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Less Than Jake lyrics

Album: Hello Rockview [1998]

 01  Last One Out of Liberty City
 02  Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding
 03  All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
 04  Five State Drive
 05  Nervous in the Alley
 06  Motto
 07  History of a Boring Town
 08  Great American Sharpshooter
 09  Danny Says
 10  Big Crash
 11  Theme Song for H Street
 12  Richard Allen George...No, It's Just Cheez
 13  Scott Farcas Takes It on the Chin
 14  Al's War
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Last One Out of Liberty City
I know there comes as time when
You lose faith in what you believe inside
And waht you have inside.
And did you know somehow it's
Just a spark that's a start
That keeps us from the crowd

The other day this girl came up to me
And asked if she used to go to school with me
And kinda laughed
And she said wasn't I the guy her
Friends always called as waste of time.
I know just who I am and what's in my head
Is that I don't really give a damn
Who you think I am

When I stop and think about
To where I'll be in 10 years
From now I wonder if the me of now would call
Myself washed up or
Watered down or
Part of the crowd?

And the other night
This guy came up to me
Downtown and can't believe
That after 10 years I'm sill around
And he said, wasn't I the guy
Who walk these streets all night?

It's such a waste of time.back to top
Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding
And just outside I can hear the
Sounds of the early morning
Street becoming way too loud and
The hum of the engines of the
Cars on the street.

And with this cigarette that I just lit as I pass
The 53rd st. bridge right now the world just
Seems too big so sit down and remind me how this
Is the same old story of growing up and getting
Lost. and outside I can see my breath in between
The words that fog my spinning head and I can
See the sun coming up.

And it's just light enough to see
Another cigarette that I just lit
As I pass the 53rd st. bridge right
Now the world just seems too big

And all the late night
Calls and all the
Lost hopes and the
Missed connections
And the lost direction.back to top
All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
All my best friends are metalheads

Do you think it's strange,
That there's a way of how you look at,
How you act,
And how you think,
Pretend they're not the same as you

Did you know about his
Strength of convictions

Or how she puts all her
Faith in religion?

Did we take the time to
Really discover how little we
Know about each other?
Keep us from saying anything,
Can't separate from everything.

And all this really means you're one
In a crowd and your paranoid of every sound
Another friend you won't miss anyhowback to top
Five State Drive
Got on the 47,
Transferred to the 89
Left town eastbound past all the city signs
And y'know sometimes it's hard to leave,
Your past behind and as I pass the crummy bars
And beat up cars nothing's
Gonna change my mind this time

By now you think i'be found that
Things changed, just don't look
That way to me.

By now you think I've found
That things change,
And look rearraged to me.
It never used to look
That way to me.

At half past seven I'm on the 95
Sick of malls and alcohol
Just passed the next state line
And I know sometimes it's hard
To leave your past behind
And as I think of the corner creeps
And dirty streets nothing will change
My mind, there's no turning back this time

And when going off is like going on
And never going back is just like giving up
It's like I'm going nowhere fast.back to top
Nervous in the Alley
On a tuesday in the rain,
I never thought there'd come
A day if I put myself to the test,
Would I ever raise a fist
Would I just shut my mouth,
Would I just block it out?

I've sworn a million times
Never to be left,
Standing with that feeling of hopelessness,
Just standing nervous in the alley

When all is said and through would
I know just what to do and if I put
Myself to the test would I ever
Raise a fist would I just shut my
Mouth or just block it out

I've sworn a million times never
To be left, standing with that
Feeling of hopelessness,
Just standing nervous in the alley

Is it a change of heart,
That keeps us apart -
And you say it's true
And we know it's true
When all we have left is me and you

And it's so strange,
When all I have left to say
Is I wonder what's worth fighting for?back to top
Have you ever felt that
Something, you know that
Something that keeps you sane?
And you can't explain why --
But you know it's what's
Left inside you and I know that
It's that something you know
That something that keeps me sane --
And I can't explain why
When it's all I have
I have left to hold onto.

And when I say it's
Everything from my highest hopes
To my dumbest schemes you'll never know
What it means to me,
I'm just a reason away,
From something that keeps me sane.back to top
History of a Boring Town
Just talked to this
Girl who used to live
On my street

After all these years
You're here and you remember me.

She said her old boyfriend packed up
And headed back east but she always
Knew someday he would go she just got
A new job but doubts it will last.

So let's take a drink and never
Think here's to the past

And she says
It's so funny how life
Burns out so fast it's
Just another wasted
Day a boring life in a
Boring town with the
Same old crowd and i
Used to say that i'd
Never stay

But I'm rotting here
Today with that same old crowd
That's always been
Around and I always
Thought I'd be the
First to go. that
Same old crowd
That brings me down
Another day in a
Boring town.

And remember when
They'd look through
You and then look
Past me we were
The ones they said
Would always leave

When you go think of me.back to top
Great American Sharpshooter
So you think of what it could've been
When time is al you've lost
Keeps burning through your head and
Now you fall asleep standing but lie
Awake in bed watch the clock drag on
And think about what you should've said

It's for the better
Your better half is gone.
It's ok - you didn't need her anyway.
And I don't want to hear you say
Nobody can take her place
And what more can I say-
You didn't need her anyways.

So you think of how it should've been
And it's just over
Keeps going through your head.
You're hearing all those words time & time again
Watch the phone all night
And think about what you should've said

It's for the better your better half is gone.back to top
Danny Says
Danny says that he got caught up
In all the talk of how it used to be,
And he says I never used to mind
That same lame line it's just you and me
Danny says that he's so boring now
Since he figured out that bakc in the day
Really say I remember this,
And don't give a shit about what you have
To say.

He's only 19 burnt out on the scene
And just getting by on it's memoriesback to top
Big Crash
Sometimes, I think
Something's wrong with
Me because I was
Never one to believe
In any one or anything
It's always been just me.

And y'know they've
Always had big
Plans for you
Just walk you
Through and cloud
Your views.

And I'll never say
That everything's ok.

And you don't
Want to say that you're
Giving up right now so
Hold your ground don't
Give up in what you believe.

Why be different
When you can't be yourself.

Sometimes I think something's
Wrong with me because i
Was never one to believe in
Anyone or anything. and don't
Want to say I'll ever change
Because things always change.back to top
Theme Song for H Street
You know my bestfriend,
Just left yesterday and I know
I know your girlfriend,
Couldn't explain, why she moved away
Things are so the same,
That all I can really bring
Myself to say is that I know

And yeah just outside,
The conversations getting old.
And I know they're right,
Betting smokes that our end is just as close.
Things are so the same.

And remember when they said
Just how long can you ideals
Keep you warm and we just
Laughed that kinda nervous laugh
And we just sang along to that song on the radio.

You were right about,
Just how we'd figure out
Things change but beliefs stay the same
And you were right about just how we'd figure out
A change of ideas I've known.back to top
Richard Allen George...No, It's Just Cheez
Don't call me Rich
don't call me George
just call me cheez
that's who I am
yeah until the keg runs dry
and he's tried
to drink from 9 to 5
then from 5 to 9
always drunk and going crazy
you better believe it
where the kegs never dry
it's always filled
have beer with fear!
have a beer or two
then he'll show you his cheese tattoo
drunk and going crazy
you better believe itback to top
Scott Farcas Takes It on the Chin
When I think of how things
Are right now it feels like
Yeah it all feels like some
Kind of circus show
And how this toen it keeps
You pinned down with the
Same song from years
Ago and y'know this place
Will chew you up and spit
You out before you go

And when they drag you
Kicking and screaming
From the scene you know
It's time to leave
When I think of this town
Right now it's filled with
Speed freaks and assholes
And all kinks of creeps and
Somehow every new face in
Every single case in a year
Or two will be erased

And to think of how I'm feeling
Right now somehow I still
Remember how I felt 4 years ago
Are right now it's still the same
Old song form years ago

What do I know?
That it's still the
Same old song from years agoback to top
Al's War
Al said goodbye to his mam and dad
For the first time in his life
Tonight left the house and walked out to
The waiting car outside and
Somehow he thought they'd never understand
That nothing lasts and he just knows
That time is juat spinning by
And life is passing him by so fast

And sometimes I think I'm the only one
That feels like going nowhere is like giving up

Al said to me a few days
Ago that he just
Thought for the first time in his life
He feels the last 10 years were only
A waste of time and that it was
Only a compromise of what he
Always felt inside
His declaration of independence said to me
Under the orange street lights

He was the one who always
Did the right thing
He was the one that listened to
Everything they'd say
But today he's never going backback to top
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