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Mayhem lyrics

Album: The Return: Live in Bischofswerda [1997]

 01  Ancient Skin
 02  Funeral Fog
 03  Fall Of Seraphs
 04  Carnage
 05  Freezing Moon
 06  Buried By Time And Dust
 07  Deathcrush
 08  From The Dark Past
 09  I Am Thy Labirynth
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Ancient Skin
In these nights of magic
Where great pamis obscured
By the fantasy dragon made real
By the powers of lingering trauma

I looked beyond the dawn of day
Beyond the angstridden faces
Into the mind captured behind
Living the lie of the weakened ones

I captured the moment given
I denied the sickening love
Turned to the purity of anger
I saw myself in the abyss

Complete fullness I now own
I return to earth a demonrace
Denied by man through ages
Now I walk the dying soil

Atrocities turned beauty
Machines of torture turned art
Beneath your cities I sleep
At dawn I weep...back to top
Funeral Fog
Every time this year
this dark fog will appear
up from the tombs it comes
to take one more life that
can be near
In the middle of transylvania
All natural life has for a long
time ago gone, its thin and so
beautiful but also so dark and
Once again the priest is messing
may the god bless us all
The fog is here again
that'll complete this funeral
From a place empty of life
Only dead trees are growing here
as it comes from a far
Only dead trees are growing here
............funeral fog
............funeral fog
............funeral fog
............funeral fogback to top
Fall Of Seraphs
I am the key of dark passion
I drink my blood, I eat my flesh
A serpent kiss I give to woman
A voyage through vortex scapes.

Serpent of Eve
Now there is an accid taste of life
Abhorrent christendom - inside burning
Proclaim the fall of Seraphs
noli tangere me.

ad modium muscorum in marimo numero
Abyssmally distorted human morals
A serpent christ holy smile
seven planetary demons

Serpent of Eve.back to top
Witchcraft, blood and Satan
Meet the face of Death

Witchcraft, blood and Satan
Meet the face of Death

Winds of war, winds of hate
Armageddon, tales from Hell
The wage of mayhem, the wage of sin
Come and hear, Lucifer sings

Command for blood, command for war
Command for Satan, command for Hell
Command for blood, command for war
Command for Satan, command for Hell
Command for blood
Command for Satan
Command for youback to top
Freezing Moon
Everything here is so cold
Everything here is so dark
I remember it as from a dream
In the corner of this time

Diabolic Shapes float by
Out from the dark
I remember it was here I died
By following the freezing moon

It's night again, night you beautiful
I please my hunger on living humans
Night of hunger, follow it's call
Follow the freezing moon

Darkness is growing, the eternity opens
The cemetary lights up again
As in ancient times
Fallen souls, die behind my steps
by following the freezing moonback to top
Buried By Time And Dust
Visions of that no mornings
light ever will come. I'm to old now
The dark is so near, will I ever reach the land beyond
This is where we go when we have to die
I've been old since the birth of time
Time buried me in earth
centuries ago, I tasted blood
Buried by time and dust
Many years has pasted since the funeral
Missing the blood of human throats
so many years, ages ago
I must await, feel my body's stench
Wanderings out of space
Wandering out of time
A world out of light, death at the end
Only silence can be heard, silence of peoples tears
No one knows my grave
Buried by time and dustback to top
Demonic laughter your cremation
Your lungs gasp for air but are filled with blood
A sudden crack as I crushed your skull

The remind of your life flashes by
A life that soon won't be
Smiling with axe in my hand
Evil's rotten hand you'll see

I come forward

I'll send you to your maker
I'll send you to your death

Death nicely crucified
Death, heads on stakes

The barbeque has just begun
Deathcrush - Deathcrush - Deathcrush

Crush - Crush
Deathcrushback to top
From The Dark Past
A face in stone .. decayed by age
A man who has returned to tell of his damnation
Fears so deep, the mouth open wide
The scream died away before dawn of this time
The eyes - stares so empty
The mouth - screams so silent
Tell me ! - what did you see there ?
In the darkness - of the past
Ancient times legends stories so dark
Blackened his sight, now
not even the memories are left
Back after such a long time
the stone is cold as death
But what formed it's true fears
only the wind is able to tellback to top
I Am Thy Labirynth
They speak...
In the garden of the prophet
Divine madness...
The order of the cosmic immoral

For what is humanity
If not forlorn
And crawling to my hands
When the moment sings

For I have read the signs
And I have solved the riddle
of eternal life
The Jinnah have spoken

For I have read the signs
And I have solved the riddle
of eternal life...back to top
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