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Marcy Playground lyrics

 1997 Marcy Playground
 1999 Shapeshifter
 2004 MP3

· A Cloak of Elvenkind
· All the Lights Went Out
· America
· Ancient Walls of Flowers
· Barfly
· Blood in Alphabet Soup
· Brand New Day
· Bye Bye
· Deadly Handsome Man
· Death of a Cheerleader
· Dog and His Master
· Flag and Finger
· Gone Crazy
· Hotter Than the Sun
· It's Saturday
· Jesse Went to War
· Love Bug
· Never
· No One's Boy
· One More Suicide
· Opium
· Our Generation
· Paper Dolls
· Pigeon Farm
· Poppies
· Punk Rock Superstar
· Rebel Sodville
· Rock and Roll Heroes
· Saint Joe on the School Bus
· Secret Squirrel
· Sex and Candy
· Sherry Fraser
· Sleepy Eyes
· Spoonfed
· Sunday Mail
· The Shadow of Seattle
· The Vampires of New York
· Wave Motion Gun

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