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Less Than Jake lyrics

Album: Pezcore [1995]

 01  Liquor Store
 02  My Very Own Flag
 03  Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
 04  Big
 05  Shotgun
 06  Black Coffee
 07  Throw the Brick
 08  Growing Up on a Couch
 09  Blindsided
 10  Downbeat
 11  Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
 12  Out of the Crowd
 13  Robo
 14  Where in the Hell Is Mike Sinkovich
 15  Process
 16  Three Quarts Drunk
 17  Boomtown
 18  Short on Ideas
 19  One Last Cigarette
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Liquor Store
Now listen up and hear what I'm saying
If he's not talking to himself
Then he must be praying
Shine my shoes and ask for a dime
Then pick my pockets while I'm in line
He keeps telling me the score
Down at the liquor storeback to top
My Very Own Flag
Something that's inside of me
It's something that I cannot see
Like rules and regulations
Passed down for generations

I wish I had my very own flag,

And as I walk away
I can hear you say
I wish that I had my own flagback to top
Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
Well i
Really don't know
If it matters at all so,
But we try to keep our prices low
For records and our shows
But is that enough,
Or is it that we're not punk enough,
Or it that you think ska just sucks,
But johhny quest, he thinks we're what?
Johnny quest thinks we're selloutsback to top
Wonder what hold things together
Is it political positions or maybe superstitions
The list goes on forever
It seems to go on forever
Are old rituals necessary to stand by
How many things just to get us through the night
And can we say their wrong altogether
The world keeps going on forever
It still looks big

Can everything in some way help us understand
From mathematical problems to rubber bands
And can we say it's wrong altogether
The world goes on forever
It still looks bigback to top
There was a kid so low, he couldn't stand up
No money, no respect and too much bad luck
Desperation had gotten to him at last
It was dark
Dark alley and a shot gun blast
And I knew a man everyone thought
Ws out of his mind
He had a cane and seemed to be around all the time
And it's a shame, when a car rolls past
It was dark
Dark alley and a shot gun blastback to top
Black Coffee
If only my problems were like water
They could be boiled away
And watching the steam drift upward,
Watching my problems drift away.
And watch the steam turn and twist,
Watch it all drift away.
Look how it rises and lifts
Watch my problems drift away.
If only my problems were like water
They all could be washed away
And watch the water go downward
Watch it all go down the drainback to top
Throw the Brick
Two days before his mom moved him
To a trailer park in florida from a suburb in michigan
He left the house headed for someplace downtown
Thinking who needs them, cuz they brought me down
Out on the streets words burning in his brain
With his pulse pumping just like a freight train,
Wondering what he has to lose
What's to lose anyhow
If he throws this rock will it all be solved now

Throw the brick one more time
Thinking of the problems that I left behind
Throw the brickback to top
Growing Up on a Couch
How many things that you believe
Are straight out of tv and magazines
And when comfort comes before thruth
Can you say that you never knew,
Sitting in front of your tv,

Do you believe the lies
Given to us from another time
And can you say that everything is fine
When your ideology is only right half the time

I'm growing up on the couchback to top
Isn't it funny that it all comes down to money
Running on a treadmill, wasting time
Keeps you too busy to lose your mind

I was blindsided out on the street
The tension was so thick I could hardly even breathe
And I don't like the way things are going down
I don't like the way things are going down,
That's all, it's all
It's enough to knock me down

Man I was blindsided when a guy walked right past
Calls for help from this guy under the overpass
So I guess it's the problem will go away if I block it out
It's all enough to knock me downback to top
Downbeat, downbeats coming for you
Everythings gone that you once knew.
Trying to rely on what things used to be
And trying to live up to your responsibility.
Everythings fucked up that you see.
Downbeats coming for you
And it's coming for me.
Trying to rely
Downbeats coming and you can't hide
Standing on the front porch
While downbeats collide,
And downbeats coming up up
It's got a grin
And I'm left in this situation.back to top
Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
Jen thinks it isn't fair that I don't really care
If she likes me or not
And jen doesn't like to settle
Until she makes me feel like howie reynolds
She thinks that I'm all that I've got
No jen doesn't like me anymore
Jen doesn't like to go to the shows,
She doesn't like my whoa - whoa's.
Jen doesn't like me anymore.back to top
Out of the Crowd
I won't compete because I don't need to be
In front of someone that wants to compete with me
Who needs another aggravation
Or a fucked up situation
So you call me burnt out
Call me washed up
Or weaker cause I won't get up
Be first in another line
Just one more time,
Cause I won't compete again
I can't hear a sound that's out of the crowd.back to top
So she's been around
Lived in every town
And she always seems to know
So she does a zine
Says she's in the scene
And she goes to the cool punk rock shows
And it's not like I've seen the world
And it's not cuz she's a girl
It's just cuz no ones always right
And I'm almost never right so she can't be

Yeah he's been around
Likes to hear the sound
Of his voice annoying me
His shirt off at shows
Brand new punk rock clothes
Do you think that I have a choice to see
That I sometimes think he's wrong
And been talking way too long
In fact it's cuz no ones always right
And I'm almost never right
So you can't be.back to top
Where in the Hell Is Mike Sinkovich
I've never known what made you get up and go
And what pushed you over the edge,
When we were up on the roof
Was it the truth when you said
You never made a single difference.
Did you get it in your head
That things are better left unsaid
When you up and left town now?
Did you need to rearrange
Or did you need to make a change
Rather than just rotting the place
We used to hang around?
I know that things have gotta change,
I know your never coming back to this town.

I wonder where you've gone,
Who you're with;
I still ask myself,
Where the hell is mike sinkovich?back to top
I've always watched the change
I've watched without a sound
and often wondered why
I don't speak a word out loud
but the world won't stop for me
and I can't stop the world myself
but I often wondered why
the rest of them can't see for themselves
the change I've found
that keeps me bound
without a sound
there's a process in the world
and no one can stop the change
there's a process all around us
and things never stay the sameback to top
Three Quarts Drunk
There's an old man at the very end
Of the parking lot leaning on his car and
Drinking beer and laughing out loud
Before my head starts spinning around,
As I try to find a place to take a stand
But only wind up sitting anyplace I can
With didjit's song stuck in my head
I kinda think I might of said
Now I'm three quarts drunk and I'm out of time.back to top
So here let's talk about the boomtown facts
You've got stick up kids coming right at my back
Two blocks of reasonable rent and it's only getting smaller
And the rest of boomtown is only getting taller
You've got ten miles of traffic and three hundred miles of roadway
And a million lights burning bright night and day
With all these lights going off like roman candles
It's getting too much for me to handle

Boomtown's only based on image torn down and built up from one man's vision
When all the workers are all up and gone
It feels like I'm sitting on a ticking time bomb.back to top
Short on Ideas
Have you been feeling down, pushed around
Feeling like everything has been done before
Do I need to understand every word from every man
Or everything from every band
Can I say it's all been done before
Religion, science, similes to metaphors
Can it be that there's nothing new
When there's more ways of looking at the truth

The more things seem to change
The more they just stay the same
But now it's called a different name
Can you say things are new
When you look at magazines
And things you've seen in the news.back to top
One Last Cigarette
I check the time, it's 4:00 a.m.
And I just passed the westside buildings
All the broken glass
As I try to shake the cold away, but anyways,
It's late at night and I'm about to crack
And decide to just walk the tracks
That I just walked yesterday.back to top
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