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Love Like Blood lyrics

Album: Flags Of Revolution [1992]

 01  Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun
 02  Apathy And Boredom
 03  Mercy Killing
 04  Children
 05  Tears Of Liberation
 06  Johannesburg
 07  Out Of Sight
 08  The Tribute To Manila
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Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun
those landscapes you see
are not made of life at all
they are mades of death
they're like a cancer that's covering the earth
and everything you see is just
grey walls and wasteland around
I lost my voice I lost my thoughts
and pain is tearing me appart

heart on ice, this heart's on ice
is weak and frail, so weak and frail.

red light blue light flashing fear
there's too much stone around here
another door slammed on my face
and you don't bother to here
it is dark no noise arond me
when I was in that state

red blood eyes flame in the sky
and walls are breathing by hate
nothing new in the dying sun
and on the western front
a perfect reflection a senseless action
suburban homes you know

I lost my head I lost my faith
and pain is tearing me appart
and everything I see is just
grey walls and wasteland aroundback to top
Apathy And Boredom
I opened wide the door
and ran inside the pub so loudly
and the landlord said"oh hi ya bum,
do you wanna something to drink"
I answered"beer and sweties
give me one or give me three"
it seems so strange the only
one talking here is me and I faced...

apathy and boredom
what's wrong folks what's the point
whom do you bastards look at
is it a crime to act human
kind of living kind of living
am I alien am I strange
or am I looking like a craphead
but my words fall into a see
of bloody haughtiness so deep
and I face...

as I drink my beer and cold
cold eyes look straight into me
I have no wish to provoke
I don't like to disturb their apathy
I sit down and close my eyes
and listen to this silent music
and my mind is closing down and I fade
and I fade into...

apathy and boredomback to top
Mercy Killing
written on the moon I see your reply
written on the sky, reflected in your eyes
behave yourself - this is my cry
the will to live - the reason why
you call it absolutely
necessary mercy killing

all the nights there made you crazy
all the time you wanted to flee
there was always danger in your dreams
and all that thoughts you fight to hide
about the motionless body at your side
with the hate that's growing in you
what an easy killing for you

don't do it, you ask me why
behave yourself, the evil in your eye
behave yourself, your greeds'll come alive
the will to live, the reason why

your emotions got to be colder
the person beside you got to be older
your emotions got to be colder
your gread got to be bolder and bolder
death, I can read it in your eyes
death, death now will come alive
helpless the body in swoon
your mercy act has to come soon
but suddenly as you pushed the tubes
you heard him cry for mercyback to top
I don't sleep so I don't dream
and again I don't want to fall
your name's burned or days are burried
forgotten at all
so I said some day that
I would return to an end
everything to loosw will be just
will be just a friend
yearning oh children
children of love
everyone seems like a little
child like a suicide...

inocence gone wild
everyone seems like a little child
like a suicide candidate
I wish to be in your dreams
every night, nights you'll hate
you know that I could have
waited for a long time
but the thuth is spoken now
and to tell the truth is no crime

you should not feel flattered
it's not yours belong
and dreams are just like
souveniers which I don't want to keep
I don't need the reasons
and I don't like some supriseback to top
Tears Of Liberation
the way i'm walking
so dark so still
save me from the grave
hold out for cover
heven could be so fine
if the moon was rising high
but see the oceans mirrors
and see the dark sky
years of pain and hurt
everything I want
tears of liberation
years gone in a moment
I see your lifeless face
I see your eyes in tears
forever you've been hurt
you couldn't leave this place
corroded all the love
every pleasure is rejected
say what a feeling
every gladness such hatred
no more mossion on live
no joy of live for you
so you feel weak now
deep in body and ghost
blood an roses
I felt felt so sad
everything I wanted
only tearsback to top
higly armed the white police
are blowing away little knees
crushed bones and finger tips
are forming words on bleeding lips
blue eyes are watching them
blue eyes are killing them
but there's no hope when they pray
the lord seems to be miles away
we saw the spirit of johannesburg

filthy smoke covering the sun
a bullet left another gun
a nation screams in agony
in pure fear pure apathy
lord oh lord where have you gone
see what your children have done
but there's no hope when they pray
the lord seems to be miles away

and thought the days of fascism
and racism had gone
i'd never thought that there would
be things like oppression
humiliatiion and persecution
that a dump white male minority
could rule over a black majority
south africa you're only
the top of a lethal flood
south africa ruled by die hard fanatics
but still there's a mass of people
who are protesting, fighting
and demonstrating against a system
which degrades them to animals
but animals fight back when they're
in life danger also human beings fight back
so fight back in the name of freedom
fight back in the name of human rights
for a redemption, for a solution
hoist the flags of revolution!
my lord when will the white bastion fall!back to top
Out Of Sight
another day comes to another end
another kiss seals another hand
another hand is setting free
hidden tears I cannot see
while the moon is grinning a time
lifting up my agony
suffice it to say
i'll damn the whole day
whole day
heaven knows where heaven is
heaven knows just what I miss
keep the silence in embrace
I can't forget this happy face
where are the
frames of the happy days
out of sight
the soughts of lust of love
out of mind

the strength and the self respect
I could find
a head and a heart and a soul
it's really out of sight
who's walking in this park
who's singing in this dark
what am I supposed to do
why am I searching for you
moonlight please beware
the reality of despair
open your mind set it free
immortal agonyback to top
The Tribute To Manila
a blue neon cross on the tower
is shining over manila's streets
where they are standing and selling
their breakable dolls bodies
she said she is twelve years old
and her name is arlene
on her left forarm
are some small scares to see
beutiful faces and the call of the flash
40 dolars for a life without choice
when the trip is abating
and a sober coldness through her body creeps
she has the feeling to set her body
from that crawling skin free
so arlene cuts at her arms
a fast cut with the razor blade
empty eyes look tired and depressed
unnamed glow in the eyes of nameless
but ghostly white faces are still waiting
blow up forever the fat old folks
I wish to hear a voice that shouts
they should be sent into hell
they should be sent to the sword

oh arlene don't cut yourself
no more cuts
no danger to death no
no more cutsback to top
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