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Less Than Jake lyrics

Album: Losing Streak [1996]

 01  Automatic
 02  Happyman
 03  9th at Pine
 04  Sugar in Your Gas Tank
 05  Shindo
 06  107
 07  Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
 08  Krazy Glue
 09  Never Going Back to New Jersey
 10  How's My Driving, Doug Hastings?
 11  Just Like Frank
 12  Ask the Magic 8 Ball
 13  Dopeman
 14  Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
 15  Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
 16  Lockdown
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I think I know it all,
But can I be sure of the things I've grown to know,
And can I say I know it all,
When rules just guide me to blindly follow
And things are automatic when you see them everyday
Is it the same routine
Or my fucked up dreams,
That keep me walking mindless all the way?
I think, I think I know it all
But is our beliefs just stringing us along
And was there something wrong in what I heard,
For every hour of the day?back to top
Happyman smiles almost every single day,
Too numb to notice that he's walking in a haze,
He's pushed himself here and doesn't know what to do.

Choked by the clock and he doesn't know what to do.

I say, you say, you say it's work yeah it's work all day.
Happyman is mad at the world
(green grasses, picket fences, liquid lunches lost his senses)back to top
9th at Pine
When it all came down, on that saturday night,
Should I choose a side, at 9th at pine.

Can we still say we're civilized,
Watched some kid down at 9th at pine...

Which will it be? sympathy or apathy,
Which part of the human condition will I believe.

Tried then it's tested
I've just decided
I failed
Is it the crowd,
Or the way this is going down?

Is being human watching all this without a sound?
Tried...back to top
Sugar in Your Gas Tank
Less Than Jake - Sugar in your gastank

if i had a scheme for everything
it seems that i'd be more content with it all
if i had it in me to stop my random thought and dumb dreams
i could deal with this nonstop spinning world
if only i could say that everything's ok
take a good look and look the other way
frustration hell who needs it anyway
i'd rather sit back and just smoke cigarrettes
be the one with the loudest mouth
be the most closed minded that i could getback to top
Something's out there
And it takes me away
From a world too small to stay

Something's out there

Another day in this place so small,
I'd rather be somebody else

Maybe if my mind wasn't so tall,
I wouldn't be able to tell

And I've walked these streets
It seems like 10 million times
And I've seen things up and leave
Time after time
(and it's just another day) in this place so small

I'd rather be somebody else
Old habits die hardback to top
Unless you could see inside my head,
You couldn't possibly understand
I'm happier when things are falling apart at the seems
And you'd never know just by looking at me

And I'm strung out on the future
And burnt out on the past
Sometimes I'd rather just burn this place right to the ground
And y'know it just may be me
But the parking lot with all those creeps
Keeps me convincing me myself I'm completely sane
With sleep over rated
And my ideal outdated
I know that I wouldn't have it any other way

And I can't explain what this place races through my mindback to top
Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
Well i
Really don't know
If it matters at all so,
But we try to keep our prices low
For records and our shows
But is that enough,
Or is it that we're not punk enough,
Or it that you think ska just sucks,
But johhny quest, he thinks we're what?
Johnny quest thinks we're selloutsback to top
Krazy Glue
It seems I can't explain it all
All the reasons gone and I just can't seem to shake
What I've been brought up on

And well it hard to say
And it's hard to explain
That all the things I've known are feeling strange
I guess I'll always have tradition
To fall back on

And just what the hell
Am I supposed to do
Just accept someone else's point of view

And we could ramble on and on and still not know...

And what keeps rolling through my brain
It keeps running like a non-stop frieght train
Its that tradition seems to stick to you
Just like krazy glueback to top
Never Going Back to New Jersey
There was a time when I could say it right to you
That I was never going to leave this place
But now it's I was wrong
And I don't wanna fucking talk about it
Cause it feels like things have changed
Yeah well I could talk, talk, talk
And say I'm wrong, wrong, wrong
But I feel I'm in a place I've never known
And it feels like there's something wrong,
Something wrong, something wrong
And I know that I don't wanna know...
I'm never going back again
There was a time when I would say I must be crazy
That I would say this place is looking strange
But now it's I'm kinda lost and I just don't remember
Because things never stay the same...yeah, well I could talk, talk...back to top
How's My Driving, Doug Hastings?
Friday night on coke with a crow bar,
Left at two in the back of doug's car,
Without a plan and being fucked up,
Looking' to get something for ourselves.

Friday night at three at a side door,
Doug said try to get the door just once more

I said man this all fucked up
Just looking to get something
Something for ourselves
Feeling kinda weird and thinkin' to myself
Fuck doug
I'm not going out like this

He said man I'm all I got and I won't be missed
This makes no sense
It makes no sense to me
This isn't the way it's supposed to beback to top
Just Like Frank
He's just like anyone
He's just like anybody
He's just like frank

And I know it
And he knows it
It's his one sided point of view

I know it when he says
It's my way, or the wrong way
And I don't care about you

But to see my side wouldn't be the worst thing he could do
When someone's politic blinds you
And binds you
To something you don't believe in
And he's just like anyone...
And I saw him walking on my way
Path third street just the other day
Why doesn't he understand views keep changing?back to top
Ask the Magic 8 Ball
What the fuck
The fuck have I become
I've become the product of the sum
Caught in an endless circle
I've become the stupidest man in the world
Chalk another one up to experience
Y'know it doesn't make any sense
To do it all over again
And then again
Then do it all over again

I've become the stupidest man
I think I'm drawing a blank again

This dizziness never seems to end
Never seems to end
You know it never seems to end

Drunk and sitting in and thinking
Change it never seems to come when I'm thinkingback to top
Dopeman dopeman's got another big plan
To sell it to you or anyone he can
Because this is much better than minimum wage
No matter how things work he's still gonna get paid
Think about it for a minute more -
It's either work at mcdonalds or the corner store
A quick money fix from a deal or 2
When a decision comes down
What would you do?

You take - take a welfare state
Or a dopeman's fate
And keep the cycle spinnin' round

Dopeman dopeman's got the upperhand
People wanna get as much as they can
Because those reasons they'll always stay the same
And for some people it's the only way to stay sane
And think about it for a minute more -
A life of crime or hangin' round the liquor store
A quick drug fix to get you through
When the decision comes down
What would you do?back to top
Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
Jen thinks it isn't fair that I don't really care
If she likes me or not
And jen doesn't like to settle
Until she makes me feel like howie reynolds
She thinks that I'm all that I've got
No jen doesn't like me anymore
Jen doesn't like to go to the shows,
She doesn't like my whoa - whoa's.
Jen doesn't like me anymore.back to top
Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
Man it's really strange
This city never stays the same
Its always
I've got to keep on moving and I've got to keep on going
But maybe it's to keep itself sane
That it's always
I've got to keep on going, so I don't have any feeling

So I'm on my way out of this place that has me turning numb
I'm on my way,
All the feeling in this place has up and gone

So with one hand on the wheel
And the other out the window
With a smile on my face
And my middle finger up
With on hand on the wheel
This city's going crazy
Without a care that it's all fucked upback to top
Something's not right
Urban sprrawl, from urban blight
Something's not right
When history turn into a building site
Locked out, fenced up, closed down without a sound

Something's not right
When downtown is just all blinking lights
Something's not right
When strip malls and condos are at your every sideback to top
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