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Macabre lyrics

Album: Murder Metal [2003]

 01  Acid Bath Vampire
 02  You're Dying to Be With Me
 03 Fatal Foot Fetish
 04  The Hillside Stranglers
 05  Dorthea's Dead Folks Home
 06  The Iceman
 07  Poison
 08  Werewolf of Bedburg
 09  Morbid Minister
 10  The Wüstenfeld Man Eater
 11  Diary of Torture
 12  Jack the Ripper
 13 Fritz Haarman Der Metzger
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Acid Bath Vampire
You will die by surprise
when I take your life I will smile

John George Haigh was a vampire
who drank old ladies blood
then put them in a non-corrosive drum
and with acid he'd dissolve them

With my knife I make a cut on your neck
Your blood fills a glass for me
A special treat

Now that you're dead
in a metal drum you'll stay
I pump the acid in
to melt your corpse awayback to top
You're Dying to Be With Me
Sitting at my table, having some tea
Chatting with a bloke who's dead from strangling
I'm a lonely man in need of company
I only have to kill men to make them stay with me

You're dying to be with me
Now you'll have a cup of tea with me
You're dying to be with me
We will have a chat and some tea
You and me

I love to be with you, but you're now decomposing
The bloody smell so putrid
We must soon part company
A fire in my backyard should work sufficiently
My toilet also used to flush away dead men rottingback to top
The Hillside Stranglers
Angelo and Ken were cousins and friends
Two cousins who liked prostitutes
Cruising the night, a girl they'd invite
In their car for a ride to the hillside

Abduction, rape and strangulation
That's how Kenneth and Angelo
got their sexual gratification

Posed as the heat
snatched girls off the street
the girls they would take
to Angelo's place
tied up and raped
no girl would escape
strangled they died
left on the hillside

I'm gonna strangle you:
And leave you on the hillside
I'm gonna strangle you:
Spread naked on the hillside

We're gonna strangle you:
And leave you on the hillside
We're gonna strangle you:
Spread naked on the hillsideback to top
Dorthea's Dead Folks Home
Dorthea had a bad place that was a disgrace
a home for old people for a monthly rate
with the help of her son
the old folks' home she'd run
and things seemed quite normal
but something was wrong

The people that graced old Dorthea's place
had no friends or family that she'd have to face
so she thought of a scam
her son the right hand man
a very demented and morbid plan

The old folks' social security checks
to Dorthea were sent
she was allowed to cash
tenants' checks for their rent
but the tenants were dead
all poisoned to death
so they wouldn't have to be
cared for or fed

With the help of her son
buried one by one
in Dorthea's yard
'til someone caught on
Dorthea did plead guilty for her deeds
Dorthea's dead folks home
is now historyback to top
The Iceman
There's a very big man who lived a double life
as a dedicated family man and cold blooded hitman
husband with children
but on the streets he was The Iceman

The mafia hitman
nicknamed the Iceman
was a very big man
wasn't a very nice man

The Iceman wasn't a nice man
was big and frightening
and struck like lightning
The Iceman, contracted reaper
the victims' relatives were the weepers

The Iceman was his nickname
because of the time he froze his victims
The Iceman was payed to ice men
he made his living being The Iceman

Cyanide was his preferred method
sometimes a shotgun
to blow someone's head off
lethal scam man
but a dedicated family manback to top
Graham Fredrick Young
was different from the rest
a child prodigy with a chemistry set
he would sit alone in his room and experiment
read about Hitler and his henchmen

Poison poison
Graham's little friend
Poison poison
Poisoning his friends

He poisoned his mom at the age of 14
she suffered in pain until she died
he poisoned his sister and his dad
they didn't die so his plot was had

Arsenic arsenic
Arsenic poisoning
Arsenic arsenic
Arsenic poisoning

Went to trial, found guilty but insane
spent 9 years with the mentally deranged
went through lots of therapy
the doctor signed the paper that set him free

Poison poison
Poisoning his friends
Poison poison
Poison till the end

He got a job in the photo industry
made some friends and put thallium in their tea
he kept charts on their misery
of the heavy metal poison he put in their tea

Metal metal
Metal poisoning
Heavy metal
Metal poisoningback to top
Werewolf of Bedburg
i saw macabre with cannibal corpse, goatwhore, kataklysm, and napalm death on
halloween 2004. in dallas.this band kicks ass

over 400 years ago
the people were terrorized
around bedburg and cologne
in the german countryside
according to the pamphlet
published at the time
a man named peter stumpp
committed atrocious crimes

peter stumpp the werewolf
peter stumpp the werewolf

aided and abedded
by his mistress and daughter
bodyparts were found
on the land and in the water
his daughter had a son
from repeated incest
stumpp ate his son and said
the brain tasted the best

the werewolf of bedburg
the werewolf of bedburg

after many hunts
for the werewolf peter stumpp
they finally tracked him down
for his gruesome stunts
he roamed the countryside
ripped innocent victims apart
and while still warm
he'd eat their hearts

peter stumpp the werewolf
peter stumpp the werewolf

tied to a wooden wheel
they took redhot pinchers
and pulled his flesh off
in several areas
they broke his arms and legs
with a hatchet
they burned the evil stumpp
after cutting his head off

the werewolf of bedburg
the werewolf of bedburgback to top
Morbid Minister
I like to torture and I do it quite well
kidnapped in my house
you'll think you're in hell
Your new home's a pit
in my basement floor
act up and I'll shock you
with an electrical chord

Morbid minister
he's quite sinister
in his pit you're restrained
all your life he will drain

While you're chained to my pit
you'll wish you were saved
but you can not escape me
you are my sex slave
Inside of a blender
is your gourmet meal
consisting of dog food
and women I killedback to top
The Wüstenfeld Man Eater
In the German internet classifieds
was an ad for a man's demise
then after death he'd eat his prize
a cannibal in modern times

Then to his ad a man replied
agreed to what was advertised
his penis was cut off while still alive
he ate half his own penis before he diedback to top
Diary of Torture
When you wake in pain at 8am
to my metal bed you are tied
you struggle so I take my index finger
and jab it several times into your eye
a cotton tip swab dipped in drain cleaner
pokes your eyes again and again
I climb on your chest with an iron bar
and repeatedly batter your hands

Robert Berdella
would torture young fellows
until they were skin and bones
and when they were dead
the garbage man
would take them away from his home

Robert Berdella
would torture young fellas
until they were dead and cold
then throw them out in gerbage bags
to get them away from his home

My fist has ripped your anal wall
so penicillin I prescribe
to keep you alive and subject you
to much more torture before you die
with a home-made ballast plugged in the wall
7000 volts I apply
with battery cables clambed on to your scrotum
your testicles I will fryback to top
Jack the Ripper
Dear boss, I keep on hearing
that the police have caught me
but they won't fix me just yet
I have laughed
when they looked so clever
and talk about being
on the right track

That joke about leather apron
gave me real fits
I am down on whores
and I shan't quit ripping them
till I do get buckled
grand work the last job was
I have the lady no time to squeal

And I want to start again
you will soon learn of me
with my funny little games
I saved some of the proper red stuff
in a ginger beer bottle over the last job

To write with but it went thick
like glue
and I can't use it

Red ink is fit enough I hope
ha ha
the next job I do
I shall clip the ladies ears off
and send them to police officers
just for jolly
Wouldn't you?

Keep this letter back
till I do a bit more work
then give it out straight
my knives so nice and sharp

I want to get back to work right away
if I get a chance

Good luck!
Yours truly,
Jack the Ripper

Don't mind me given the trade nameback to top
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