I know that this time
I get in for free
Some of it's habitual (2x)
Sometimes the change is not enough and in the lost empathy memories of better daysback to top

My inspiration note the sympathy
They've taken everything you want and they left you all alone
My setting sun, self appointed,
I am a fraud
You are the martyr
It's decided and I owe you several worlds I can tell you...
Rat in the sewer, scraps they left behind
Once their visionary, and they all have robbed you blind
Your broken records playing for
None fabricate song
Amputated creative tongue
You sing on and on and
I can tell you why

I'm bringing you down,
Calling you out,
Taking your shield
It's easier now
Years have been kind
Distance between
Has given hind sight
I jumped a train

Your tragedy so easy to read,
Is bitter envy
They're reaping all the lowly benefits
You missed the train they stole
And you've never...

I'm burning you down,
Calling you out,
Taking your shield
It's easier now
Years have been kind
Distance between has given hind sight
I'm on a trainback to top
Hurry Up And Wait
It's......time to get up and stress out
We're driving to another town
We're never gonna make sound check
So I can't even take a shit
No showers, shaving or coffee
I can't fuckin' brush my teeth
"C'mon we're already late man, let's go"
Hurry up and wait
Wait Hurry up and waitback to top
Everything Turns Grey
Lagwagon - Evereything Turns Grey

Things don't seem to be as easy as they used to be
It's getting harder everyday to think of better things to say
About what's going on around you and what's happening inside you
When it's time to change you won't know how
It won't matter here from now
No matter what you think or do or say
Everything turns grey
This is it, the darkest hour
Isn't it depressing how our Minds create an atmosphere
That won't happen here unless we make some new demands
To grasp the future in our hands
You know I wish I could but it's too late for senseless minds that love to hate
No matter what they think or do or say
Everything turns greyback to top
Love Story
Maybe it's not funny but it's true
No one here's suprised but you
Embellish it, the truth is your a slave addicted to it's escalating and your love story's bad
Drama makes you livid and the nervous always laugh
I'm fresh out of advice and sick of standing in this harms way
Interstae, indebate, an impasse
Driving out the hope and gas
Arriving at the same mute conclusion
This destination failure
This going, going Nowhere slow Drama is exhausting and I'd rather be alone
I want better friends
I'm sick of giving in to harms way and so are they
Sick of being around something that's destined to fail and the sume of its parts cannot see they make me hate life, hate friends, hate being there
I know that it's not funny but it's true
No one gives a shit but you
Maybe I'll just swallow all these thoughts
Maybe someday you'll stopback to top
Late, I can stay up late
In and out of bed Cleaning up the mess
Trying to be honest 'cause I know I am on it
In this the last time I speak of it the loyalties that have been broken
Mine isn't dead One thing is true
Nothing is sacred When everyone's talking and nobody's listening
When we confide in all those friends they're just messengers
One thing is true You throw the matters into blue skies turning to grey, falling out everyday
One thing that's free I confide in you with the truth
Late, I can stay up late
In and out of bed Cleaning up the mess inside my headback to top
The Kids Are All Wrong
Def, watching cars and focus on one untill it's gone
Heroes die off everyday Like fathers who would never stay
The kids are all wrong (repeat)
They're full of their hopeless opinion
The kids are all wrong(repeat)
That's all I ever really learnedback to top
No more waiting on them,
As you rise inside new rooms,
Its official, you've gone,
You can live for no-one else,
Man the guilt must be huge,
Theres no gain in failure,
You succeded at being mine,
Yeah, old friend, see ya there,
I will be proud from a far,
I can't paint a picture,
In a moment, of memories theres not many left,
I am extrodited, uninvited.

Its just another Saturday.

Take a step to freedom,
You and her loathing this cruel world,
Take a breath of shelter, then exhale,
Trust and allegance,
Liberate yourself from hell.

Its just another Saturday.back to top
Owen Meaney
Uncertainty A foundation built on nothing
I could see secure in your immaculate perception the last resort
I thought I'd ever exercise Now, all that I have to stand on Grieving from a different point of view
I learned it's meaning from you in life and death and continue ...but faith is just a silent tribute
Mine is just a desprate act
Give him back I owe him Throw me a line
I'll suspend My disbelief and concede following your lead
Faithfully Led into this concession with hope and doubt
A seemingly futile gesture
My faith is just a silent tribute
This just a desperate act Holding on
It's just this desperation that takes me homeback to top
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