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Manowar lyrics

Album: Triumph Of Steel [1992]

 01  Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts
 02  Ii. The Death Of Patroclus
 03  Iii. Funeral March
 04  Vi. Death Hector's Reward
 05  Vii. The Decreation Of Hector's Body
 06  Metal Warriors
 07  Ride The Dragon
 08  Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
 09  Burning
 10  The Power Of Thy Sword
 11  The Demon's Whip
 12  Masters Of The Wind
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Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts
See my chariot run to your ships
I'll drive you back in the sea
You came here for gold
The wall will not hold
This day was promised to me
The Gods are my shield
My fate has been sealed
Lightning and javelins fly
Soon many will fall
We are storming the wall
Stones fall snow from the sky
We will pay with our glory
In the fire of battle
Zeus today is mine
Killing all in my way
Like sheep and like eattle
Smashing skulls of all who defy
I spake not the hammer
I spake not the sword
This day will ring with my name
None have to chase me
Let he who will face me
Kill me or die by the swordback to top
Ii. The Death Of Patroclus
Oh friend of mine, how to say goodbye
This was your time, but the armor you
Wore was mine, I will not rest until
Hector's blood is spilled
His bones will all be broken
Dragged across the field
This dear friend is how we'll say
Goodbye, until we meet in the skyback to top
Iii. Funeral March
Here inside the walls of Troy, the Gods weigh my
Fate from this day do I abstain, to a memory of
Hate to pay for all the blood that spilled
The many thousands I did kill, no walls can
Contain in the Gods almighty will
I hear the silent voices I cannot hide
The Gods leave no choices so we all must die
Oh Achilles let my arrows fly
Into the wind, where eagles cross the sky
Today my mortal blood will mix with sand it was
Foretold I will die by my hand
Into Hades my soul descendback to top
Vi. Death Hector's Reward
Cowards in the grid of fear, no valor to uphold
Cut into the Earth, will honour long been sold
For all shall come to know me
As they fall unto their knees
Zeus the thunderer, control my destiny
When the cards of life were dealt
My hand a ruthless fate
To avenge, and bringeth fury, Hector feel my hate
A bloodbath I was born to bring, my birth I'm an assassin
To cut the cord of life and death
Ties to Earth unfasten
Blood and fire death and hate, your body I will desecrate
Dogs and vultures eat your flesh the hall the Hades waits
Kill ...
Hector's blood lies on the battlefield
His body's mangled wounds
The Gods who once protected him are now his Gods of doom
Like a tower standing tall, steadfast in direction
I fall upon your bringing death, the Gods give no protection
Coward in the grip of fear, no valor to uphold
Cut into the Earth, will honor long been sold
For all shall come to know me, as they fall unto their
Knees Zeus the thunderer, control my destiny
Blood and fire death and hate, your body I will desecrate
Dogs and vultures eat your flesh the hall of Hades waits
Die die die die ...back to top
Vii. The Decreation Of Hector's Body
The oath of the Gods, this day was fulfilled
In the hear of the battle, Hector was killed
See him Patroclus, down in the dust
Rejoice in his death my aymbol of trust
A dozen highborn youths, have been killed
Cutting their throats their blood was all spilled
Their bodies set at the foot of your fire
With oxen , sheep and two of yours hounds
Your funeral Pyre high off the ground
Hector's body dragged three times around
I will carry the torch to your funeral Pyre
I will ask of the wind to send high your fire
Hector's blood will not be washed from my body
Until your body is burned
A prophecy spoken a promise fulfilled
More blood will be spilled, more will be killedback to top
Metal Warriors
Every one of us has heard the call brothers of
True metal proud and standing tall the know
The power within us has brought us to this hall
There's magic in the metal there's magic in us all
Heavy metal or no metal at all whimps and posers
Leave the hall, heavy metal or no metal at all
Whimps and posers go on get out leave the hall
Now the world must listen to our decree we
Don't turn down for anyone we do just what we
Please, got to make it louder, all men play on
Ten, if you're not into metal, you are not my friend

There's metal in the air, tonitecan you hear it
Call? If you ain't got the balls, to take it you can
Leave the hallback to top
Ride The Dragon
Demon's blood and dragon fire, falling on my wings
Racing to the battle in the sky ancient Gods are
Calling me I hear them when they sing, of all the
Heroes who wait for me to die
Beneath a cloak of magic, I'll meet them in the air, I am
Invisible, I move without a sound they look but cannot
Find me, they think that I'm not there with a spell I
Send them crashing to the ground
Wait for me dragon, we'll meet in the sky
By fire and magic I am sworn. Hell is calling! We
Cannot be denied fly to the bllackness
Of the storm, we must die to reborn
I wear a sacred talisman, I make a secret sign
Now welcome me into this wicked wind, on
The journey of a shaman a dragon I must
Ride, the Gates of Hell are open! Let me in!!!
Rule of Hell or serve in Heaven
Choose an altar or a throne, all
Commandments and the laws of
Man disown. Now eat the fruit of
Knowledge, unto no one ye alone
Into the fire, with your soul!

Repeatback to top
Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
The trail of tears began for all the Cherokee
The while men came to trade and borrow
But then they would not leave
Some of us were taken by boat and died at sea
Those of us who lived were sold to slavery
We welcomed them as brothers, knowing nothing of
Their greed, born hunters not the hunted
As the white man hunts for me
We are descendants of the animals
We live among the free
Our trall of tears would end one day at Wounded Knee
Great spirit, thunder birds fly, we are wild and free
To fight and die by the open sky, Spirit Horse ride for me
When we do the Ghost Dance, the buffalo will return
Paint ourselves for war, now blood and fire burn
Great Spirit makes us strong, take us to the sky
The Cherokee are brave, we are not afraid to die
Great Spirit, thunder birds fly, we are wild and free
To fight and die by the open sky. Spirit Horse ride for me
Red Cloud, Black Hawk, Sitting Bull
Crazy Horse, Geronimo
Strong and brave warriors to the grave
There has been much killing, there will be much more
the medicine man is dancing, he's calling us to war
Hatchets sing with pride, let the white man dieback to top
We have come from the ashes, of the burning away
Pouring blood in the fire, on the altar of pain
Led into temptation, now the black Gods align
Here there is no salvation, and your blood is my wine
Here's a world that is waiting, between the living and
The dead, here the flesh and it's pleasure are
Eternally wed, all is all for the taking, for a life or a
Lie, at the end of the breaking I'll be watching you die
Crawl to the silince, renounce and deny
The stars and the numbers, fortold of this time
To the words and the wisdom, too the promise of lies, by
Their angel and fury
The strong will surviveback to top
The Power Of Thy Sword
Lord of Battle I pray on bended knee conquest by
The rising sun I'll wait for thy command with
Flame and blood at hand glory and broken sword
I'm the master of the world I have no fear of man
Or beast born inside the soul of the world
Riding hard breaking bone with steel and stone
Eternal might I was born to wield
Let us drink to the battles we've lived and we've
Fought celebrate the pain and havoc we have
Wrought, great heroes charge into the fight from
The north to the south in the black of night
The clash of honour calls to stand when
Others fall Gods of war feel the power of my sword

Fierce is my blade fierce is my hate born to die in
Battle I laugh at my fate , now pay in blood when
Your blood has been spilled you're never forgiven
Death is fulfilled!

The clash of honours calls
I will stand when others fall
Open magic doors
They will know the power of my sword
There is blood on my hands there is blood in my eyes
With blood in my voice I scream as you die thirsting
For vengeance and mounds of the slain shaking the
Forest onto the plain

The clash of honour calls to stand when
Others fall Gods of war
Feel the power of my sword
They will know the power of my swordback to top
The Demon's Whip
Black candles slowly burning white fangs and flashing eyes
Hell's wind and incantations summon living fire
Darkest forces and your demon's black order black king
The cult that serves the living, accept this offering
Black candles slowly burning white fangs and flashing eyes
Hell's wind and incantations summon living fire
As the seven steps await, hear the great bell toll
With a dead man's bones conjure, the enemy of the soul
From the misery and sadness of the molten seas of Hell
Mystic love and mystic symbols in evil dreams there dwell
Darkest forces and your demons black order, black king
The cult that serves the living accept this offering
A deadly drink, a meal of hearts, now sacrifice and die
In darkness and destruction, behold the evil eye
And the Demon's whip
Armies of the Gods of Hell ride across the astral plane
Bearing curses of destruction, sweorn beyond the grave
Children of the darkness, all born but to deceive
By the ancient code of evil grant not one reprieve
In the place of evil dwells death can live when all life death
Wage eternal war on heaven immortal hate below the sky
Your scripture and your sermons, are leaves borne on the wind
To heal the unrepentant one needs a greater sin
Night winds, oblivion see my dark desire
Come forth, appear he is living fire
Feel the Demon's whipback to top
Masters Of The Wind
In the silence of the darkness when all are fast
Asleep I live inside a dream calling to your spirit
As a sail calls the wind, hear the angel sing
Far beyond the sun across the western sky
Reach into the blackness find a silver line
In a voice I whisper a candle in the night
We'll carry all our dreams on a single beam of light
Close your eyes, look into the dream
Winds of change will winds of fortune bring
Fly away to a rainbow in the sky gold is at the end
For each of us to find there the road begins
Where another one will end here the four winds
Know who will break and who will bend
All to be the master of the wind
Falling stars now light my way my life was
Written on the wind clouds above, clouds
Below high ascend the dream within
When the wind fills the sky the clouds will move
Aside there will be the road to all our dreams
For any day that stings two better days it brings
Nothing is as bad as it seemsback to top
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