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Lord Belial lyrics

 1994 Kiss The Goat
 1996 Enter The Moonlight Gate
 1999 Unholy Crusade

· Belial- Northern Prince of Evil
· Black Winter Blood-Bath
· Bleed On The Cross
· Death Is The Gate - Mors Ianua Vitae
· Divide Et Impera
· Enter the Moonlight Gate
· Forlorn In Silence
· Grace Of God
· Hymn Of The Ancient Misanthropic Spirit Of The Forest
· In The Light Of The Fullmoon
· Into The Frozen Shadows
· Lamia
· Lilith - Demonic Queen Of The Black Light
· Master Of Destruction
· Mysterious Kingdom
· Night Divine
· Osculum Obscenum
· Path with Endless Horizons
· Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls ( Part 1 )
· Satan Divine
· Summon The Legions
· The Ancient Slumber
· The Art Of Dying
· Unholy Crusade
· Unholy Spell of Lilith
· War Of Hate

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