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Living Death lyrics

Album: World's Neuroses [1989]

 01  It's your last birthday
 02  Die young
 03  Schizophrenia
 04  On the seventeenth floor
 05  Down
 06  World's neuroses
 07  Bastard at the busstop
 08  The Testament of Mr. George
 09  The sacred chao
 10  Tuesday
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It's your last birthday
On his seventh birthday
A bunch of school friends entered his home
Mummy still laughed as they started to celebrate
And then she left'em alone

In the middle of the mountain of presents they gave to him
Stood a nice fancy care
With sweet sugar towers, and funny coloured flowers
Their eye's reveal expectation

And he did the first cut he never thought about blood
There was an innocent smile in his face turned to white
Have his eyes told him lies, his face turned to white
'bout little sparky's head in the cake

C'mon cut the cake - greetings to your
Birthday - birthday its your last
Your dead dog's eye's watchin' you
Birthday - birthday its your last

The years went by and he grew to a man
And everything seemed to be alright
But nightmares torture him every night
'cause sparky's dead pushed so hard in his brain

He could'nt control his pain and longer
So he baked himself a big cake
With poisoned content, no will to live any longer
'cause he's dead since his seventh birthdayback to top
Die young
You're aged fitteen and wanna do everything that
Mom and dad were never able to do
Noone who stops you, live your life and realize
Your teenage dreams
Don't care about the world and society problems
Cause it makes no difference to you
If friends are long haired junkies or shrt haired drunkies
Cause they all live their life too

We're young - you're old
Go out of our way
If you wanna find your eternal peace - do it!
We don't care
We all will - die young
There's no sence in growin' old
In the morning at school you are searchi the guy
Who's selling your favorite drug
At 10 school is over for you, cause you don't wanna learn
Things you never could change
At home one more time you must hear all the things you must do
Or specially not
So you better move to town, where you meet your crowd
In which every one is think in' like you

You ask your self way dont'ey leave me alone
With my life and with my dreams
Even in mom and dad are going out they pass no chance
To declare what it seems
To have a child like you what doesn't care about its life
A nasty, crazy fool
You're laughing at'em, we're all laughing at'em
They're not forus - their morbid rulesback to top
Morbid Brain, Morbid Brain
Morbid brain, morbid - we'll lead your erection

You're like mice, catched in the mace of your dreams
Never be able to find your piece of mind

Unconcious of your deeds you'll full fill the needs
To which your morbid brain leads you


We'll lead you erection - morbid brainback to top
On the seventeenth floor
I stood in the hall and smiled with myself
As I asked me which lift I would try
Three of them waited, neon lighted
I choiced and entered the right

The liftdoor shutted before I pressed
The button to the floor I would go
I pressed number five but the light shined on 17
"What's that" I wanted to know

The cabine moved up, not able to understand how
I passed five and soon I'll arrive my heart beated faster now
The doors cracked and opened with sensor sound
The neon light lfickered and the darkness was all around

Morbid sounds tortured my ears
Strong winds blew dust and sand into my eyes
Bestial heat came out of the cabine walls
It was intolerable and I knew I had arrived

On the seventeenth floor

I left the lift and moved back down
I was standing right on the floor
The question was where to move right or left?
Then in front of me opened a door

Red light was comin' out of it
And the floor - bottom turned to red slime
It left that my feet burn away
What was is that wanted me to die?

The faster I move, the slower I go
Out of the walls came reptiles and bloody skulls
The room was endless, I sank deeper into the smile
I woundered why I didn't lost my mind

Then I left, strong arms pulled me out of the heat
I was shocked that my bones were the rest of my body I keep
I came to the end of the room and opened the back door
What I saw drove me insane, my dead body in a mirrorback to top
I saw you first time in the dinner hall
You looked like a girl that never will fall
You smiled a sweet smile as I touch your hand
Never throught about you will drive me mad

You - gimme what you got to give
You - bring me into seventh heaven
I - follow you you and I believe
I - got to beat you never

You're doing things turnn'me round
But you were bringin' me - down
I've found it out what it's all about
The way you're treatin' me - down

We had good times all day's an nights
Often ending in strong fights
I never knew a girl like you
But baby, I'm not lovin' you!

You - only give if you can take
And you - will bring me down one day
I will - treat you like you do
Cause I will be the illness for you ref

You get more weak under my hand
We do a nice trip into horror - land
C'mon little baby drink your wine
And recognize that your body's mine

You - gimme what you got to give
And I - bring you into seventh heaven
Now you - follow me and must believe
That I - treat you if it's right for me

Now I'm doing things turning me round
And I will bring you - down
Have you found it out what, it's all about?
The way I'm treatin' you - downback to top
World's neuroses
Schizophrenic minds of human king
Abnormal reactions control the minds
Of apparently normal people
But don't you know, all people are equal?

Disadvantages drive you insane
Going to kill someone ain't a blame
Reasons for someone being in a bad way
Found 'emselves easy, everyday

Neuroses - world's neuroses
Neuroses - world's neuroses

What to do with somebody disgusting you
Thinkin' he's not the one to live with you
Your abnormal feelings torture your brain
Workin' out a plan, you do what you can

Ironical observes destroy your facade
Before you start tricks you're going under the blade
Neurotical symptoms are in everyone
Nobody knows about things he had doneback to top
Bastard at the busstop
Six o'clock in the evening, moons shining low
Bastard with his workin' bag's ready for the show
Holy place, no disgrace, bus is comin' soon
Nobody at the busstop, bastard's staring at the moon

Bastard at the busstop

Busdriver! Busdriver! Open the doors!
Only guest in the floor, the bastard on this tour
Hello fellows listen up, the team is black again
'round and 'round, both are proud, go-go get their fan

Bastard at the busstop
Busstop to Eternity

Endless rounds, the bus is loud, back at the busstop
Dancin' round the busstop shield, both of'em will hop!
Throwin' the keys away, now they're here to stay
Moon's still shining full, for crazy fools today

The bastard at the busstop is waitin' for the buy!back to top
The Testament of Mr. George
Fourteen family members sitting 'round the table
The testament opening is starting soon, 'cause George is dead forever
Everyone wants the price for himself, the views of 'em show all
And if someone is handicapped, the others have to fall

Family war, mr.Gearge cheats'em all
Who's the one only getting money if the others die

The notary starts to read out the holy testament
Everyone's ear's are growing big, every now and then
Thirteen meritables are enumerated, only one is left
Jhonathan begins to know, that he's unnecessary

A few day's later he starts a diner and everyone of'em comes
To show'em that he's not angry, he knows what he does
He poisons the wine, for him it's a game
He only wants his right, til the end of this night

They celebrate and drink the wine
And when they're all fallen down Jhonathan's laughing loud
Now the revenge is coming to an end, and Jhonathan
Begins to build up a wall in the door
Then he opens a bottle of wine in the hall
And cheers up to mr.Georgeback to top
The sacred chao
The sphere of confusion, special agent in charge
Buereaucracy and aftermath, spirit advisor
The sphere of chaos, grand illuminatus
The sphere of discord, keeper of the sacred chao

They're workin' together for the magic pentagon
Confusion the first, buereaucracy the secound
Aftermath number three, chaos and discord

They're workin' together for the magic pentagon
Helper and accoplice for the end of the world
Noone of the puppets knows what it's done
The end is comin' slow, and noone feels the hurt

The sacred chao

For searching the rear-rank men, you'ill pay with your life
And if you find one, there are ten new of 'em behind
You find a track, but it goes lost in darkness
You think you're workin' alone, and you fall in helpless

The sphere's of confusion
Buereaucracy and aftermath
Chaos and discord
The end of the worldback to top
Sunday I go to meet little Sally
And I jump up the stairs cause I wanna tell her
That monday we may start another waterbed rally
Saly laughs and what she says to me ain't a lie:

Ref I - ride me till I cry
Push the pen, push the pen as high as you really ean
Dive into my funny side...

She opened her lips and the hot sweet taste
Makes me forget about the energy I waste
Feelin' better now, 'cause I know the way how to
Help her find the highest point and she screams loud...
Ref I - ride... ... my funny side, but
Ref II - what you gonna do on tuesday?
I relax my brain, before I do insane...
She was so, she was so, she was fine
Get ready for doing it everyday
Not everyday, its not my way
You will try, you will try, yeah I'll try

Day after day, the silly old game
But Sally wants move, it's always the same
"Sixty - nine, real fine, she got hers and I got mine
Right, boy make me shine "oh, it's better now for me to die..."

The time iright od, to take it to an end, okay?
If Sally is sleepin' tight, I change her with a rubber maid
No more horror bedroom fights, rubber-maids tell no tales
I touch her sweet rubber skin, and slowly she starts to sing...back to top
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