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MC5 lyrics

Album: Kick Out the Jams [1969]

 01 Ramblin' Rose
 02  Kick Out the Jams
 03 Come Together
 04 Rocket Reducer No. 62
 05 Borderline
 06 Motor City Is Burning
 07 I Want You Right Now
 08 Starship
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Kick Out the Jams
(Kick out the jams, motherfucker!!!!)

I'm, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, i'm gonna kick em out

well i feel pretty good
and i guess that i could get crazy now, baby
cause we all got in tune
when the dressing room got hazy now, baby
i know how you want it..... get tight
the girls cant stand it when youre doing it right
when they're up on the sand
and then they kick out the jams, yes
kick out the jams, i like to kick em out

yes i'm startin to sweat
you know my shirts all wet
what a feelin
and the songs they are bouncin
.....bounce off the ceilin
you gotta have it, babay
you can't do without

when you get the feelin
you've got
put that mic in my hand
and let me kick out the jams
yes, kick out the jams, got to kick em out

so you got to get it up
and then cant get enough
thats what
cause it gets in your brain
it drives you insane, make you crazy
the.....the faster the funk
if you wanna feedmy rocket
till mornin comes
let me be who i am
and let me kick out the jams
yes kick out the jams
I done kick em outback to top
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